We give you the most comprehensive hockey information available on the internet. In this article, we spent DOZENS of hours gathering information on 2023’s best hockey sticks on the market.

With hundreds of hockey sticks available for sale, however, it’s impossible for you to personally experiment with each of them yourself. We wanted to take the pain out of your selection process and inform you of the best hockey sticks in 2023 so that you’re able to stay at the top of your game.

SHORT ON TIME? Here are our picks.

Best Overall Senior Stick


When it comes to elite level hockey sticks, the CCM JETSPEED FT6 PRO is the best OVERALL that performs at the highest level and currently has some of the most advanced technology available.

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Best Mid Range Hockey Stick


We found that the BAUER VAPOR X3 Stick offered the best mix of VALUE AND FEATURES. Many amazing safety and performance features in this mid-range stick!

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Best Budget Friendly Stick


We love this twig! An amazing high end hockey stick with many of the bells and whistles at a more BUDGET FRIENDLY price. A perfect mix of performance and value.

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1) Bauer Ag5nt Grip Hockey Stick

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

ag5nt stick senior review


Greetings hockey aficionados! I recently had the pleasure of testing out the all-new Bauer AG5NT hockey stick and let me tell you, it’s a game changer. This isn’t just your average stick – Bauer has truly outdone themselves this time.

From the moment I held it, I could feel the difference – at 335g, it’s the lightest stick I’ve ever gripped. This weight reduction doesn’t just shave off a few seconds from your slap shots; it revolutionizes the way you maneuver on the ice. Paired with the quickest release Bauer has ever designed, you have a weapon that lets you shoot faster and more efficiently than before.

The introduction of Boron into the construction is perhaps the most exciting innovation. Historically reserved for aerospace and high-tech industries, this is its hockey debut. And what a debut it is! Twice as stiff and compression-resistant as the leading carbon fiber, Boron not only shaves off weight but also enhances the stick’s durability and strength. In fact, the strategic placement of Boron with high-grade carbon fiber, I found, offered a unique shot-loading experience, letting me release with unparalleled speed.

The stick’s XE Taper Technology, inherited from the esteemed Vapor line, stood out during my testing. The taper’s unique elliptical design made my one-timers feel more controlled, and hard shots had an added level of stability. This, combined with the DuraFlex resin, gave me a reassuring balance of strength and flex when leaning into those heavy shots.

Now, let’s talk blade. The AG5NT Blade Core technology is a revelation. Every touch of the puck felt crisper, with an enhanced recoil and pop that I haven’t experienced in other models.

In sum, the Bauer AG5NT isn’t just a stick; it’s a statement. It’s perfect for those elite-level players who are on the ice frequently and were fans of the Hyperlite but yearned for something even better. Lighter, quicker, and stronger – it’s a trifecta of hockey excellence.

Features of the Bauer AG5NT Stick:

  • Weight: Remarkably light at 335g, the lightest in hockey history.
  • Construction: Monocomp one-piece construction ensures consistency and durability.
  • Material: Introduction of Boron Fiber Technology, combined with high-grade carbon fiber for unparalleled strength and weight reduction.
  • Quick Release: Boasts the fastest release ever designed by Bauer.
  • Taper: XE Taper Technology, derived from the Vapor line, for enhanced stability and shot speed.
  • Resin: DuraFlex Resin throughout the shaft, increasing impact resistance.
  • Kick Point: Low-Kick Stick ideal for quick-motion shots and close-net gameplay.
  • Blade: AG5NT Blade Core technology for superior puck touch, recoil, and pop.
  • Optimized Layering: Carbon fiber layering in the shaft optimized with Boron for additional durability.

In the realm of hockey sticks, the Bauer AG5NT isn’t just a step forward; it’s a leap into the future. If you’re looking to elevate your game, this stick is well worth considering. And if you’re unsure about the best kick point for your style, I’d recommend popping over to your local hockey store for a tailored assessment. Play on!

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2) CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro Hockey Stick

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

ccm hockey stick ribcor trigger 8 pro



Here we have the  CCM Trigger 8 Pro hockey stick, and let me say this upfront – it feels like an extension of one’s arm rather than just another piece of gear.

The first thing to note is the low-kick design. If you’re the type of player who’s looking for that rapid shot release, this stick offers exactly that. With the Ribcor lineage to back it up, it’s evident that CCM has poured in their top-shelf tech into this masterpiece.

Delving into the specifics, the Skeleton+ Technology caught my attention. Having tried various sticks, I was genuinely impressed by the hosel and taper strength. Not only does it promise longevity, but it makes you trust your stick more, especially when you’re down in those high-pressure moments.

The ergonomic shaft geometry is ingenious! Each section of the stick offers a distinct feel and function. The varied designs, from the top-shaft to the low-shaft, cater to comfort, control, dexterity, and of course, a phenomenal shot release. It’s as if CCM dissected the anatomy of a hockey player’s grip and designed this stick accordingly.

Another standout feature is the Nanolite Shield technology in the shaft. Reminiscent of what I saw in the JetSpeed FT6 Pro, it’s remarkable how this design manages to keep the stick light while enhancing its strength. The Sigma STP weaving process further reinforces this attribute.

Let’s talk blade – the Agility 3 Blade with Dual Feel tech is nothing short of innovative. Handling the puck felt more intuitive, and the additional foam insert in the heel genuinely improves the overall blade feel. The combo of the STP Spread Tow’s carbon weave and the specific stiffness zones make shooting a dream with the Trigger 8 Pro.

In essence, the CCM Trigger 8 Pro is for those who play at the breakneck speed of today’s game and desire a stick that can keep pace. If quick-motion shots are your signature, and you value a swift release over brute power, this should be on your radar.

Features of the CCM Trigger 8 Pro Stick:

  • Kick Point: Distinctly low for fast shot releases.
  • Taper Technology: Unique Skeleton+ design for increased durability.
  • Shaft Construction: Equipped with the groundbreaking Nanolite Shield and Sigma STP.
  • Blade Construction: Innovative Agility 3 with Dual Feel tech for enhanced puck feel.
  • Shaft Shape: Ergonomic Geometry offering distinct designs for different sections of the shaft.
  • Weight: Lightweight design at 380g.
  • Blade Feel: Enhanced with a foam insert in the heel for better stickhandling and passing.
  • Shooting: Signature Ribcor quick and precise shot delivery.

For anyone serious about elevating their on-ice prowess, the CCM Trigger 8 Pro is more than just a stick; it’s a game-enhancing tool.

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3) Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro Hockey Stick

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

warrior lx2 hockey stick



Gather ’round! Today we talk about the magical wand of hockey – the Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro stick. If Harry Potter played hockey, this would be his Nimbus 3000! Built on two decades of, let’s call it ‘wizardry’, this stick is ready to make your opponents’ knees wobble in fear.

First things first, let’s address the weight – at a feather-like 375g, it feels like I’ve been handed a quill instead of a stick. Maybe that’s Warrior’s way of saying “Write your own victory story!” – and boy, does it let you pen a thrilling tale!

With the Sabre Taper, which sounds a lot more ‘Game of Thrones’ than it should, your shots combine the power of Jon Snow with the precision of Arya Stark. This taper tech doesn’t just promise; it delivers. I’m talking quick releases and shots that would make an archer green with envy.

Let’s not forget the RLC 188 – Revolutionary Lightweight Construction, not to be confused with a secret droid from Star Wars. Honestly, the kind of tech packed into this is pure Jedi material, merging modern carbon composites for that superb balance and performance.

Now, the Minimus Carbon 25 weave in the shaft makes me feel like I’ve been handed Thor’s Mjölnir – powerful, but oh-so-light. And the FuelCore Ultra blade? It’s like the Excalibur of hockey sticks. Not only does it have longevity in its favor, but that puck feel… it’s like the stick’s whispering sweet nothings to the puck.

And for the grand finale, the Ergo Shaft Shape – designed like it’s giving your hands a cozy little hug. It screams, “Hey! Let’s pull off some epic moves together!”

So, whether you’re skating more times a week than I’ve had hot dinners or you’re an amateur looking for that pro feeling, the Alpha LX2 Pro beckons.

Features that make this stick the “chosen one”:

  • New Upgrades: The enchanting FuelCore Ultra & RLC 188.
  • Kick Point: Low (because why aim for the stars when you can score on the ground?)
  • Taper Technology: Sabre Taper (Winter is Coming, and so are the goals!).
  • Shaft Construction: Minimus Carbon 25 Weave (or as I like to call it, “Fancy Carbon Stuff”).
  • Blade Construction: FuelCore Ultra (not just regular fuel, we’re talking premium!).
  • Shaft Shape: Ergonomically dreamy.
  • Weight: A mere 375g, lighter than my morning coffee!

So there you have it, the Alpha LX2 Pro – more legendary than a unicorn playing center-forward. Get yours and let’s hit some pucks, Gandalf-style: “You shall not pass (without this stick)!” 

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4) Bauer Nexus Sync Hockey Stick

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

bauer nexus sync senior stick review


Hockey fans, lean in close, because we’ve got the stick that’s going to ‘Sync’ the competition! The Nexus Sync isn’t just an upgrade – it’s like someone took the Nexus Geo and made it drink a superhero serum!

At a lightweight 365 grams, this stick isn’t messing around. It’s like Bauer went to a weight-loss program and came out as the Chris Hemsworth of hockey sticks. It’s lighter than its Nexus Geo cousin, the Vapor FlyLite, AND the Supreme Ultrasonic – talk about an overachiever!

Now, let’s talk ER Spine. It’s not the latest sci-fi movie, but a design that makes shooting look and feel like a Jedi swinging a lightsaber. Combined with that funky 5-sided shape, it’s like your hands are getting VIP treatment every time they grip the stick. Luxurious, right?

The stick has had an inner makeover too, with the sassy ACL 2.0 tech. Think of it as the Spanx for hockey sticks – everything tucked in the right place to look sleek but maintaining all its strength and power. And if the ER Spine tech was a spine-tingling experience, the Connect Tech Technology coursing through the entire stick ensures that puck feels and plays with you like Beauty danced with the Beast.

Blade aficionados, rejoice! We’ve got the Omni-Core blade technology in action. Imagine a bridge made of carbon fiber that’s been on a strict diet, fused with light foam and sprinkled with responsive layer technology. That’s Omni-Core for you. And with the added Connect Tech, it’s like your stick has a built-in vibration therapist, making sure every puck touch feels just right.

Now, for the big twist: Bauer has added a sprinkle of “Growlithe” potion to these sticks. They’ve grown a bit, but don’t fret my tall and short friends; you can chop and change without altering the magic flexes.

Stick Highlights for Those in a Hurry:

  • Weight: 365g. It’s so light it might float!
  • ER Spine: Makes your shots smoother than James Bond’s pick-up lines.
  • 5-sided Shape: Because rectangles are so last season.
  • ACL 2.0 Shaft Tech: Keeping things sleek, strong, and oh-so-light.
  • TeXtreme in the Blade: Ensuring your energy flow feels like a dance!
  • Connectech: A layer of rubber love throughout the stick.
  • Extended Length: A growth spurt for the senior and intermediate sticks, but don’t panic, it’s customizable!
  • Omni-Core Blade Tech: The cherry on top for a perfect puck feel.

To wrap up, if the Nexus Geo was a best-seller, the Nexus Sync is the next best thing on the NY Times list. Built for the pros, it’s every hockey enthusiast’s dream come true. Get ready to ‘Sync’ those goals effortlessly! 

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5) Bauer X Hockey Stick

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

bauer x stick


So, you’re prowling the icy jungle, hunting for that perfect twig to dance with? Look no further, the Bauer Vapor X stick has waltzed onto the scene. Whether you’re the suave James Bond of hockey or still tripping over your skates like Mr. Bean, the Vapor X promises to make every rendezvous on the ice unforgettable.

This stick doesn’t play hard-to-get. It’s upfront about wanting to give you value, making your wallet and your game both grin ear-to-ear. Worried about weight? Vapor X is flaunting its best-in-class weight, challenging any stick out there to a dance-off. And trust me, this stick can tango!

You might be wondering about its feel. With its Vapor mold, this stick fits in your hands like Cinderella’s slipper. It’s built for those buttery-soft caresses and quick puck glides that make you feel like you’re on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. The easy load construction ensures you can shoot that puck as smoothly as pulling off a moonwalk on ice.

Concerned about longevity? It’s got the resilience of Tom Cruise doing his own stunts with a UD carbon fiber blade. And it’s a fused two-piece stick, making it as tightly-knit as the cast of ‘Friends’.

For all you players out there – elite, recreational, and everyone in between – it’s essential to find a stick that harmonizes with your style. And that’s where kick point enters the dance, so if you’re confused about kick points or anything hockey-ish, just Waltz into your local sports store.

Lastly, here’s some exclusive gossip: The Bauer Vapor X stick is doing its debutante ball this year, introducing brand new flex options to fit a broader range of dancers on the ice. It’s shedding some weight and has improved its release speed, making sure even the newest of players can dazzle on the dance floor, err, I mean the rink.

Quick Steps to Recap the Features:

  • Vapor Mold: Ensures Cinderella-level perfect fit and feel.
  • Easy Load Technology: For all those swift, effortless moves.
  • UD Carbon Fiber Blade: Because durability is key in a dance marathon.
  • Fused Two-Piece Stick: Solid, steadfast, and ready for the rink rumble.
  • Tailored Flex Options: Because one size doesn’t fit all dancers.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to set the ice on fire, this Bauer Vapor X is your trusty dance partner. Strap on those skates, grab this stick, and let’s dance!

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6) CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro Stick

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

ccm jetspeed ft6 pro senior stick



Oh hey!  If you’re looking for a wand to cast spells on the ice, the CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro might just be your Excalibur. Let’s take a zany ride and see what this baby’s got!

First things first, who needs a hybrid car when you can have a hybrid kick-point? That’s right! The FT6 Pro is like the Tesla of hockey sticks. It charges up quickly and releases shots with the speed of a cheetah on roller skates. Now, that’s electric!

And just when you thought blades were for ninjas, the RR-100 blade, sprinkled with nanolite technology, enters the scene. Balancing like a ballerina, feeling like a marshmallow, this blade ensures every shot feels like you’re slicing butter with a hot knife. Mmmm… buttery shots!

But let’s not forget the skeleton—no, not the one in your closet! The Skeleton+ taper technology. Carried down from its elder sibling, the FT5 Pro, this beauty ensures the FT6 Pro stands tall (and light) when the game’s on the line. Because who doesn’t want to shine during those nail-biting, popcorn-spilling moments?

The shaft? Oh, it’s like holding onto Thor’s Mjolnir, but without the weight and with better aerodynamics. The re-engineered Nanolite Shield Carbon Layering makes sure of that. Plus, with CCM’s Sigma STP weave, this stick isn’t just looking good; it’s armored for those surprise battles.

Let’s talk grip. The FT6 Pro isn’t any stick; it’s a stickler for perfection. With the FT microfeel, it’s like the stick whispers sweet nothings to your hands, ensuring they’re in the perfect spot every time.

Lastly, if you’re the type who can’t decide between mid-kick or low-kick, this hybrid bad boy says, “Why not both?”.

Sleek Features to Swoon Over:

  • Hybrid Kick-Point: Like combining Batman & Superman, but for hockey shots.
  • RR-100 Blade with Nanolite Tech: Cutting-edge (pun intended!) tech for balance and feel.
  • Nanolite Shield Carbon Layering: Making it lighter than your favorite comedy show.
  • Skeleton+ Taper Technology: Reliability, because you don’t want your stick ghosting you mid-game.
  • Sigma STP Carbon in Shaft & Blade: Durability, because nobody’s got time for stick funerals.
  • R-Geometry Design: Perfect for those who appreciate the finer curves in life.
  • FT Microfeel Grip: Ensuring your hands and the stick are in a committed relationship.

Whether you’re a hardcore rink rat or just looking to jazz up your game with some pro-level finesse, the CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro is your ticket to the show. It’s not just a stick; it’s a statement. So, lace up and let the games begin!

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7) TRUE Catalyst 9X3 Hockey Stick

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

true 9x3 hockey stick



If Harry Potter played hockey, I’m convinced he’d have the Catalyst 9X3 from TRUE Hockey in his hands. This isn’t just a stick; it’s magic redefined for the rink.

From the moment I laid my mitts on it, it felt like King Arthur pulling Excalibur from the stone. With its mid-kick point, it’s like this stick was designed by the hockey gods themselves. It’s perfect for those of us wanting to send the puck soaring without busting a gut.

Now, let’s talk upgrades. The foam core and Quad-Rib blade make this bad boy feel like it’s got the soul of a cushioned cloud but the heart of a roaring lion. It’s a juxtaposition of softness and power – kind of like if a teddy bear could slapshot.

Remember those days of tangling sticks and ending up in a pile on the ice? Say goodbye to them! The square corner, double concave shaft ensures your grip stays where it needs to. It’s like shaking hands with an old friend who’s had a little too much coffee. Firm, but oh-so comforting.

The Axenic tech is just chef’s kiss. It’s as if a team of wizards cast a spell and turned two pieces into one. Seamless, pure, and ready for any puck duel.

Oh, and can we have a moment of silence for the amazing PLD tech? With 25 layers of carbon fiber (yep, you read that right), it’s lighter than my conscience after eating those last three slices of pizza. But here’s the kicker, it’s as durable as grandma’s iron skillet.

Star-studded Features (drum roll, please!):

  • Foam Core & Quad-Rib Blade: For that cloud-nine feel and lion-like roar.
  • Mid Kick Point: For shots that whisper sweet symphonies.
  • Traditional Taper Tech: Vintage is the new modern!
  • Spread Tow Fabric, RESFLO, & PLD: Lighter than your morning feather pillow and stronger than your grandma’s willpower.
  • Axenic One-Piece: Because two pieces are so last decade.
  • Weight: Only 350g! That’s like, what? Half a hamster? (No hamsters were harmed in writing this review).
  • True High-Performance Design: For those who practically live on the ice.

The TRUE Catalyst 9X3 is the stick that dreams are made of. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a budding superstar, this is your wand, your Excalibur, your…you get the point. Now, go forth and conjure some icy magic! ⚡🥅

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8) Bauer Vapor X3 Hockey Stick

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

bauer vapor x3 stick



If you’ve been on the hunt for the secret weapon that’ll have goalies wondering if you took a magic potion before the game, look no further! The Bauer Vapor X3 stick is here, and trust me, it’s like having a mini rocket launcher in your hands.

First off, for those of you who love lurking near the net and surprising goalies with a sneaky shot, this stick is your new BFF. Why? Because it’s got a low-kick point! No more winding up like you’re trying to catapult yourself to the moon; just a quick flick, and BOOM – the puck is in the net before the goalie even blinks. This is all about speed, baby!

Now, about the upgrades. The EnergyCore 1 is the new rockstar in town. It’s like Bauer took the essence of a caffeinated squirrel and infused it into the blade. The pop and energy are unreal. The puck might just ask for a breather after being launched off this stick!

Bauer’s XE Taper technology is like the VIP section of stick engineering. Think of it as a fancy, elliptical red carpet leading straight to the goal. Less weight, more strength, and oh, that quick release? It’s faster than me snatching the last slice of pizza at a party.

And don’t even get me started on the HP Mold and UD Carbon Construction. It’s like they found a way to harness the balance of a tightrope walker and the energy of a toddler with a sugar rush. Passing, shooting, handling – you name it, this stick’s got it.

Puck-tastic Features:

  • EnergyCore 1 Blade: It’s zippy, it’s energetic, it’s the pop star of hockey blades!
  • Low Kick Point: Perfect for those sneaky, quick-motion shots. Who said cheetahs were the fastest?
  • XE Taper Technology: Elliptical genius for unmatched release and strength.
  • HP Mold & UD Carbon Construction: For that one-piece feel and a flawless energy transfer. Chef’s kiss!
  • Round Shaft Shape: Smooth and streamlined, just like your moves on the ice.
  • Weight: A breezy 450g. That’s like holding…um, a really light thing.

If you’re a budding hockey pro or just a net hugging sneaky shooter, the Bauer Vapor X3 stick is about to be your right-hand (or left-hand) magic wand. Goalies everywhere, consider this your official warning.

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9) Warrior Novium Pro Hockey Stick

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

warrior novium pro stick



Have you ever gone window shopping for a new hockey stick, only to be utterly overwhelmed with options? I mean, if we wanted to juggle this many choices, we’d have taken up… well, juggling. Enter the Warrior Novium Pro Hockey stick, which is not here to play games… except for hockey, of course!

First things first, let’s chat about the Bevel Taper. Remember that last stick you had where you felt like you were shooting marshmallows? This is the opposite. This stick is like that personal trainer you never had, beefing up your shots to hit the net with the intensity of an over-caffeinated squirrel.

“Minimus Carbon 25” sounds like an epic level in a video game, but trust me, this is better. We’re talking feather-light grace with the sturdiness of a brick wall. It’s as if you combined the agility of a ballerina with the resilience of a… well, hockey player.

And if we’re praising the almighty lords of lightweight, can we have a moment of silence for the RLC 188? This isn’t just lightweight; it’s revolutionary lightweight. If you ever felt like you were dragging around a log from the woodshed before, prepare to be enlightened… not to mention about ten times faster.

Now, let’s get to the blade, the unsung hero of any stick. With the FuelCore Ultra construction, it’s like having the world’s most effective grip on your favorite puck. Say goodbye to those “Oops, butterfingers!” moments and hello to “Yes, I meant to do that!”

To wrap this puck-party up, the Novium Pro is like that multi-tool you always wish you had. It doesn’t just do one thing right; it nails them all. The verdict? A big, hearty thumbs up from this reviewer!

Key Features of the Warrior Novium Pro Stick:

  • Bevel Taper: Upgrades your control and turbo-charges shot velocity.
  • Minimus Carbon 25: A blend of lightweight mastery and enduring strength.
  • R.L.C. 188: Warrior’s pièce de résistance in lightweight construction.
  • Fuelcore Ultra: Upping the ante for blade durability and feel.
  • Texture on Blade: Because who doesn’t want a Hulk-like grip on the puck?
  • Mid-Kick Point: Perfect for those who love a versatile shot.

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10) CCM Jetspeed FT670 Hockey Stick

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

ccm ft670 stick



If you’ve ever felt like Goldilocks trying to find the perfect hockey stick – not too expensive, not too cheap, but juuuust right – then I’m about to serve you a veritable porridge of perfection with the 2023 CCM Jetspeed FT670.

First off, let’s chat about the hybrid kick point. Think of it as the Swiss Army knife of flex points: versatile, dependable, and capable of meeting all your puck-hitting needs. Whether you’re all about that sneaky snap shot or a power-driven slap shot, this stick has your back. And by back, I mean hands. You get the gist.

Ever held a stick and felt like you were wrestling an angry octopus? Well, with the R-Geometry shaft dimensions, those days are over! Rounded corners, concave sides – it’s like this stick was handcrafted by ergonomic wizards. Seriously, it’s so comfortable it’s like shaking hands with a cloud.

But let’s not forget about the JS4 blade! Imagine a pizza slicer that perfectly balances sharpness with control. That’s your JS4 Blade with peel-ply. Whether you’re a “feel the puck” kind of person or you just wanna send that puck flying with speed, this blade’s got you.

Now, I know there are those among you whispering, “But can it withstand my fierce shots?” Enter the 18K weave on the blade – bringing you the stiffness of a military salute and the durability of grandma’s cast-iron skillet.

Is the FT670 the Rolls-Royce of hockey sticks? Maybe not, but it sure is the Tesla Model 3: high performance, packed with features, and accessible to many. Go on, give it a swing, and let your wallet breathe a sigh of relief!

Features to Brag About:

  • Hybrid Kick Point: A beautiful ballet of speed and response.
  • JS4 Blade with Peel-Ply: The sweet spot between puck feel and shot speed.
  • R-Geometry Shaft Dimensions: Because your hands deserve a comfortable embrace.
  • 18K Weave on Blade: Because every superhero needs its shield.
  • Mid-Price Point: High-quality tech without breaking your piggy bank.

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11) Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Stick

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

bauer hyperllite 2 stick



Ladies, gents, and puck-slingers of all ages, grab your helmets and lace up those skates because I’ve got some groundbreaking news for you! If Tony Stark played hockey and designed a stick, the Bauer Vapor HyperLite 2 would be his magnum opus. Are you ready to level up your game with some Iron Man-level tech? Let’s dive in.

First off, you feel that? No? Exactly. This bad boy weighs in at a sleek 360g. That’s lighter than your average hamster. And, mind you, 25g lighter than its predecessor, the HyperLite. If you’ve ever wanted to wave a magic wand on the ice, this is your moment.

“Does it have kick?” you ask. Pfft, does a bear skate in the woods? With its low-kick point, this stick is built for those sneaky, quick-fire shots. Perfect for players who live for that close-net action and speed (we’re looking at you, net-front ninjas).

Now, the XE taper – a legend passed down from the HyperLite dynasty. With its elliptical finesse and rounded edges, it boosts your shot release by a whopping 10%. Yep, you read that right. Those goalies won’t know what hit them… 10% faster.

Speaking of fast, the stick’s Asymmetrical TeXtreme shaft technology is like the autobahn for energy transfer. Smooth, fast, and efficient, ensuring every ounce of effort you put in translates to power on the puck.

And let’s talk about the blade – enhanced with HyperCore 2, this blade is akin to having Thor’s hammer at the end of your stick. Snap? Check. Stability? Double check.

Last, but far from least, is the Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technology. It’s like the secret sauce; a little sprinkle of this high-end material, and voila! Lightweight, strong, balanced – the trinity of what every hockey player dreams of in a stick.

In a nutshell, if you loved the HyperLite, the HyperLite 2 is like its cooler, smarter, faster younger sibling. It’s not just a stick; it’s an experience.

Features Faster than a Slapshot:

  • Weight: A feather-light 360g.
  • Kick Point: Low – for those rapid release shots.
  • Taper Tech: XE Taper – improving your rocket release by 10%.
  • Shaft Construction: Monocomp with ACL 2.0 – balance, power, and performance.
  • Blade Tech: HyperCore 2 with ACL 2.0 – more snap, more stability, more goals.
  • Shape: Round shaft for optimal grip and maneuverability.
  • Durability: Because no one wants a stick that folds faster than laundry.
  • Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL): Ensuring the stick is lightweight without compromising strength.

Give it a swing, and redefine your game!

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12) CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Stick

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

ccm tacks as v pro stick


You remember that feeling when you first stepped onto the ice, the chill in the air, the rush of adrenaline? Well, I’ve got a new thrill for you – the CCM Tacks AS-V Pro hockey stick. If it were a rockstar, it’d be selling out arenas worldwide. 🎸🥅

First things first, let’s talk about that mid-kick point. You know, for those unpredictable players who shoot from, well, anywhere and everywhere. This stick doesn’t discriminate; slap shot from the blue line or a sneaky wrister up close, the AS-V Pro has your back. It’s like the Swiss army knife of hockey sticks.

Now, the Nanolite Carbon Layering in the shaft? Genius. It’s like CCM decided to sprinkle a bit of fairy dust to make the stick lightweight without sacrificing its warrior-like durability. Move over, Thor; the Tacks AS-V Pro is here to challenge Mjölnir for the most durable weapon title.

The shaft is a story of its own. It’s a meld of traditions and innovation. Starting off with the age-old T-shape, it morphs into this new V-shape, making it easier to load, shoot, and, most importantly, intimidate goalies everywhere.

And just when you thought this stick was all about power, the Skeleton+ Taper Tech steps in, ensuring you’re not just shooting powerfully, but reliably. This is the stick’s “secret sauce,” ensuring that when you’re on a breakaway with 0.5 seconds to go, you can count on your stick to deliver.

But wait, there’s more! The ACUFEL 2 blade with peel ply is like the cherry on top. It’s sturdy yet sensitive, kind of like that ideal partner who’s rugged and macho but can also sense when you need a gentle touch.

In summary, if hockey sticks were cars, the Tacks AS-V Pro would be that sleek, powerful, luxury sports car with all the upgrades. Buckle up, because with this stick, you’re in for one heck of a ride on the ice.

Stick Specs that’ll Make You Swoon:

  • Kick Point: Mid, with a soft mid-section to maximize energy storage.
  • Shaft Tech: Nanolite Carbon Layering and Sigma STP Carbon – it’s light but tough as nails.
  • Shaft Geometry: Transition from traditional T-Shape to a spicy V-Shape – variety is the spice of life, after all.
  • Taper Tech: Skeleton+ – for when reliability is a must.
  • Blade Details: ACUFEL 2 with Peel Ply and Sigma STP – because a great stick needs a great blade.
  • Purpose: For players with a “shoot from anywhere” mentality, and those seeking power and precision in every shot.

Rock the rink with the CCM Tacks AS-V Pro!

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How to Find the Right Hockey Stick

What to Consider When Buying a Hockey Stick

The “feel” of a Stick

The most important aspect you want with your stick is the “feel” you have with it. The feel is your ability to sense where the puck is when it’s touching your stick. It doesn’t matter your blade pattern, length of shaft or durability if you can’t feel where the puck is with your stick.

We’ll reference the “feel” a bit more throughout the guide, but this is something to keep in mind while we are going over this stuff.

Price Ranges of Sticks

There are three price ranges of ice hockey sticks you’ll want to keep in mind. You should choose what level of play you’re looking to participate in, then use that to set your budget for purchasing your stick. You shouldn’t buy a cheap stick if you are trying to play competitively.

$50 to 60 will get you decent composite hockey sticks. This is the lowest you will find an OK stick for. If you are looking for a good starter stick that will probably be outgrown quickly, you can find some good ones in this range.

$120 to 180 is the mid-range of sticks. If you are playing competitively, but are still growing (and will unlikely grow your stick quickly), then this is probably the range you are looking for.

$200 and above is where you’ll find the top of the line, elite level sticks. These are the ones that the pros are using. They’ll have the best feel, while also being durable and light.

Composite Hockey Sticks or Wooden Sticks?

This is a bit of a personal preference, but it seems that most people are starting to lean towards composite more often than wood. The argument for using a wood stick is that it has a better, more authentic feel. However, composite sticks are catching up to that with one-piece constructions, which we’ll learn about below.

The problem with wood is that it isn’t as durable as a composite. Composite is a bit more expensive, but is typically the most up-to-date, using state of the art technology to give you a durable stick that will still have a great feel. While composite sticks are “growing” market share, you can still find wood sticks at most retailers.

Two-Piece or One-Piece (OPS)?

Like I mentioned about, one-piece sticks have a better feel than a two-piece. This is because the OPS has a consistent flex point by being one long piece and not having a break in the stick between your hands and the puck. Also, OPS will usually be lighter because there is no overlap in material and glue where the two-piecers fit together.

However, two-piece sticks allow you to create a unique combination by selecting your own blade and shaft.

In my opinion, I think one-piece composite sticks are the way to go, but this is up to your preference obviously.

The Flex of the Shaft

The flex of the shaft is how flexible it is. There are ratings between 35 and 110 when it comes to shaft flex, with 35 being the least stiff stick and 110 being the stiffest.

The flex score is actually the amount of pressure in pounds that is required to flex the center of the stick 1″. So if it only takes 35lbs to flex the shaft 1″, then it’ll get a score of 35 and obviously be less stiff than a stick that takes 110lbs of pressure to do the same thing.

An easy rule of thumb to choosing the best flex score for yourself is to divide your weight by 2. This is a good place to start when choosing your stick. We have a handy little chart in the next section that will help you decide flex and length based on your height and weight.

Some other factors to take into account is that if you play defense more, a stiffer stick is probably preferable since you’ll be taking more long-range slap shots, while forwards tend to prefer less resistance in the flex so they have an easier time with snap and wrist shots.

How Long Should Your Stick Be?

The length of ice hockey sticks is mostly based on your height since a tall player needs a longer stick in order for it to reach the ground. However, you can be a tall player who plays bent over for most of the hockey game, which would mean you’d want a shorter stick. The same idea if your a shorter player who tends to stand straighter for most of the hockey game.

Think about what type of player you are and how your typical stance is. If it’s pretty bent compared to other players, go for a shorter stick. Also, you can get sticks shortened down or extended to fit you exactly. Keep in mind that if you shorten a stick, the flex will increase and vis versa.

Here is a nifty chart for choosing your stick length and flex.

Age GroupHeight (ft)Weight (lbs)FlexLength
Youth (3 to 5)3' to 3' 10"30 to 653538 to 44"
Youth (6 to 8)3' 10" to 4' 8"50 to 8040 / 4545 to 49"
Junior (7 to 13)4' 4" to 5' 1"70 to 11050 / 5550 to 54"
Intermediate (11 to 14)4' 11" to 5' 4"92 to 1256055 to 58"
Intermediate (12 to 15)5' 2" to 5' 8"100 to 14065 / 7055 to 58"
Senior (14+)5' 5" to 5' 10"125 to 17575 / 8057 to 61"
Senior (14+)5' 7" to 6' 1"150 to 20085 / 9058 to 62"
Senior (14+)5' 10" to 6' 4"180 to 235100 / 10560 to 63"
Senior (14+)6' 1" + 210 +110 / 11560 to 63"

Ice Hockey Stick Blade Patterns

There are a few different types of blade patterns we’ll like to look at. They all have different implications for how the stick functions and should be tailored to your preferences as a player.

The blade pattern is the specific type of curve of your blade. Most sticks typically have 5 to 10 different blade patterns available to choose from.

Curve Direction – This is simply if your blade curves to the right or the left. If you are right-handed, you’ll likely want your right hand to be the top hand on your stick. This would mean you’d want a left curve and the opposite if your left handed.

Curve Type – This is where the curve starts on your blade. Think of the blade like a foot, with a heel, mid, and toe. If the curve starts at the heel, it’ll be a heel curve.

Curve Depth – This is the degree of the curve. There is a slight curve, moderate curve, or a deep curve. A deep curve makes it easier to lift shots, which a slight curve gives you more overall control of the puck.

Face Angle – This ranges from closed to open. A closed face angle will cup over the top of the puck more. This is good for puck protection. An open face will be angled back away from the puck which allows you to lift the puck easier.

Blade Length – This is either short, medium or long.

Lie – This is how the blade is angled in relation to the shaft. You want to have the bottom of your blade lie flat against the ice, so you need to take into consideration at what angle you typically hold your stick at. If you hold it very steeply, you’ll want a high angle. If you have your blade out farther in front of you, you’ll want a low angle.

Grip or Clear Finish?

So should you get your stick with a clear finish or with grip? The grip is an added texture that is meant to help you have a better grip on your stick. Some find this as a good thing while others feel that it limits their ability to slide their lower hand down the stick past the grip.

A third option is to get a Matte finish. It’s becoming more popular and is a smooth, velvety finish on the end of your stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stick brands are mostly used by NHL players?

The most commonly used sticks in NHL are Bauer and CCM sticks of which CCM has a slight lead.

Are lighter hockey sticks better?

Lighter sticks are easier to handle and allow you to have more mobility, whereas heavier sticks provide more strength and can create more powerful shots especially if you hit the sweet spot.

How many sticks do hockey players use?

Professionals like NHL players switch sticks very often, sometimes even more than once per game, whereas low-level and recreational players switch sticks very rarely, or when they break.


We hope our list of top hockey sticks has helped you in your search for high-quality equipment that’ll keep you at the top of your game.

If you’ve used any of the equipment we reviewed, leave us a comment below and also feel free to ask any questions. We love engaging with you guys and your question may even turn out to be the subject of our next featured blog post!

Here again are the ones we chose this year. Cheers!


Best Overall Senior Stick


When it comes to elite level hockey sticks, the CCM JETSPEED FT6 PRO is the best OVERALL that performs at the highest level and currently has some of the most advanced technology available.

Buy in USA Buy in Canada
Best Mid Range Hockey Stick


We found that the BAUER VAPOR X3 Stick offered the best mix of VALUE AND FEATURES. Many amazing safety and performance features in this mid-range stick!

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Best Budget Friendly Stick


We love this twig! An amazing high end hockey stick with many of the bells and whistles at a more BUDGET FRIENDLY price. A perfect mix of performance and value.

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