Nobody likes to get nailed in the head with a hockey puck but we all know goaltenders are an odd breed. If you are going to volunteer to face 100 mile-per-hour slapshots all game long as well as in practice you better make sure you’re well covered.

Along with maximum protection you also need to make sure the mask offers unimpeded sight lines as well as the ultimate in comfort and fit.

Just remember, if the goalie mask doesn’t fit properly or slips and slides while on your head it won’t be able to offer the right amount of protection needed.

Below is a list of seven magnificent senior goalie masks currently available.


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Best Overall Goalie Mask


If you're an elite goalie and you're looking for a mask that has the latest and greatest advancements in safety, comfort and durabilty. We found the best OVERALL goalie mask is the Bauer NME VTX.

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Best Mid-Range Goalie Mask


The Bauer profile 950X is the best mid-range mask in our group. It finds the right balance between the features and safety you want and the price you pay.

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Best Budget Friendly Goalie Mask


The goalie mask that has great safety features at a more BUDGET-FRIENDLY price is the Ccm AXIS 1.5 Goalie Mask. Great choice at a more reasonable price point.

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1) Bauer NME IX Goalie Mask – Senior

Bauer NME IX Senior Goalie Mask


This newer model goalie mask by Bauer is one of the lightest you’ll find but it doesn’t sacrifice any protection and comfort at all. It’s an extremely well-designed and built mask and worth every penny.

There are three different lightweight foams in the inside liner and they’re located in the most crucial impact areas of the mask for excellent protection coverage. The shell is constructed with a mixture of powerful epoxy and fibreglass to better dampen impacts.

The cage is constructed with durable stainless steel which is reinforced and the mask is designed to fit a variety of head shapes and sizes with its four separate fit-profiles.

All features are fully adjustable which makes it easy to fit to your head for ultimate comfort. The soft sweatband features an anti-microbial thermo-core design which does a fantastic job of keeping moisture and sweat from running down your head and containing odours at the same time. An extra sweatband is also included along with a padded helmet bag.

The Bauer NME IX Goalie Mask is perfect for intermediate to advanced-level goalies and is fully certified by the CSA, HECC, and CE.

The mask is second to none when it comes to design, fit, comfort, durability and protection and could be considered a steal in the mid-to-upper price range.

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2) CCM AXIS Pro Goalie Mask – Senior

ccm axis pro goalie mask



The Axis Pro Certified Goalie Mask from CCM is a new lightweight straight-bar model which offers elite-level protection and comfort for competitive netminders. This high-tech mask features CCM’s Sigmatex pro carbon fibre design and construction for durability and strength. The company also uses its Fluid Inside system which strategically places protective gel pods in the high-impact areas inside the mask.

It has protective D30 sensitive smart foams and a soft liner to keep everything together with the foam hardening upon impact to help absorb and dissipate the shock. The straight flat bar cage is made of strong stainless steel and provides excellent protection and visibility. This mask uses a five-point adjustable harness system in the back plate for a secure fit and comes with a triple-density foam chin cup.

Sweat and moisture is effectively handled via the breathable comfort foam and mesh sweatband. The CCM Axis Pro Certified Mask comes in several sizes with the senior medium model weighing 2.8 lbs and also comes with a padded bag for the mask. This newly-released mask can be found in the upper-price range. 

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3) Bauer NME VTX Goalie Mask – Senior

Bauer NME VTX Goalie Mask


The NME VTX goalie mask by Bauer is designed for those who take their hockey seriously and are looking for top-of-the-line protection, durability, and comfort all in one lightweight package.

This is regarded as one of the most technologically-advanced masks available and the cost reflects the superior craftsmanship that has gone into it. The mask has a wide face and crown for comfort and is designed to comfortably and securely fit several sizes and shapes of heads.

The liner consists of moulded foams while the shell is constructed with hard but light composite materials. The mask can take a lot of abuse and wear and tear while providing you with the ultimate in protection from pro-level shots and other impacts.

The metal chin is reinforced and it comes with a solid outer edge wrap to help fight off chipping. You can see as clear as day through the hybrid-style wire cage while the high-quality sweatband keeps you cool and dry at all times.

The Bauer NME VTX mask comes with an extra sweatband as well as a helmet bag. It’s one of the safest and strongest masks on the market.

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4) Bauer Profile 950 X Goalie Mask  – Senior

Bauer 940x Senior Goalie Mask


The 950X Goalie Mask by Bauer is another popular straight-bar model which has been certified by the HECC, CSA and CE.  This lightweight model features a tough fibreglass base with reinforced carbon and Kevlar for added strength and is then wrapped with 12K carbon for even more durability. It also comes with carbon around the edges to help stop it from chipping.

The interior of the mask is equipped with soft XRD and VN foams in the high-impact area to help relieve pressure and increase your comfort level. The liner has been mechanically attached which allows you to remove the screws and padding while the ventilation holes help keep you calm, cool and collected while making remarkable saves.

The durable cage is made with lightweight stainless to fight off rust and provides the best possible vision without sacrificing protection. 

There’s an adjustable nylon chin strap and a five-point harness adjustment to enable a perfect fit for the shape of your head. The Bauer 950X Goalie mask comes with a mask bag and extra sweatband and weighs 3.05 lbs. It can be found in the mid to high-price range.

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5) CCM AXIS 1.5 Goalie Mask -Senior

CCM 1.5 Senior Goalie Mask


CCM’s AXIS 1.5 Goalie Mask is constructed with a strong but lightweight polycarbonate shell with the inside being outfitted with a comfortable VN foam liner.

The mask may be aimed at beginner to intermediate-level players but it comes with a good level of both protection and comfort. The wire cage is built of durable carbon steel and offers excellent sight lines with its straight-bar design.

As an option, the straight-bar cage can be swapped for a cat-eye style of cage. The mask’s chin cup is very supportable and constructed with foam while the sweatband in the forehead area consists of soft terry cloth material and does a fine job of keeping you dry and cool. The sweatband can also be easily and quickly removed when it needs to be washed.

This goalie mask comes with CE, CSA and HECC certifications due to its superior level of protection. The CCM AXIS 1.5 goalie mask is excellent at absorbing impacts and offers quite a lot for its mid-range price level.

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6) Bauer Profile 930 Goalie Mask – Senior

bauer profile 930 goalie mask


The new Bauer Profile 930 Goalie Mask is ideal for intermediate level players of all ages as it offers a great deal of value for the price. This certified model provides plenty of comfort and protection with its strong Lexan EXL shell and soft VN foam liner as it’s designed to eliminate ringing and vibrations upon impact. 

In addition, the strong stainless steel cage has been made to enhance your vision while the cotton sweatband manages to keep moisture out of your eyes when the action gets heated. The mask also has ventilation holes and an adjustable nylon chin strap. The back plate comes with a convenient, adjustable five-point harness technique for protection and comfort for the back of the head.

The Bauer Profile 930 Goalie Mask features a mask bag and extra cloth sweatband. It can be found in various sizes with the senior small and medium models weighing in at 2.46 lbs. And best of all, this mask can typically be found on the lower-price scale.  

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7) Bauer Profile 960 Goalie Mask

Bauer Profile 960 XPM



The distinguishable Bauer Profile 960 Goalie Mask is made with a lightweight fibreglass base with layers of carbon for added protection in the high-impact spots. The mask is then wrapped a 12K carbon outer layer. The straight-bar steel cage has a rubber strip along the forehead for comfort while the back plate harness attaches below the ears for a snug and secure fit.

The inside features XRD foam padding along with ventilated and breathable VN Foam to help fight off sweat buildup, bacteria and odours. In addition, there’s also a sweatband to keep you cool and comfortable while making sure your eyes stay clear and dry. The mask is one of Bauer’s most popular models due to its versatility and durability. 

The innovative Bauer Profile 960 Goalie Mask offer plenty professional-level protection for netminders of all skill levels and ages. It comes in several sizes and can typically be found in the mid to high-price range.

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8) Warrior Ritual F1 Pro Goalie Mask – Senior

warrior ritual f1 goalie mask

The new certified Warrior Ritual F1 Pro Goalie Mask has quickly become popular with top-level netminders due to its light weight and optimum visibility, comfort and protection. The shell is constructed with strong and durable minimus carbon G1200 while the X-foam padded liner does a fine job of dispersing the shock and vibrations of impacts.

The mask also features Warrior’s OMNIshock+ technology which provides dual-density moulded foams and provides a superb fit by eliminating pressure points and reducing wasted space. The square-shaped cage is made with tough stainless steel with a soft and adjustable Styrofoam chin cup. Your eyes are kept clear and dry due to the Polygiene sweatband which wicks away sweat end eliminates odours.

The Warrior Ritual F1 Pro Goalie Mask s outfitted with an invisible strap system in the back plate and comes with a padded mask bag. It’s a fine pro-level mask which can be found in three different sizes and comes in the upper-level price range. 

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Best Goalie Mask Accessories

Ronin G1X Hockey Goalie Throat Protector

The G1X protector has pro-level protection - with super-tough polycarbonate construction it is designed to protect you at any level.

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Best Helmet Repair Kit


Compatible with ALL brands and sizes.

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No Sweat - Hockey Helmet Liner

The NoSweat Helmet Liner seals in sweat from your helmet to keep you cool and dry and performing at your best. Patented Sweat-Lock technology instantly absorbs and wicks sweat to keep it out of your eyes, while your helmet looks and smells like new.

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Best Hockey Sweatband

With the Temple Tape sweatband, we promise you that you can play hockey without worrying about your hair or sweat getting in your face. Our moisture-wicking technology is 8x more effective than an ordinary cotton sweatband, so it’ll last you all game without feeling soaked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When did goalies start wearing masks?

Goalies started to wear a mask on November 1st, 1959. The first-ever goalie mask was worn by Jacques Plante and the goalie mask designs were fsignificantly changed from then.

Are all goalie masks the same?

Not all goalie masks are the same, even though they are made of materials such as vinyl nitride, memory foam, or polypropylene foam which functions as a protector and absorbs the energy and reduces chances of concussion. There are full face and traditional coverage helmets, and it’s up to a player’s preference to choose which to wear.

Can I have a custom made goalie mask?

Usually, professional hockey players have custom made helmets with preferred design, but you can also have your own even though it might be four times more expensive than the helmet itself.


Thank you so much for checking our best goalie mask design list. Hopefully, it has been constructive for you and you found the ice hockey mask for you.

We know goalie masks are not the most popular amongst ice hockey fans simply because most people enjoy playing it, but certainly, if you are a goalie in any league you will find them important.

In our list, we have made a thorough research to provide you with different brands and styles so you can find the one that best fits your playstyle. There are many goalie masks out there and some of the most popular brands used in the NHL Season, such as Bauer and CCM.

That doesn’t really mean these are the best for your playstyle, but certainly, if NHL players use them, NHL Goalie masks are something to think about if you are looking for your best fit.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best hockey goalie masks. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. We enjoy hearing from you and will respond to your comments as quickly as possible.

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