If you’re looking to take your hockey training to the next level, you definitely want to add a hockey balance board to your routine.  Using a balance board during shooting or stick handling drills greatly increases your balance, hand eye coordination and core strength.  Have a look at some of the better balance boards available below.


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Best Hockey Balance Board


Out of all the hockey balance board on our list, the Revolution was out favourite. It's well built with quality materials and has amazing support and reviews across the board! You won't go wrong with this balance board.

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1) HockeyShot Balance Board

HockeyShot Balance Board


Most of the world’s top hockey players work on their overall fitness as well as their hockey skills. Core strength is crucial to the best players and it can be worked on regularly with a simple balance board. As well as helping your core, back and legs you can also work on stickhandling exercises at the same time. This will help improve your speed, balance, flexibility and agility.

It’s a good idea to use the circular-shaped balance board on a relatively soft surface such as a rug or yoga mat to help prevent any injuries. It’s not recommended for use on top of cement, asphalt and synthetic-ice hockey tiles.

This lightweight balance board from HockeyShot is 39.4 centimetres in diameter which also makes it easy to carry and store. It’s an ideal board for those who are looking to simultaneously develop their strength and balance.

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2) HockeyShot Training Balance Board

HockeyShot Balance Training Board


HockeyShot has just released its newest off-ice training aid, the Training Balance Board. This device features a solid roller design which means it can be used just about anywhere at any time. It’s geared toward helping improve your stability, balance, coordination and overall core strength, which are all crucial to hockey players.  

The dual-sided balance board can be used while working on your stickhandling, shooting and passing skills as well as various other training techniques, exercise routines and drills. The compact, lightweight two-piece board can easily be stored and transported and is ideal for taking to the rink for your pre-game warm-ups.

This is a rigid, heavy-duty wooden board that can handle the heaviest of workloads. Both sides of the board can be used to create a different level of difficulty and overall feeling. One of the sides comes with durable grip tape to make sure you’re held safely and firmly in place while the rubber strips ensure that you’re always properly centred.

The new HockeyShot Training Balance Board is an ideal tool for all hockey players and athletes to work on their agility regardless of their skill level. 

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3) Revolution Balance Board 

Revolution Balance Board


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This popular balance board from Revolution weighs approximately seven pounds, is made of tough, heavy-duty composite materials and is shaped similar to a skateboard. It’s designed for improving your strength, stability and coordination as well as your balance.

The lightweight Revolution Balance Board 101 is strongly built and made to last with a weight rating of just over 400 lbs. The top of the board features a comfortable, cushioned Durasoft Grip which enables you to use the board without shoes if you choose.

The compact size means the board can be used just about anywhere and on any type of surface. It’s portable and easy to carry and is a smart choice for hockey players, skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, wakeboarders, skiers and golfers etc. It’s also ideal for non-athletes who are simply interested in improving their general fitness level.   

hockey balance boards

4) Basics Wood Balance Board

Amazon Basics Balance Board


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This circular-shaped Basics Wood Balance Board  Black balance board is 3.15 and 15.5 inches in both length and width. It’s made to help help improve your posture, core strength, balance and coordination. It’s a top choice with hockey players as it can also be used for other exercises such as push-ups and squats. 

The board will help build your muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments when working out with it. There’s a solid wood top embedded in the board which can safely support weight of up to 265 lbs. It also features a non-slip surface to make sure you always have a safe, secure grip.

The Basics Wood Balance Board is a great device for those who like to practice their stickhandling while using a balance board. 

hockey balance boards

5) Nalanda Balance Board

Nalanda Balance Board


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The Nalanda Balance Board is another model which is shaped like a skateboard. It’s portable and lightweight which makes it perfect for use in most settings. It’s solidly built with premium materials and is built for the safety and comfort for users who weight up to 350 lbs.

The board comes outfitted with a finished, textured surface for the comfort of those who’d like to use it without their shoes. It’s a popular choice for hockey players who’d like to work on their balance, core and leg strength, stability, coordination and agility etc. It’s an ideal training device for many other types of athletes too. 

This 33-inch long Nalanda Balance Board provides a wide variety of movement which means you can also use it for crunches, planks, push-ups and squats etc. In addition, the roller is wrapped in rubber to make sure it doesn’t mark the surface. 

hockey balance boards

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