Hockey goalies are individuals that are…let’s say “unique”.  So they need a set of unique hockey training aids to help them develop the specific skills needed to tend goal.  We’ve taken a look at a few of the best goalie training aids and come up with a couple favourites.


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Best Goalie Reaction Ball


This reaction ball with help goalies improve their quickness and hand/eye coordination. Quality built with high rated reviews.

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Best Goalie Slide Board


This slide board is specifically for hockey goalies. It will help develop the muscles and quickness needed to succeed in the net. With HockeyShot you get great quality and support.

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1) HockeyShot Slide Board Pro – Goalie Deluxe

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

HockeyShot Goalie Slide Board Pro


Hockey goalies need to be good skaters too as they have to propel themselves in and around the crease as well as play the puck. You can improve your skating with the HockeyShot Slide Board Pro – Goalie Deluxe training kit. This is an adjustable slide board which is aimed at developing your reflexes, response time and skating.

The board’s pad sleeves give you a real ice-like experience and you’ll be able to work on your skills from home whenever you choose. This is an ideal way to boost your agility, speed, endurance and lateral power without the need for real ice. This device is 22 inches wide, allows for full extension on each side and can be found in both eight and 10-feet versions. 

The length can easily be adjusted and the angled rubber wedges ensure of a proper push-off. The HockeyShot Slide Board Pro – Goalie deluxe is equipped with foam bumpers, weighs just 22 lbs and has its own carrying bag. You can also use HockeyShot’s Extreme Glide Polish to keep the surface slick and smooth.

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2) HockeyShot Slide Board Pro – Goalie

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

HockeyShot Goalie Slide Pro


This smooth slide board is made for goalies who want to work on their skating, speed, flexibility and agility etc. The board is 22 inches in depth and comes in both both eight and 10 foot models. It’s quick to adjust and can be set at any length you choose. It’s a fine tool for improving power, agility, endurance and lateral movement which is what you need when protecting the crease. 

There are rubber wedges which are angled to ensure of correct push-off form and it’s outfitted with foam bumpers for help when pushing off stoppers. This is a portable training device which weighs 22 lbs and is easy to move from place to place. The HockeyShot Slide Board Pro -Goalie comes with a carrying bag and integrated handle as well as a bungee cord for simple storage. 

This training device is accompanied by a pair of slide board booties which fit feet sized eight to 12. You may also want to try out the Extreme Glide Polish from HockeyShot to keep the board in tip-top shape. 

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3) HockeyShot Blocker Sleeve Kit

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

goalie training aids


The Blocker Sleeve Kit by HockeyShot is the ultimate way to improve your netminding skills such as reaction speed and ability as well as hand-eye coordination. This training aid will help take your goalie skills to another level as you’ll quickly learn how to deflect the trickiest of shots into the corners rather than letting them slip behind you. 

The kit blocker kit comes in small and large sizes. The dimensions of the small sleeve are 14¼ x 8¼ inches while the senior model measures 16¼ x 8½ inches. The HockeyShot Blocker Sleeve Kit is great for your spatial awareness and can be used anywhere at anytime. 

This is a great training aid for all goalies of any age and skill level and is perfect for using with balls as well. It’s a fun way to speed up your reaction time while deflecting shot after shot during practice sessions.   

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4) HockeyShot Reaction Ball – Goalie

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

HockeyShot Reaction Ball


You’re going to need some balls while working on your goaltending skills off the ice and HockeyShot offers the Reaction Ball. This is a superb way to improve your speed and reflexes since you’re not sure where the flight of the ball will lead to.

This is a six-sided ball made of rubber which is designed to bounce and move around randomly rather than in a straight line. The ball’s change of direction means you’ll need to be focused on it at all times and will have to change body positioning when necessary.

The HockeyShot Reaction Ball is a fun and challenging way to develop your agility, reaction time, depth perception and hand-eye coordination. You can use it by yourself by bouncing it off of a wall and you can also practice with a teammate. In fact, it’s also a great training tool for defencemen and forwards too as well as all athletes.  

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5) Champro Reaction Ball

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Champro Reaction Ball


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The Champro Reaction Ball is just what the doctor ordered for goalies looking to work on their reflexes, agility, hand-eye coordination and flexibility. This orange rubber ball has been made to bounce unexpectedly at random, which means you’re not exactly sure where and when it’s going to end up. 

This is a tremendous off-ice training tool for all hockey players and athletes as well as goalies. In fact, it’s a fun way to improve your reflexes and reactions while simply playing with your family and friends. Since thew ball has a mind of its own you’ll need to stay alert and follow it with your eyes at all times.

You can easily practice with the Champro Reaction Ball by yourself by tossing it against a wall or hard surface or with as many teammates as you like. The ball is built to last as it’s made of durable rubber and the unpredictability of its flight path means your reflexes will improve in no time. 

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