If you want to improve your hockey skills and start training there is on piece of equipment that is a necessity, luckily it doesn’t break the bank.  We’re talking about hockey training pucks and balls.  There are different styles and each is better used in specific scenarios.  Let’s take a look at some of the best hockey pucks and balls out there today.


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Best Overall Hockey Training Puck


This training puck is amazing for training your stick handling and shooting skills. It performs best on hard, flat surfaces and excels on synthetic ice or tiles. It has the same weight and size as an official NHL puck.

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Best Training Puck for Road & Asphalt


The Green Biscuit is famous the world over as one of the best training hockey pucks around. It excels on road and asphalt surfaces. This puck is meant primarily for stick handling and passing training.

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Best Overall Hockey Training Ball


This 6oz hockey training ball is one of the most popular. Its used as the official training ball in many leagues across the world. Same weight as an official puck and really helps recreate the feeling of a puck on the end of your blade.

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1) HockeyShot Dangle Puck 2.0HocketShot Dangle Puck 2.0


The black HockeyShot Dangle Puck 2.0 is made to handle shots of up to 50 miles-per hour (90 kilometres per hour) and is exactly the same size and weight as a regulation NHL-sized hockey puck. It’s made to slide across any type of flat, hard surface other than pavement and asphalt and recreates a realistic on-the-ice feel.

It’s ideal for working on your stickhandling moves, dekes and toe-drags and even your shot. This version of the Dangle Puck has been modified from the previous original model as the 2.0 model comes with a rubber core.

This puck features a stainless-steel ball bearing on both of its sides so it still works exactly the same if it should happen to flip over. It features a plastic gliding surface which helps to reduce friction and that’s one of the reason it glides so smoothly. The HockeyShot Dangle Puck 2.0 is also a terrific puck to use with shooting pads and/or synthetic-ice tiles. 

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2) HockeyShot Extreme Dryland Puck

HockeyShot Extreme Dryland Puck


Just because you don’t have access to the ice it doesn’t mean you can’t practice your stickhandling skills and shooting. With the HockeyShot Extreme Dryland puck you’ll still be able to workout from home or anywhere else. This model comes equipped with 12 plastic gliders embedded in each side of it for optimum speed and glide on any smooth, flat surface and synthetic-ice tiles. 

The puck is sized the same as a regulation model but an ounce lighter. It comes with ridged sides for a realistic feel when it’s on your stick and is made of rubber. With it’s clever design, the puck won’t flip or tumble over when using it as it remains flat. The HockeyShot Extreme Dryland Puck is aimed at players of all ages and skill levels and is great for working on your toe-drag technique. 

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3) HockeyShot Green Biscuit

Green Biscuit Hockey Puck


The famous HockeyShot Green Biscuit is one of the most popular on the dry land training market. This off-ice hockey training puck weighs approximately an ounce less than a regulation model but comes in at the same size. The puck slides effortlessly across just about any type of smooth, flat surface and is also hockey for use with hockey tiles. 

It’s perfect for players who want to improve their passing and stickhandling as well as their speed and quickness. However, it isn’t designed for shooting. This is one of the few dry land models that works well on uneven asphalt and concrete and the friction it creates makes it feel like you’re working out on the ice. But the smoother the surface is the better yours and the puck’s performance will be. 

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4) HockeyShot White Official Size/Weight Puck

White Hockey Training Puck


A lot of the information about the HockeyShot Official Size/Weight Puck is given away in its name. This is a white training model which is the same weight and size as an official NHL puck. In fact, it’s manufactured by Viceroy. 

But while the six-ounce (170 gram), three-inch puck can be used for dry land training purposes it’s also fine to use on the ice. It’s basically designed to help goaltenders since the puck’s colour blends in with the ice as well as synthetic white tiles. This means they really need to focus hard on the puck and it helps improve their reaction time and their vision. 

When used on or off the ice the colour of the puck means it won’t leave any black marks wherever it makes contact.  

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5) HockeyShot Comet Puck

Comet Hockey Puck


You sure won’t lose the HockeyShot Comet Puck in the dark or snow, or anywhere else for that matter, since it’s a super bright puck that’s illuminated by LED lights. This means you can practice your hockey skills when the sum goes down as well. 

This is a regulation size and weight puck, meaning it’s three inches in diameter, an inch high and six ounces in weight. It’s designed to handle the force of the hardest shots and is also ideal for passing and stickhandling etc. The puck runs on a replaceable coin battery which typically lasts for 12 hours. Since it comes with five batteries included you’ll get approximately 60 hours of play or practice time with this glowing device.

The HockeyShot Comet Puck has been built for play in all weather conditions and is the perfect tool for working on your peripheral vision. Battery-removal instructions and the small removal tool come with the puck and the battery door is designed to keep closed while it’s being used.

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6) HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball

Hockeyshot Extreme Stickhandling Ball


Using a ball to practice your stickhandling skills is highly recommended by most experts and coaches. Since a ball moves quicker than a puck you’ll be able to develop your speed, control and agility. The HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball weighs in at 4.1 ounces which is 1/9 ounces less than a standard six-ounce hockey puck. 

The ball is two inches in diameter and fits like a glove on your stick’s blade. The speed of the ball means you need to keep up with it or lose control. This greatly helps improve your skills and when you hit the ice stickhandling with a puck will seem like a breeze. 

The HockeyShot Extreme Stickhandling Ball is quite strong and durable as it’s made with high-impact resistant nylon. This allows you to practice your finesse with it on any type of surface you choose, even those with cracks in it. This is an ideal training tool for all hockey players regardless of age and skill level. 

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7) HockeyShot Swedish StickHandling Wooden Ball

Swedish Wooden Hockey Ball


The Swedish Wooden Ball by HockeyShot is aimed at boosting your stickhandling skills up a notch. The ball is two inches in diameter and weighs just over two ounces (57 grams). It’s a fantastic device for developing your agility and speed while handling the ball on your blade and you should have a pair of soft hands around the net after repeated practice with it.

Since the durable ball is made of wood it’s best to use it on smoother surfaces if possible. This includes carpeting, tiles, wood and smooth concrete/asphalt etc. The hardwood ball is basically comparable to a speed bag in boxing since you’ll improve your quickness and hand/eye coordination among other things. Just remember the HockeyShot Swedish StickHandling Wooden Ball is hard and made of wood so be careful how and where you use it. 

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8) Bauer Extreme Density Balls

Bauer Density Balls


The Extreme Density Balls by Bauer typically come in packages of four. They’re designed not to bounce too much due to the high-density material they’re made of and their weight. The orange balls can be used in warm weather over 22 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit) with no problem and are ideal for street hockey and ball hockey at your local arena.

The Bauer Extreme Density Balls are heavier and harder which make them perfect for indoor hockey leagues. However, they’re also great for outdoor use and the bright orange colour means they’re hard to lose.  

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9) A&R Low Bounce Street Ball

A&R Hockey Balls


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The A&R Low Bounce Street Balls are available in various colours and are aimed at roller hockey, street hockey and indoor ball hockey players and leagues. They’re designed to handle the warm temperatures as well as the cold. 

The colour of the ball will indicate the ideal temperature it can be used in. The yellow ball is perfect for  30 degrees Fahrenheit (0 Celsius) and below while the pink ball is designed for 30 (0 degrees Celsius) to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius). The orange ball is ideal when the temperature registers between 60 (15 degrees Celsius) and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). 

These high-density balls by A&R are built for minimal bounce which is just what you need when playing street and indoor ball hockey. 

hockey pucks and balls

10) SmartHockey 6oz Training Ball

Smart Hockey Training Ball


The SmartHockey 6oz Training Ball is one of the most popular across the globe and is used in all levels of hockey for training purposes and pre-game warm-ups. It greatly recreated the feeling of a puck while on the blade of your stick and helps develop soft hands when used time after time.

You can practice all of your stick skills and shooting with the durable training ball wherever you have the space to use it. It has the same weight (six ounces) and contact height (one inch) as a regulation-size hockey puck-handling and is designed to bounce and slide in the exact same manner as a puck. 

This is a technologically-advanced training ball with a two-piece dynamic core and a tear-resistant Surlyn cover which is commonly used on certain types of golf balls. The SmartHockey 6 oz training ball is billed is just over two inches in diameter and is billed as being “slapshot  proof” because of its toughness. 

This training ball by SmartHockey is second to none when it comes to recreating the feel and characteristics of a real traditional hockey puck. 

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