Every hockey player has their unique style and while one stick may be perfect for one player it may not work for another.

There are dozens of intermediate hockey sticks to choose from, making it a tough task finding one that suits you.

Be sure to look for a stick that is comfortable in your hands, is the right length and weight, and comes with a suitable curve and flex for your style. 

We’ve compiled a top 10 list of the best Intermediate Hockey Sticks available today.  Take a look.


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Best Overall Intermediate Stick

CCM JetSpeed FT3 PRO

If you're a player that needs the best OVERALL intermediate stick the market has to offer, the CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro stick has the most advanced tech, durability and performance features. It's pricey but worth every penny!

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Best Mid-Range Intermediate Stick


For an intermediate hockey stick with a good mix of VALUE and FEATURES, the CCM Ribcor Pro 3 is the perfect choice. A great all around twig!

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Best Budget-Friendly Intermediate Stick


The best BUDGET-FRIENDLY intermediate stick is the Bauer NSX Grip. This hockey stick is affordable and comes with many high performance features.

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1) Sherwood Rekker M90 Intermediate Stick

Rekker M90 intermediate stick 


Sherwood is well known for its top-level hockey sticks and the Rekker M90 is no exception. This model comes with a 55 flex, a low-kick flex point and weighs in at just 380 grams.

It’s very reliable and responsive on the ice with a comfortable rounded shaft and several curve options to choose from. It comes with a tapered textured shaft, carbon fiber weave, and is infused with Graphene for added strength.

Blade vibration is virtually non-existent with this stick which makes it a joy to play with. The stick combines excellent balance and flexibility and allows players to shoot with authority and accuracy as soon as the puck hits the blade. 

This is a well-designed stick which is ideal for elite hockey players. It may cost a little more than some intermediate hockey sticks but you certainly get your money’s worth.

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2) CCM RibCor Pro 3 Intermediate Stick


ccm pro 3 intermediate stick


This is one of CCM’s best-selling one-piece intermediate hockey sticks as it comes with a basket weave carbon fibre, speared construction to provide a greater puck feel and more efficient and effective energy transfer with every shot. The manufacturing process features more carbon fibre and less resin to result in a greater strength-to-weight ratio.

It comes with a Low kick-point flex profile for finesse players who want to dangle past defenders and get their shots off as quickly as they can. The shaft has straight sidewalls and rounded corners with a sticky grip coating for supreme control.

The C6 carbon-weaved blade features a softened heel for balance and enhanced feel when stickhandling with the toe being stiffer to enable a fast release without losing any accuracy. The P29, 85-flex CCM Ribcor Pro 3 Intermediate hockey stick weighs 450 grams and the stick can be found in the mid-price range. 

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3) True XC9 ACF Grip Intermediate Stick 


TRUE XC9 Intermediate stick


The True XCP ACF Grip stick is available in several flexes between 20 and 105 with the 85- flex model weighing 425 grams.

The stick is designed for top-notch feel and accuracy and has a large sweet spot for ultimate puck control and shooting and the blade features a compressible urethane insert. It also has carbon fiber braided ribs in the blade to keep the weight down and add durability.

The stick has a mid-kick flex point for power shooting while the shaft is rounded with concave sides and is reinforced for ultimate impact resistance. The upper section of the shaft is softer than the rest of it for increased versatility and speedy shot release. 

This is a true one-piece intermediate ice hockey stick that performs well in all game conditions and is one of the strongest on the market.  

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4) CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Intermediate Stick

ccm ft3 pro intermediate stick



The Warrior Alpha DX5 Grip stick comes in assorted lengths with the flexes ranging from 40 to 85. It’s not the lightest stick available as the 85 flex version weighs 534 grams but it’s still quite effective as it combines durability and performance.

It’s constructed with strong graphite materials and can handle all types of impacts and heavy going. The rounded shaft comes with a unique ergonomic shape for superior control and comfort.

The Warrior Alpha DX 5 has a low-kick flex point to balance quick release with power and there’s no connection or fusion point since it’s a one-piece stick. The blade has a foam core for strength, balance and feel with several different curve options available.

This is an ideal stick for intermediate and recreational players who don’t want to break the bank when searching for a useful hockey stick. 

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5) Warrior Alpha DX Pro Intermediate Stick

warrior alpha dx pro intermediate stick



This is one of Warrior’s newer and sleeker one-piece composite sticks and it’s quickly become quite popular. It features Warrior’s unique Sabre Taper design which provides a low kick-point and a powerful, stable release. This makes it a fine choice for players who tend to take heavy slapshots as well as quick, dynamic snapshots.

This advanced, lightweight stick has exceptional balance, responsiveness and control in all game situations. It’s also quite strong as it’s built with Minimus Carbon 1000 material with a durable carbon weave carbon design.

The FuelCore Blade is made with a light polymer material for ultimate puck control and feel. The blade is also wrapped with a composite layering to give it added durability and strength. 

This is another Warrior stick with a comfortable Ergo shaft design which fits more securely and comfortably in your hands while providing enhanced shooting and stickhandling. It also has a soft Apex Grip with a tacky coating.

The Alpha DX Pro Intermediate Hockey Stick can be found in the mid-to-high price level. It comes in an assortment of flexes, lengths and curves and is ideal for defencemen and forwards. 

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6) Bauer Vapor X2.7 Intermediate Stick

Bauer Vapor X2.7 intermediate stick 



This newer intermediate Bauer stick focuses on quick shot release and superior puck handling. It has a unique tapered design and low kick profile to help payers got their shots off as quickly as possible.

The durable tacky-grip shaft is constructed with rounded corners and made of strong carbon fibers with R2 resin giving the fused stick more consistency and added durability.

The blade is made with a foam core with a carbon-fiber wrap for better balance, feel and strength and the connection point to the blade is reinforced. The lightweight of the blade enables quicker recoil so you’re ready instantly for the next shot or pass. 

This is a mid-priced stick which is aimed at helping intermediate players work on their passing and shooting while gaining experience and confidence in their game. However, it could easily be mistaken for an elite-level model. 

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7) CCM Jetspeed FT440 Intermediate Stick

CCM JetSpeed ft 440 intermediate stick



New and recreational hockey players should find this stick to their liking as it is designed to help with shot velocity and accuracy as well as improved puckhandling and passing. It comes with a hybrid flex profile that enables you to rifle the hardest shots from anywhere on the ice. In addition, the shape of the shaft is designed for comfort and control with its rounded corners, double concave sidewalls and tacky grip coating.

This is a fused two-piece carbon composite and fibreglass stick with the P28, 85-flex model tipping the weigh scales at 544 grams. It offers a solid feel with the hybrid kick-point being ideal for power and speed when trying to bury the rubber past the goalie. It features a hinge effect as the lower taper and perfect amount of stiffness allows for quick loading and release.

CCM has incorporated its famous foam-filled JS3 blade for tremendous puck feel and consistency. The CCM Jetspeed FT 440 Intermediate stick is understandably so popular as it offers a lot in the lower-price level. 

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8) Bauer Nexus ADV Intermediate Stick

bauer nexus adv review 


As odd as it seems, the Bauer Nexus ADV Intermediate Hockey Stick actually has a hole in its blade and that’s one of the reason’s it’s so durable and effective on the ice. The advanced carbon layering design helps reduce weight and the senior model weighs only 365 grams. If you’re looking for fast-loading and release while shooting as well as optimum puck control then this stick could be for you. 

Bauer has incorporated revolutionary technology into this model as well as a five-shaft geometrical design which reduces excess carbon layers in the loading area of the stick while keeping its mid kick-point. Since this reduces weight, it results in a much quicker transfer of energy to the blade and the shots accurately explode from the stick with much less effort. 

The Slingtech blade means there’s actually a long narrow hole or gap running along the blade. This creates a slingshot type of effect when the blade releases the puck as the blade is made up of two different sections. Each part of the blade has its own unique properties which work in tandem while shooting, giving the blade its own unique kick-point.

The blade is able to hug the puck while stickhandling for complete control. The upper section is rigid for stability while loading up for your shot while the lower section is more flexible. which allows it to spring back and bend while the puck’s released. 

The Bauer Nexus ADV Stick could spoil you since it does the lion’s share of the work and it can be found in the upper-level price range.   

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9) Bauer NSX Grip Intermediate Stick

Bauer NSX grip intermediate stick



The Bauer NSX Intermediate Hockey Stick is aimed at recreational level and new players who are looking for value for their dollar. This stick boasts a premium blend of unidirectional fibreglass and carbon for performance and durability and comes with a mid-kick flex profile for versatility in all game situations. 

This is a fused one-piece model with the shaft having rounded corners and double concave sidewalls and the P92 curve, 85 flex-stick weighs 520 grams. It features an R1 Resin System with a strong epoxy and is ideal for getting off quick, powerful shots.

You’ll find the tacky grip finish enables maximum grip in the palms of your hands while the blade is outfitted with a carbon fibre wrap core through the centre for better accuracy, stability and puck control.

The Bauer NSX Grip Intermediate stick is quite a bargain as it’s typically found in the lower-price range.

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10) Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Intermediate Stick

bauer ultrasonic intermediate stick



The Supreme UltraSonic is one of Bauer’s newest one-piece intermediate sticks and it features the manufacturer’s popular Monocomp technology which is a moulding process designed to reduce excess material and eliminate any fusion point between the shaft and blade. This results in a more consistent and loading time when preparing to shoot.

This model has a taper design with a seven-sided shaft in the lower section of the stick to reduce weight and the amount of torque when shooting for maximum velocity and transfer of energy. Even though the 85-flex model weighs just 385 grams this is a very durable stick with advanced carbon layering inserted throughout it.

It has a high kick-point and the blade is made with a dampened core foam which is then surrounded with light AeroFoam. In addition, the entire stick is reinforced with a carbon fiber bridge for the ultimate in shooting accuracy for all types of shots.

The shaft has square corners with straight sidewalls as well as a tacky-substance for the best grip possible. The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Hockey Stick can typically be found in the mid to high-price range. 

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11) Bauer Supreme ADV Intermediate Stick


bauer supreme adv review

The ADV Grip Intermediate Stick by Bauer is one of the lightest and most advanced on the market today and is remarkably strong and versatile. It features the company’s new taper design with the lower section of the stick having a seven-sided shaft to decrease weight while maximizing the energy transfer for additional shot velocity. 

The stick has a mid-kick flex profile which enables you to really lean and put all of your weight into your shots and get them off as quickly as you can. This model is constructed with lightweight 18K carbon fibre for durability while the shaft utilizes an advanced carbon layering technique. Meanwhile, the core of the blade features an outer foam in the strike zone for excellent puck feel.

The Bauer Supreme ADV Grip Intermediate stick is generally found in the mid-price range and is one of the company’s most popular models. It helps players of all ages and skill levels develop their shooting power, passing accuracy and puckhandling.  

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12) Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Intermediate Stick

Bauer 3S pro intermediate stick

The Bauer Supreme 3S Intermediate Hockey Stick is another fine lightweight one-piece model with the senior 85-flex weighing 435 grams. It comes with a high kick-point making it a fine choice for those looking for an easy-loading stick that provides lightning-quick shooting speed. 

Bauer uses a refined moulding process and Dura Flex resin with this model for the optimum in puck feel while the high-level 15IK carbon fibre is made to maximize the energy transfer. The blade is designed for the best balance possible and features an AeroFoam I dampened core for optimum puck control. This helps you generate more power when shooting as it’s designed to keep the puck and blade in greater contact with each other when shooting, passing and stickhandling.

The shaft has a tacky grip for supreme control as well as square corners and straight sidewalls and standard taper.  This is basically an elite-level hockey stick by Bauer, but the Supreme 3S can usually be found in the mid-price level.  

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FAQs About Hockey Sticks

Do all hockey players play with a composite stick?

Not all NHL players opt for a composite stick, however, most of the professional players do opt for such type of an ice hockey stick instead of a wood sticks, because the composite one has greater power to weight ratio and allow creating a better spot for maximum hitting power.

Are all hockey sticks manufactured with same weight?

No. Ice hockey sticks can be made in a range of different weights including light, medium, heavy and super light, however, there are league rules which state how heavy a senior stick should be, so all players have to have an equal hockey stick weight.

Do all NHL players use sticks of same material?

No. Players mostly use one piece composite sticks that are custom-made for them, however, they can still be different in terms of handle, flex, knob, etc.

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