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Many hockey players are now using grips on the handle of their sticks rather than tape since they provide a tackier but softer feel.

Rubberized grips offer more elasticity and help to absorb the vibrations and energy a stick receives when the puck hits the blade and vice versa.

Your hands can transfer the energy more comfortably and this allows you to have greater control over the stick.

Grips enable you to easily roll your wrists while playing which provides increased power and accuracy when shooting and passing.

In addition, grips help saved the palms of your hockey gloves since there is no sticky adhesive tape to transfer to the gloves.

Replaceable grips are easy to install and remove and are made to fit all sizes of sticks. They come in different lengths, colors, widths, and thickness to suit all preferences.

Basically, hockey stick grips help you maintain a consistent grip on your hockey stick, which is good.  Picking the right grip is important because it has a tremendous impact on the feel of your stick…also good.

This list below features some of the top grips on the market today. 


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Best Overall Hockey Stick Grip


Out of all the hockey grips on our list, the Buttendz Flux Z is out choice as the best. It has all the features you want in a grip at a great price, with great reviews.

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1) Buttendz Future Hockey Grip – Step Down Knob/Twirl

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

ButtEndz Stick Grip - twirl


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This Buttendz Future Replacement Grip is ideal for players who like a knob on the end of their stick handle with the additional texture of a twirl pattern.

This new step-down design comes with the added twirl pattern and is designed to fit perfectly in your hands.

This stick grip allows professional hockey players to control their stick much better during the action and also offers an optimum feel for the puck through the shaft of the stick. 

The Buttendz Future Replacement Hockey Grip – Step Down Knob with Twirl is available in several different colors and can be installed quickly and easily.

The two-tiered knob with a twirl fits all stick sizes. The length of the grip is seven inches with the top knob width measuring .43 inches. 

best hockey grip

2) Buttendz Twirl 88 Hockey Stick Grip 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

ButtEndz Stick Grip -88


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The Twirl 88 Replacement Grip has been made for hockey players who want the utmost in top hand control. The raised Twirl line is incorporated into the traditional Buttendz Tilling Texture to provide you with an incomparable feel in the palms and fingertips.

The grip provides players with increased performance when stick handling, shooting and passing and offers a great grip when making poke checks.  

This grip is seven inches long and 0.16 inches in width (4mm) and quite thin at just a millimeter in thickness. Like all Buttendz grips, the Twirl 88 reusable model comes in different colors, is easy to install on any size stick.

best hockey grip

3) Buttendz Fusion Z Hockey Stick Grip 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buttendz - Fusion Z



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This popular hockey stick grip by Buttendz is aimed at players who are seeking better mobility for their top hand. The Fusion Z knob grip is half the size of the Buttendz Flux Z grip as it’s 6.5 inches long and .61 inches (15.5 mm) in width with the thickness measuring .2 inches (5mm).

The grip comes with rounded edges which makes it ideal for rolling your wrist when shooting and stick handling in traffic.

The reusable Buttendz Fusion Z Hockey Stick Replacement Grip also features smooth sides and comes with the popular Buttendz Tiling Texture to provide you with a consistent feel for the puck at all times.

It’s easy to install and comes in several different colors.

best hockey grip

4) Buttendz Flux Z Hockey Stick Grip 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Buttendz Flux Z


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The Flux Z Hockey Stick replacement Grip by Buttendz is ideal for players who like a classic knob on the handle of their stick. The grip comes with a rounded edge and the famous Buttendz Tilling Texture to form a unique-feeling and shaped grip.

The size and shape of the knob help promote maximum accuracy and power while shooting as well as the ultimate in puck handling and stick control.

The rubberized grip can be easily installed and taken off whenever needed. It’s seven inches in length and 0.87 inches (22mm) in width with the thickness being a comfortable 0.24 inches (6mm).

The Buttendz Hockey Stick Replacement Grip comes in numerous colors.

best hockey grip

5) Buttendz Sentry Goalie Hockey Stick Grip

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Buttendz Sentry Stick Grip


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The Sentry Hockey Stick Grip is designed specifically for goalies as it has a bigger knob than most other grips.

This gives the netminder ultimate control when playing the puck, making saves and attempting poke checks. It also makes it easier to pick the stick up from the ice if you happen to drop it. 

The rubberized, replacement grip comes with the company’s signature tiling texture system and can easily be installed on goalie ice hockey sticks of all sizes.

This goalie grip is 6.5 inches in length, 0.49 inches (12.5mm) in thickness and 0.74 inches (19mm) in width. The Buttendz Sentry Goalie Hockey Stick Grip comes in white with black trim.

best hockey grip

6) Sniper Skin ICE Ice Hockey Grip

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Sniper Skin Hockey Grip 



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These customized, rubber lightweight hockey stick grips by Sniper Skin come in numerous colors and patterns and are quite easy to install and remove from ice hockey sticks of all sizes and materials.

These grips offer a personal preference as they’re heated with boiled water or a heat gun before being placed on the stick which allows you to conform them to any shape you choose. This enables you to customized the size of knob and type of twirl etc for superior puck control and feel. 

ICT non-adhesive one-sleeve hockey grips by Sniper Skin come with extra tackiness to guarantee a solid, comfortable grip. They come with foam tape and a rubber top ring and can also be used on goalie sticks.

The grips are 7.5 inches long while goalie grips are 11 inches in length with no foam tape and a pair of top rings. Sniper Skin ICT Hockey Stick Grips are approximately $20 and you can usually save money if you buy them in bulk. 

best hockey grip

FAQs About Hockey Stick Grips

Which materials are used for producing hockey stick grips?

The most common materials for producing hockey stick grips are cloth, chamois, traction tape, Polyurethane, adhesive strip, cotton, etc.

Do all hockey players stick their hockey sticks?

Almost all hockey players are taping their hockey stick blade because this prevents them from breaking and also are extending their life.

How do I put a hockey stick grip?

Putting a stick grip on your hockey stick is super easy and requires a bit of time. You should always start from the bottom and make a circular movement with the tape and overlap the first round so it has a nice base.

Roll over the hockey tape carefully and once you are close to the top allow overlapping again, and cut the extra material according to the edge of the top.

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