Having a good hockey net and backstop is not only good for training and improving your skills but it also can save the life of your garage door or wall or even your dryer.  Honest Hockey took a look at many of the hockey nets and backstops on the market and we’ve come up with a couple of our favourites.


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Best Overall Hockey Net


We thought this was the BEST OVERALL hockey net when it came to quality, durability and price. This is a great over hockey net.

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Best Hockey Net with Backstop


This hockey net and backstop combo was our favourite. It's durable and with the ability to fold away, that makes for easy storage.

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1) HockeyShot EZ Goal Foldable Net

HockeyShot EZ Goal Foldable Net


You’re going to need a hockey goal when training off the ice so why not check out the EZ Goal Foldable Net from Hockey Shot. This pro steel hockey net folds up flat for easy storage when you’ve finished filling it with pucks or balls. It’s as regulation-size 6 x 4 foot goal and is built with durable 

two-inch steel posts. 

It features heavy gauge powder-coated tubing and is a pro model, top-shelf goal which has a two-tone frame. This goal comes with a pocket net that’s quick and easy to attach and since it’s UV-resistant it can be used in all types of weather conditions from the coldest to warmest days.

It comes with four corner targets so you can practice your shooting accuracy and the three-inch precision fit keeps it as stable as possible. The HockeyShot EZ Goal Foldable Net is ideal for all players and works fantastically well with a wide range of other dry land training aids.  

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2) EZ Goal Foldable Net w/ Backstop

EZ Goal with Backstop



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The EZ Goal Foldable Net with Backstop is a heavy-duty goal with a backstop and also comes with corner targets. It’s a regulation-sized net which measures 4 x 6 feet and is designed to be folded and stored away when not in use. You won’t have to worry about chasing pucks and balls down if you miss the net due to the included 10 x 6 foot backstop.

The goal frame has a pro-style rounded bottom with a skirt added to it for extra strength. It has powder-coated two-inch, heavy-gauge metal tubing with durable polyester netting. This is an all-weather kit which can be used at any time of the year.

The handy puck/ball stopper also means there won’t be any broken windows or other type of damage when practising your shooting and it’s perfect for working on rebounds. The stopper features top-notch steel frames and high-quality netting and can also be folded away when finished. The EZ Goal Foldable Net with Backstop means you’ll be able to devote all your time on your skills rather than chasing down stray shots. 

3) Mylec All Purpose Steel Goal

Mylec Hockey Goal


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The Mylec All Purpose Steel goal comes exactly as advertised as it’s the perfect practice tool for all types of hockey as well as soccer and lacrosse etc. The heavy-gauge 1.25-inch steel tubing means it’s quite durable and can withstand the hardest shots you can throw at it. It has a lightweight design which can be set up quickly and easily and features a sleeve-netting system.

The foundation is bolstered by precision-fit parts and a centre pipe for extra sturdiness. It’s easy to move around as it weighs 16 lbs and can be set up anywhere you have the space. It’s a pro-style model with a top shelf and red and white in colour. The unit isn’t collapsible or foldable so you’ll need to disassemble it for storage but tools aren’t needed. 

The Mylec All Purpose Steel goal comes with top-quality polyester netting with quadruple stitching and measures 43 inches in height, 28 inches in depth and 52 inches in width.

4) Bauer Deluxe Recreational Steel Goal

Bauer Steel Hockey Goal


This solid Deluxe Recreational Steel Goal by Bauer measures 54 inches wide by 44 inches in height and is 24 inches in depth. It’s durable and reliable and ideal to attach shooting targets to. It’s built with strong 1.25-inch tubing and features a top shelf for a real pro style for those who like to snipe high on the goalie. 

The polyester netting is made of 5,000 Denier material and comes in a sleeve net design for easy and quick assembly. It also has precision-lock parts for a secure fit. This is a fine portable steel goal for pucks and balls and can easily be transported to wherever the action is taking place. 

The Bauer Deluxe Recreational Steel Goal is perfect for street hockey and and younger players who’d like to work on their shot. 

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5) Bauer Performance Folding Steel Goal

bauer foldable goal


This popular folding steel goal by Bauer is a hit with younger players who can’t get enough shooting practice or street hockey action. It features a solid 1.25-inch steel construction which can easily be folded up flat after using it for convenient storage. It comes with a top shelf and back bar for those who like to roof their shots.

The Bauer Performance Folding Steel Goal is 54 inches wide by 44 inches high and is 24 inches deep. The durable frame houses strong 10,000 Denier polyester netting which can take a licking and keep on ticking when drilling pucks and balls at it. It’s very secure as it has precision-lock parts and the netting simply hooks on six sides for easy assembly. 

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6) USA Hockey 60” Net

USA Hockey Net 60


The USA Hockey 60-inch net comes with 1.25-inch tough steel tubing and features extra-strong 10,000 Denier polyester mesh netting. No tools are needed to assemble it as it can be put together via its easy snap-clip construction method. The net is 60 inches (5 feet) wide by 44 inches in height and 24 inches (2 feet) in depth. There’s also a top shelf for those who like to shoot as high as possible. 

This goal is lightweight and easy to carry and it has an EZ wire-weld system which is designed to extend the life span of the netting. The USA Hockey 60-inch net is a great way to get the most out of your street hockey days and is also ideal for practising your shooting with balls and pucks. 

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