It’s the last five minutes of practice. You’re in an intense scrimmage with the score tied 1-1.

Your team is on offense and mercilessly pounding at your opponent’s goal. One shot towards the goal. It’s a narrow miss just outside the corner of the net. The puck bounces off the wall before your teammate regains control of it.

Your teammate takes a shot, but it deflects off the crouching goalie’s chest. The other team gains possession of the puck and they’re off to the races. They slot a pass towards their forward and he races down the sideline. It’s a rapid counterattack.

The other team’s forward approaches your net and cracks a vicious slapshot at you. You stand your ground and manage to block the shot. Unfortunately, as the game finishes and the buzzer yells, so do you. You clutch your chest as you collapse onto the ice.

What happened? You are wearing a subpar chest protector. It’s great to compete and have fun in the rink, but it’s also important to realize there are risks that come with playing hockey.

Fortunately, by wearing the proper protection you can greatly reduce your chance of getting injured.

One of the most important pieces of hockey equipment for a goalie (whether it’s ice hockey or field hockey) is your chest protector. We understand that researching the best chesties isn’t all that fun, but it’s important to be sure you’re safe in the rink. That’s why we did all the work for you.

Alright!  Let’s dive into the 8 best ones on the market that even professional NHL players wear!



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Best Overall Chest Protector


Our choice for Best OVERALL Chest Protector in 2020 is the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro. It combines amazing comfort, protection and features all into one piece of equipment. You can't go wrong with this chesty!

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Best Budget-Friendly Chest Protector


The CCM Extreme Flex Shield E2.9 chest protector is the best option if you want comfort and great protection with a more BUDGET-FRIENDLY price.

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1) Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Chest & Arm ProtectorBauer supreme ultrasonic chest protector review



Bauer has recently added the Supreme Ultrasonic Chest Protector to its popular line of lightweight goalie equipment with this model offering an incredible amount of coverage. This particular pad features Bauer’s Curv Composite, Poron Foam and Shock Lite Foam materials in the construction to help protect you from the hardest of shots and to expertly control the rebounds.

The arm floaters have AMP technology which allows the enables the arm floaters to move up and down when you bend your arms for optimum range of motion. This system also eliminates any protective gaps and makes sure the biceps are covered when your arms are fully bent. It comes with adjustable lace arm extensions and a two-point collar for a proper fit as well as a 360-degree stability harness to keep it firmly in place.

The liner is made to wick away any sweat and moisture while also controlling odours and bacteria to keep you cool, dry and refreshed. The new Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Chest Protector comes in the higher-price range but offers a great deal of protection and comfort for competitive netminders. The senior medium pad weighs in at 6.3 lbs. 

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Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

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2) CCM Extreme Flex Shield E2.9 Goalie Chest & Arm Protector

CCM Extreme Flex Shield 2.9


The CCM Flex Shield E2.9 Chest Protector comes with an overhauled design which features segmented molded HD/PE foams with more blocking surface as well as moulded high-density sternum protection. The lightweight pad boasts breathable mesh to keep you cool with the stomach area having  removable rib padding. 

The bicep/tricep areas come with neoprene sleeves for a more comfortable and snug fit while the extra segments on back plate provide greater protection. The chest protector allows for enhanced mobility while providing a great level of performance, protection and durability. The well-balanced design makes it easy to control rebounds and the pad is kept securely in place with comfortable Velcro straps

The CCM Flex Shiel E2.9 Chest Protector also has adjustable, independent elbow protectors and offers goalies a major bang for the buck as it can usually be found in the mid-price range. 

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Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

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3) Warrior Ritual XP Goalie Chest and Arm Protectorwarrior ritual xp golaie chest protector



The lightweight Ritual XP Chest Protector by Warrior comes with a double-shield front elbow floaters with squared biceps for the most coverage possible while the innovative shoulder design ensures there’s no interference with the pad and your mask. It has adjustable lace arm lengths and removable side/front extensions to the chest pad. 

The backplate is also adjustable and the pad is built with HD-foam blocks and plates in all the high-impact areas including the sternum. The chest floater can be adjusted in height while the rib and belly pads are outfitted with removable Velcro extensions. The exterior is made of breathable nylon and mesh with hard plastic elbow caps while the moisture-wicking interior liner keeps you cool and dry when making save after save. 

The Warrior Ritual XP Chest Protector can be found in various sizes and is ideal for recreational and intermediate goalies as it offers top value in the mid-price range. 

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4) Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Chest & Arm Protectorvelocity v9 pro carbon




One of the newer pieces of equipment from Vaughn is the Velocity V9 Pro Carbon Goalie Chest and Arm Protector which incorporates Kevlar, Pure composite and Pro Carbon into it for maximum protection. It comes with large HD-foam lined shoulder floaters and cushioned shoulder caps to help resist impacts. The chest pad features an extended rib cage and vertical adjustment system with straps for an exact fit.

The arm bases are made of mesh for optimum flexibility and ventilation and the arms are outfitted with a flat-front arm caps for increased coverage area. Also, the arm floaters have carbon inserts and HD foam for additional protection. The moulded-foam elbow caps have adjustable arm length options with wrist straps tapering over the the forearms. 

The large back area of the protector boasts HD foam over the spine to make sure you’re fully protected from front to back. The Vaughn Velocity V9 Chest Protector offers a plenty of quality when it comes to comfort, mobility and protection and can be found in the mid to high-price range.

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Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

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5) Brians Optik 2 Goalie Chest & Arm Protectoroptik 2 chest protector



Brian’s has another winner here with the top-tier Optik 2 Goalie Chest Protector as it features adjustable, squared-off shoulder floaters which attach with Velcro to the back plate. They’re made with high-density foams as are the arms and wrist pads, which are attached to the elbow pads. The arms can be adjusted for length and are attached to the chest with Velcro.

The body of the pad has an adjustable floating Hex Air collar to add protection to the collarbone and sternum areas. The main pad is outfitted with segmented high-density/E Foam blocks with additional padding around the ribs. In addition, there are removable and adjustable rib pillows for more comfort and protection while the interior liner is made to wick away moisture.  

Brian’s OPTIK 2 Goalie Chest Protector features moulded polycarbonate shoulder, forearm, bicep and elbow padding with high-density clavicle protection. The protector comes in several sizes and can typically be found in the mid to high-price range.  

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Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

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6) Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Goalie


The Vapor 2X Pro Goalie Chest Protector by Bauer is highly-recommended for those seeking a perfect combination of comfort, movement and protection. The form-fitting shoulder floaters with are designed with Aerolite technology and Free-Flex edge mobility while the comfortable ThermoCore liner is made to keep you cool, calm and collected by expertly wicking away moisture, sweat and odours. 

The sternum pad is built with Bauer’s Curv Composite material while there’s a high-density foam core extension for the stomach. The chest protector can easily and quickly be adjusted for a secure fit via the convenient fast-strap system. The lightweight and durable pad offers superior technology, protection and mobility and also comes with a removable wrist protector. 

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Chest Protector offers massive value for netminders and can typically be found in the higher-price level.

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Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

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7) Bauer Elite Chest and Arm Protector

bauer elite chest protector



Another new chest protector from Bauer this season is the Elite Goalie model which is aimed at intermediate to advanced-level netminders. The front of the chest panel comes with a three-piece belly wrap with a floating sternum made from soft, multi-density foams. These wrap around your body comfortably for top-level protection with the sternum guard also being reinforced with moulded plastic to handle the heaviest of shots. 

The shoulder floaters feature suspender slot-straps to keep everything securely in place while the arm and collar adjustment enable you to customize the fit to your liking. The company’s Dynamic 3 Flex construction in the arms allows the arm floaters to work with the arm protection for top-level gap coverage and range of motion. In addition, the soft Thermo Max+ liner expertly gets rid of sweat, moisture and odours to keep you cool all day long. 

The Bauer Elite Goalie Chest protector is built from tough synthetic leather, nylon and polyester with moulded PE shoulder caps and spine protector. It’s available in several sizes in the mid-price range with the senior medium protector weighing 6.5 lbs.  

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Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

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8) Bauer Supreme S29 Senior Chest and Arm ProtectorBauer Supreme S29 Goalie


Another one of Bauer’s top-of-the-line goalie chest protectors is the lightweight Supreme S29 model. It boasts floaters which are reinforced with lightweight high-density foams while the elbows are covered with durable and comfortable Poron XRD material. The pad has adjustable elastic neck straps for a secure fit and comes with a wider sternum protection for maximum coverage.

It’s constructed with Vent Armor foam for increased breathability and comfort while the Thermo-Max liner is designed to eliminate moisture, sweat and odours while playing. The pad provides a high level of protection in all areas including the shoulders, ribs, chest, upper back and elbows while allowing you full range of motion in all situations.

The Bauer Supreme S29 Chest Protector is very durable and offers plenty of protection, comfort and value in the mid-price range. 

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Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

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9) CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Chest and Arm Protector

CCM Extreme Flex II


When it comes to chest protectors for goalies the Extreme Flex Shield II Senior model is near the top of the line. This protector provides you with professional-level protection and comfort while making sure it doesn’t inhibit your mobility and cat-like reflexes.

The pad has a dual-segmented design and comes with the most-advanced protective high-density foams available, known as D3O. This foam protection can be found in the sternum and other high-impact areas and is superb at helping in your rebound control.

All of the chest protector’s segments are fully adjustable with Velcro straps for the best customized fit and most comfort. You’ll be able to quickly and easily adjust the elbow protectors and shoulder wings while the wraparound rib protectors are adjustable as well as removable. The durable protector absorbs impacts in all areas including the shoulders  

The moulded arms come with a square design for maximum net coverage while the arm hinge comes with moulded PE foam for flexibility. The elbow caps feature injection-moulded PE to further help disperse all impacts. In addition, the protector incorporates a wide design in the spine along with a plastic insert and a pair of adjustable straps.

The CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Senior Goalie Chest Protector can be found in several sizes and is ideal for advanced-level goaltenders.

The protector is mainly found in the higher price level and offers fine value. 

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Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

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10) Bauer Vapor X2.9 Goalie Chest and Arm Protector

Bauer Vapor X2,9 Chest Protector

Bauer has designed another winner with the Vapor X2.9 Senior Goalie Chest Protector as it offers top-level protection in all areas including the spine at a modest price. It’s well known for its mobility and adjustability and is a great fit for hybrid-style netminders who are quite active around the blue paint.

The shoulder floaters are squared off for maximum net coverage and come with Bauer’s Free Flex design system aimed at improving arm and body movement. The protector also serves up the company’s Arch Adjustment System for protection in the throat and clavicle areas.

Bauer wasn’t finished there though as the Extension Fit System means the arms can be contracted or extended via a cord lock and lace system. This is perfect for netminders who have long arms but a small torso as well as younger goaltenders who haven’t stopped growing yet.

The chest protector is designed to help your range of motion while making saves while the high-density foams and layered panels provide optimum comfort and protection.

Each of the arms comes with hard moulded plastic surrounding the forearms, elbows and biceps to protect against the hardest of shots and impacts in the crease. There’s no problem when it comes to overheating and sweating with this protector as it’s outfitted with a Thermo Max liner which helps wick away moisture and sweat. 

This senior chest protector by Bauer is aimed at intermediate to advanced-level players and comes in several sizes. There are also junior and intermediate models available with the senior medium-sized protector weighing just under 6 lbs.    

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Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

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What to Look for in a Chest and Arm Protector

hockey chest protectorBesides protecting your head and face, your chest and arm protector is most important piece of gear you need as a goalie for your saftey.

Quick Note: This is something that is a common mistake with almost every new hockey player. The throat protector on a chest and arm protector that sits at the bottom of your neck protects the neck area BUT IS NOT A NECK GUARD.

This pad shouldn’t fit against your neck, but rather a few inches below your neck. You want it to have a few inches so that when you get into your stance that it has space to move up. 

We recommend picking up a separate neck guard which is worn under your chesty to give you full throat protection. 

So when looking for a new chesty, you’ll want to first prioritize safety. Mobility and comfort are important, but if you aren’t safe then you shouldn’t be playing with that chesty. This depends on what level you are playing at. In our list, we have a couple beginner chest protectors for new players, but these shouldn’t be used where players can shoot hard (don’t worry, we let you know which ones in the list are for beginners).

A good chesty should cover your body from your wrists to your shoulders, and from your collarbone / neck to your belt line. The higher quality you buy, the more mobility you’ll get without sacrificing protection.

Chest protectors have different segments of padding for protection, and the higher level chestys have more segments and use lighter, more breathable material. With these better ones, they’ll tend to include little places that you can adjust, such as the elbow block or shoulder cap so you can get a more exact fit.

Also, when buying higher level chest and arm protectors, you’ll notice that you get better back and side protection.

When buying a new chesty, you’ll want to keep in mind that they can take a few practices to get broken in. They tend to come a little stiff but will improve upon use. Also, you’ll notice that some players wear chest protectors either inside of their pants or outside. This is a preference, so just find whichever one is most comfortable.

How to Size Your Chest and Arm Protector

For sizing your senior chest protector, you’ll want to know your height and your chest circumference. For the chest measurement, measure the length from the beginning of one armpit to the other. Once you know your measurements you can check out the chart below:

 HeightChest CircumferenceChest Protector Size
Senior4'10 to 5'6"30" to 40"Small
Senior5'4" to 6'38" to 42"Medium
Senior5'8" to 6'4"40" to 44"Large
Senior6'+42"+Extra Large

When fitting the shoulders and neck of your chesty, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough space to move around, but you don’t want it to slip. Also, you want to make sure when you are in your stance that you’re covered from the front and sides.

At your elbows, you’ll be able to adjust the block to get a better fit. You want the belly pad to come all the way to your belt line, but you also want to be able to bend without any restriction.

You want your arms to come all the way up to your wrist. They will end basically where you would have a watch on. In most high-level chest protectors, you’ll be able to adjust your arm sizing, so you can get this exactly where you want it.

While wearing your mask, you want to be able to turn it from side to side without it getting caught on your chesty. You need to be able to see while playing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What chest protector Do NHL goalies wear?

Even though professional NHL players can make their own choice when it comes to choosing equipment, most players use the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro model which provides excellent coverage and full mobility during the play.

How do you wear a hockey chest protector?

Once you put on the hockey chest protector, make sure that the neck pad sits a few inches below the neck. The pad should be able to rise up when the goalie bends and the elbows should fit in the cup, allowing you to move freely.

How do you wear a hockey chest protector the right way?

You can wear a hockey chest protector in two ways – inside or outside your pants, and it’s up to a personal choice of how you will be wearing it, as long as you secure all the straps which will keep the protector in place.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best hockey chest protectors. Shopping for a chest protector isn’t as fun as shopping for new skates, but it’s important to protect yourself. We hope our list has helped you find a chest protector that’s a good fit for both your size and style.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. We’d love to hear from you, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Want to make sure the rest of your goalie gear is top of the line? See our list of the best knee and thigh guards here.

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