Hockey gloves protect your hands and wrists from sticks and pucks.

Obviously, protection should be your first priority, but nothing is more frustrating than a pair of hockey gloves that are working against you as you try to perform the fundamentals of passing, shooting, and puck handling.

Players tend to have different preferences—and also tend to be extremely picky. This is why we picked the best gloves on the market for 2021 to narrow down your search for the ultimate set of mitts!



LOVE YOUR GLOVES!  Here are our picks.


Best Overall Hockey Gloves


Top of the line! These hockey gloves are made for pros and provide ultimate comfort and protection. They also have advanced materials and odor-resistant treatment to stay super fresh. That's why it's our choice for best OVERALL.

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Best Mid-Range Gloves


These Warrior hockey gloves are in the middle of the Bauer Vapor line offering GREAT VALUE while still keeping top level features.

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Best Budget Friendly Hockey Gloves


Out of all the hockey gloves we looked at, these Bauer X gloves were the best Budget Friendly set of mitts in the group. Great comfort and protection at the right price!

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1. Warrior Alpha FR Lite Gloves


warrior alpha fr lite review


The highly-rated Warrior Alpha FR Lite hockey gloves provide players with a perfect mix of comfort and protection at a competitive price. They’re highlighted with supreme foam protection throughout for absolute impact absorption as well as a hybrid taper fit for top-notch range of motion and mobility. The pro cuffs offer extended protection while the soft and comfortable Pro Clarino palms are built to last for several seasons.

Protection is a key component of hockey gloves and Warrior delivers by protecting your hands at all times while passing, shooting, stickhandling and blocking shots. Premium protective foams are installed as well as tough plastic shield inserts to defend against any type of impact during the course of a hockey game or practice. In addition, your hands are kept fresh as well as odour and bacteria-free thanks to the moisture-wicking liners.

The popular Warrior Alpha FR Lite gloves come in different sizes and colours and can usually be found in the low to mid price bracket.

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2. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Gloves

Bauer Vapor 2x pro gloves review



Bauer has released a new set of different-coloured lightweight gloves this season known as the Vapor 2x Pro model with the 14-inch size weighing just 255 grams. These gloves feature ShockLite foam padding on the backhand to protect against slashes and shots while the snug, tapered fingers come with triple-density HD, closed-cell foam which is water resistant. 

The palms are ultra-sensitive with the flex cuff enabling you to retain full range of motion while handling your stick. The gloves are equipped with a soft thermo-core liner for more comfort while wicking away moisture and odours. All the fingers and thumb are protected by dense foam padding and plastic inserts but remain flexible.

The Bauer Vapor 2x Pro Hockey Gloves are available in sizes from 10 to 15 inches and are constructed with cable-knit mesh, stretch Lycra and PU accents. They offer tremendous protection and can be found in the mid to upper-price range.

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best hockey gloves

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3. CCM Jetspeed FT4 Hockey Gloves

ccm jetspeed ft4 gloves review


The newly-created CCM FT4 hockey gloves sport a back roll design which is made to contour and shape to your hands for a perfect anatomical fit. They’re loaded throughout with dual-density protective foams and plastic inserts to fight off all types of on-ice impacts. The two-piece flex thumbs and three-piece index fingers provide fantastic stick control while the pro Clarino palms come with high-abrasion reinforcement overlays.

The exteriors of these popular gloves are built with tough polyester and lightweight cable knit nylon for strength and durability while the soft, laminated liners come with a Polygiene treatment to help reduce odours, bacteria and moisture while reducing drying time. They also include PU cushion foams, tapered fingers, relaxed cuff with dense foam and plastic inserts, nylon finger gussets and embroidered graphics.

The new lightweight CCM Jetspeed FT4 gloves are available in several sizes and colours with the 14-inch gloves tipping the scales at 273 grams each. They can typically be found in the mid to high price bracket.

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best hockey gloves

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4. Bauer Vapor 2X Hockey GlovesBauer Vapor 2x gloves review



The Vapor 2x Gloves are also a new model for this season as they provide top-level protection without a top-level price tag. These gloves consist of lightweight dual-density HD foams with a closed-cell design and thermo liners to help eliminate moisture and sweat from absorbing into the material. This keeps the gloves and your hands light, dry, cool and comfortable at all times and helps the gloves dry faster.

The pro micro-suede palms and sensitive finger liners are built for comfort and enhanced stick feel while the flex cuffs are tapered to make sure you have full range of wrist motion when it’s needed the most. The thumbs and fingers come with plastic inserts for additional protection with the thumbs featuring two-piece moulded plastic.

The Bauer Vapor 2X Gloves offer a tapered, snug fit with a relaxed cuff and come in sizes 10 to 15 inches with the 14-inch model weighing 269 grams each. They’re made from cable-knit mesh and stretch Lycra with hyper-sense linings and can typically be bought in the mid-price range.

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best hockey gloves

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5. Warrior Alpha Pro Hockey Gloves

warrior alpha pro gloves



For those players who are seeking a sturdy, well-constructed pair of hockey gloves the Alpha Pro model by Warrior is well worth taking a look at. These gloves provide a fine combination of the modern anatomical feel and the traditional 4-Roll design. This results in supreme puck control and feel and hand protection.

They feature a hybrid taper fit so the gloves naturally contour to the shape of your hands for maximum mobility and flexibility. The hybrid flex cuffs improve your range of motion while making sure your wrists are fully protected from flying pucks and opposing slashes. They also feature Lycra gussets, flex thumbs and soft-smooth palms.

The padding comes via first-class lightweight foams and plastic shield inserts for dealing with the heaviest of impacts. In addition, the gloves are equipped with comfortable Polygiene liners to make sure your hands remain clean, dry, odour-free and cool while playing. The Warrior Alpha Pro Gloves are available in various sizes with the 14-inch gloves weighing 297 grams each and can be found in the mid-price range. 

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best hockey gloves

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6. Warrior Covert Pro Hockey Gloves

warrior covert pro gloves review


The Warrior Covert Pro hockey gloves come with several top-of-the-line protection, comfort and performance features for players of all skill levels and ages. They feature the company’s AxyFlex construction method as well as cable knit nylon in key areas for added durability. The gloves are equipped with traditional nylon for superb breathability and an Exo Protect system for added protection.

The AxyFlex two-piece synthetic leather thumbs and cuffs are great for dexterity while the three-piece finger and backhand design takes good care of flexibility, control and grip. These gloves also boast tough plastic cuff inserts to protect the wrists, a SmartPalm system with double-stitched dual overlays, breathable finger gussets and WarTech FNC polygiene liners to manage odours, moisture and germs.

The popular Warrior Covert Pro contoured-fitting gloves Alpha FR Lite contoured-fit gloves are available come in different sizes and colours and can usually be found in the mid price range.

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best hockey gloves

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7. CCM FT4 Pro Gloves

ccm ft4 pro gloves review



The Jetspeed FT4 Pro gloves are another new model for 2021 from CCM. They come with maximum ZoteFoam protection with high-density PE foams and durable plastic inserts for optimal protection, mobility and comfort. The exteriors are constructed with pro polyester, synthetic leather and cable knit nylon. They have pro Clarino palm bases with embossed overlays for incredible stick feel and control.

These gloves showcase pre-angled open flex cuffs for extreme wrist movement while soft-cushioned PU foam surrounds the laminated liner. Odours, bacteria and sweat are fought off with CCM’s Polygiene Technology which is built directly into the liners. This model also comes outfitted with relaxed cuffs, snug fingers, high-density PE foams, two-piece flex thumbs, mesh nylon finger gussets and screen-printed graphics.

The lightweight CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro gloves are available in several sizes and colours with the 14-inch gloves tipping the scales at 277 grams each. They can typically be found in the higher price bracket.

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best hockey gloves

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8. TRUE XC9 Hockey Gloves

TRUE XC9 Gen2 Gloves


True has introduced the XC9 Hockey Gloves for recreational and competitive players with added 24-millimetre foam protection with plastic insert reinforcements. This model featured three-piece snug fingers with 15-piece backhands, as well as flex lock-thumbs and ergonomic flex cuffs. They’re ideal for passing, shooting and stickhandling due to the extreme mobility they offer.

The exteriors are constructed with lighter, durable nylon with textured PU to keep them strong and abrasion-free. PU leather is inserted in the high-wear areas including the thumbs and cuff rolls while the palms are made of soft suede for exceptional stick feel. In addition, each of the fingers comes with AX suede for additional comfort.

When it comes to Odour-causing bacteria inside the gloves, this is fought off with the True MicroBan technology. This includes comfortable, soft liners which are designed to eliminate bacteria and sweat while keeping your hands as fresh as daisies. The contoured True XC9 Gloves are available  in sizes 11 to 15 inches with the 14-inch gloves each weighing 354 grams. They can usually be found in the mid to high-price range.

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best hockey gloves

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9. CCM Jetspeed FT485 Gloves

ccm jetspeed ft485 gloves review


The new CCM Jetspeed FT485 hockey gloves are ideal for competitive players looking for durability and protection at a good price. The backhand segmentation has been designed to provide a superb anatomical fit while the two-piece flex thumbs enable you to fully protect yourself and enjoy a superb grip on your stick. The back of the hands and fingers consist of thick protective foam with plastic inserts for full protection against pucks, sticks and other impacts.

The exteriors are made with top-quality mesh with ivory nash palms and black nash embossed overlays for optimum feel. The soft laminated liners are made to wick away sweat and moisture as well as control odours and mildew. These Jetspeed gloves also boast relaxed cuffs, tapered fingers with nylon gussets and screen-printed graphics,

The lightweight Jetspeed FT485 gloves by CCM are available in several sizes and colours with the 14-inch gloves tipping the scales at 236 grams apiece. They can usually be found in the mid price range.

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best hockey gloves

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10.  Bauer Supreme 3S Hockey Gloves


bauer 3s gloves review


New on the market in 2021 are the Bauer Supreme 3S hockey gloves with an anatomical fit and the newly-designed Shot Boost Fingers system. The gloves have a unique three-piece split on the ring and middle fingers to provide players with the ultimate in control and shooting accuracy. There’s plenty of protection due to the thick foam and tough plastic inserts in the back of the hand and fingers which are designed to protect against wayward sticks and pucks.

Bauer’s Connekt Palm system is made with nash fingertips and black microsuede with a stretch insert while the cuff, fingers and back of the hand are all perfectly contoured. The Thermo Max liners keep your hands dry and cool during the action and also help fight off unpleasant odours and bacteria due to the moisture-wicking properties.

The Bauer Supreme 3S gloves have a two-piece flex thumb for added mobility and protection with a dense foam cuff roll. This model can be found in various sizes and colours with the 14-inch glove weighing just 259 grams. It can usually be found in the mid price range.

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best hockey gloves

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11.  Bauer X Hockey Gloves

bauer x gloves review


Another new hockey glove this season is the Bauer X model which is an ideal option for recreational level players and newcomers to the sport. It’s made of thick and comfortable protective foams throughout with plastic inserts in the back of the hand and fingers. It features a popular two-piece thumb design for supreme passing, shooting and stickhandling while the tactile palms offer a soft, comfortable feel.

The gloves are outfitted with tapered fingers, relaxed cuffs, dual-density foams, stretch-polyester finger gussets, a black Clarino overlay, polyester knit exteriors and sublimated liners to expertly manage moisture, germs and odours while keeping your hands cool and dry.

The Bauer X gloves are available in various sizes and three colours with the 14-inch gloves weighing in at just 234 grams each. They offer plenty of valuable as they can usually be found in the lower price range.

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best hockey gloves

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12.  Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Gloves

bauer supreme ultrasonic gloves review



Shooters love the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic gloves as they provide incredible control, stick connection and comfort due to the triple-density Poron XRD memory foam construction. They come with AMP cuffs for extreme wrist mobility and protection as well as the newly-conceived Shot Boost Fingers system which features three-piece ring and middle fingers for dexterity and accuracy. They also have three-piece flex thumbs and snug, contoured fingers.

These new Ultrasonic gloves feature Poron XRD foams for superb impact absorption, Thermo Core liners to wick away moisture, control odours and reduce drying time, tough plastic finger block inserts, dual-density foam cuff rolls, Max Connekt palms, gray Microsuede overlays and stretch Lycra finger gussets.

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic gloves are available in various sizes and three colours with the 14-inch pair weighing in at just 310 grams each. They can usually be found in the higher price range.

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best hockey gloves

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Best Hockey Gloves Accessories

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Priorities in selecting gloves

So when understanding that gloves are first and foremost supposed to protect you, we can understand that this is the #1 priority when looking at what gloves to purchase. We’ll cover more below the different ways that gloves can protect your hands.

Next is we want to make sure the gloves fit well. It doesn’t matter how light or high quality your gloves are if you are adjusting them and messing with them all game long. After that, we want to focus on how lightweight and how much mobility you have.

The lighter the weight and the more you can move your wrist and fingers, the closer we get to the ideal glove, which is a glove so good that you don’t even notice that you have it on. Thinking about your glove or noticing your glove means that its not as good as it could be.

So now that we know the priorities, lets dive into the different options that you can get to fulfill each one.

Different features to take into consideration

hockey-glove-constructionNylon vs. Synthetic Leather Shells

So gloves actually used to be made of leather. Like real leather, which is kind of weird to picture now a days with how far gloves have come.

When it comes to higher quality gloves now a days, it seems less that its either nylon or synthetic leather, but rather manufacturers are using each within one glove to put them both to use to take advantage of each one’s strengths.

Synthetic leather is typically more durable than nylon shells. However, nylon shells are usually lighter and more breathable than synthetic leather. Knowing that, I’m glad manufacturers are starting to use both.

What Fit to Choose

There are three different types of fits when it comes to senior hockey gloves. There is anatomical, tapered, and classic. In that order, they move from closer fit to looser fit. So anatomical is the closest, classic is the loosest, and tapered is in the middle.

There is quiet a difference in the fits, so you’ll want to go with whatever you think is best, since it’s a matter of preference. So the goal for you is to decide what is “too tight” and what is “too loose”.

Since the goal is to get a glove that fits so well you don’t notice it, it may be best to go on the tighter side. It does seem that tapered fit is the most popular construction type and is probably the best place to start out if you are unsure of what to choose.

Thumb Locks

Most good gloves have these. Thumb locks protect your thumb by having a solid piece of plastic on the back side of your thumb that can only flex inwards. So it doesn’t inhibit your thumb movement, but just makes sure that if your thumb gets caught while getting hit that it can’t bend farther back than what is natural.

Padding Shapes and Divisions

The traditioal way to pad a glove is to have three or four horizontal pads that can flex on the backside of your had. Then your fingers have their own padding, with two pieces each that don’t inhibit your finger movement.

A few gloves do it a little differently, with serveral pieces of foam padding that have different shapes and sizes on the  top of the hand and on the fingers. We’ll discuss any below in the list that have this different setup.

Hockey Glove Palms

So the glove palms are going to be one of the spots on the glove where you’ll notice the biggest difference between cheap gloves and high-quality gloves.

All gloves had 1 to 2 layers of material that are a little padded while also allowing for a good grip to hold onto the stick. Most gloves have what is called a nash palm.

Some of the features we want to look for when looking for a quality gloves are for reinforced palms to increase durability, grip texture so the stick doesn’t go flying out of our hands, shock absorbing pads, and mech gussets, which allow for better ventilation on the sides of your fingers.

Long Cuff vs Short Cuff

So this seems to become less of something to consider when looking at gloves because the major trend seems to be going with short cuffs while grabbing a good pair of slash guards and / or wrist guards.

This is because short cuffs allow for much more wrist mobility than long cuffs. However, since long cuffs typically cover your wrist and forearms, they were always a more protective glove. With the advances in slash guards and wrist guards, more players seem to be going with short cuffs at this point.

How to Size Hockey Gloves

So this is the last section before we get into our top 10 list. When it comes to sizing gloves, it may confuse your a bit on how they come up with the inch sizing, since a glove being an 11″ glove isn’t 11″ from the bottom to the top. What this actually is the length from the base of your middle finger on the palm side of your hand up into the crease of your elbow.


Thanks to Our Hockey Diary for the image

That’s generally a pretty accurate way to measure yourself for a glove. Now if you know you have long or short fingers, you may want to go up or down an inch.

Here’s a table that shows you where you should be looking at (senior, junior, youth) depending on the size of your arm.

CategoryHockey Glove SizeFinger Base to Elbow Size

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gloves do professional hockey players wear?

Gloves are the least noticeable things on professional hockey players, but just if you were wondering, players wear classic, anatomic or tapered gloves which have layers of foam which serve to keep them from getting injured. All gloves come with thumb locks (plastic that protects the finger to be bent during playing), and they also have cuffs.

Are all hockey gloves with universal fit?

No. Hockey gloves come with different length and width, and they are separated into three categories, no matter which brand you choose. They fit into youth, junior and senior collection and there are different colors, materials and patterns to choose from.

How to choose the right size of hockey gloves?

Hockey glove brands usually include a chart where they have stated the easiest way of deciding which size to get. To find the proper fit, you should measure from the finger tips to the elbows and allow a few inches more in distance, so you can find the proper and more comfortable fit.


We hope our list of the best hockey gloves was useful to you. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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