Hockey pants are not just like any other pants.

They provide protection to crucial areas of a hockey goalie, so it’s often better to spend some extra buck if you want to properly shield yourself from harm. Anyhow, we’re not interested in just any hockey pants. We’re here to see which are the best senior goalie hockey pants in 2021: 

Regardless of your style of goaltending, you need to make sure you’re more than adequately protected at all times with no areas of your body being exposed.

A good pair of goalie pants should provide you with maximum protection but also offer comfort at the same time along with complete freedom of movement.

Guarding the net and crease is an incredibly tough job and can be quite exhausting. Make sure your pants fit well and are up to the task of keeping you injury-free.

Below is a list of eight of the best hockey goalie pants on the market.


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Best Overall Goalie Pants


If you're looking for the best OVERALL goalie pants on our list, it's the Bauer Elite. They've chosen a great name because these elite set of goalie pants that have an amazing mix of safety, features and comfort!

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Best Budget Friendly Goalie Pants


Our BUDGET-FRIENDLY pick is the Bauer Supreme S27 Goalie Pants. These are a great all around choice that won't break the bank.

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1) CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Goalie Pants  – Senior

CCM Extreme FlexShied 2 Golaie Pants


These high-level goalie pants are ideal for responsiveness, mobility, comfort and protection. CCM uses their state-of-the-art D3O foam in the hips and front of the pants for extreme protection from impacts.

The pants are kept securely in place during up-and-down and side-to-side action with the adjustable internal belt for a tighter fit at the waist. The outside of the pants is constructed with strong 420D nylon and comes with built-in stretch zones for excellent range of motion.

There’s also a hidden inch-long zipper extension feature which enables the pants to hang a little longer.

The spine is made with moulded high-density foam which rises to the back of your chest protector. There’s plenty of protection in the kidneys, hips and groin areas for butterfly-style goalies with additional moulded foams and plastics.

The pants feature a wide design for maximum net coverage and come with a moulded-foam tailbone and lower-spine pad.

The CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Goalie Pants are aimed at elite-level goaltenders, especially those who play the butterfly style.

They are in the high-price range but offer excellent value.

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2) Warrior Ritual X2 Pro SR Goalie Pants  – Senior

Warrior Ritual X2 Goalie Pants


These 2019 model goalie pants from Warrior combine technology and innovation to provide intermediate to elite-level netminders with the best in protection and flexibility.

The pants incorporate the company’s FlexPlate system and HyperComp material to supply superior protection while keeping them as light as possible. The thigh protectors are equipped with top-grade high-density foam and there is no restriction of movement between your leg pads and pants when going in and out of the butterfly style.

The pants are built to last as the high wear-and-tear areas have been reinforced. They come with an adjustable internal-belt design and straps which feature a dual-clip system for even tension.

This design keeps the pants snug and comfortable while offering a loose external fit and the belt can be removed if you wish. They are also outfitted with removable suspender buttons.

The Warrior Ritual X2 Pro SR Goalie Pants are ideal for highly-competitive goalies as they provide top-notch protection and comfort while allowing for excellent mobility when stopping the puck.

The pants can be found in the higher-price range and are well worth the cost.  

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3) Bauer Vapor X2.9 Goalie Pants – Senior

Bauer Vapor X2.9 Goalie Pants


These 2019 goalie pants by Bauer are aimed at offering consistent net coverage and ultimate range of motion. The pants feature the company’s Dynamic 2 Flex System which allows the thigh and hip protection to work together as smoothly as possible without leaving any areas exposed.

They come with a popular barrel-fit and wide hip coverage and are ideal for goaltenders who prefer to tuck in their chest protectors. The lightweight, one-piece pants are secured close to the body with an internal hybrid belt/strap design while they’re lined with a Thermo Max Liner to wick away moisture and sweat.

The thighs are designed in a rounded shape with high-density protection that is designed to deflect pucks away from your body. The inside thigh area also has a loop for those who like to attach their knee pads to their pants.

The pants come with a thick foam pad for the lower stomach area and the spine while the tailbone section is reinforced with a tough plastic insert.

The Bauer Vapor X 2.9 Goalie Pants are made in several sizes and also come in a junior model for young goalies.

They are ideal for intermediate to advanced-level goalies who are seeking a combination of unmatched protection and mobility and come in the mid-price range.

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4) Bauer Elite Goalie Pants – Senior

bauer elite goalie pants



The Bauer Elite Goalie Pants are another new item this year and are geared towards those who want to combine range of motion with comfort and protection. The exterior is built with strong polyester, synthetic leather and cable knit nylon to resist abrasions with the Dynamic 2 Flex technique enabling the thigh and hip protection to overlap for better flexibility. The pants are kept dry with the moisture-wicking Thermo Max+ Liner while the stretch inner-leg and crotch gusset helps with mobility.

The spine, hips, thighs and tailbone are all fully protected with a combination of  thick foams and moulded plastic with the thighs also having adjustable pillows. The pants boast an anatomical waist which can be adjusted with external and internal nylon belts for a secure and comfortable fit. They’re equipped with a one-inch extension, suspender buttons and an internal loop for your knee guards.

The Bauer Elite Goalie Pants are available in several sizes with the senior, medium model tipping the scales at just 3.9 lbs. The pants are an exceptional value as they can typically be found in the medium-price range. 

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5) Bauer Supreme S27 Goalie Pants – Senior

Bauer S27 Goalie Pants


The Supreme S27 Goalie Pants by Bauer are suited for beginners to intermediate-level players while offering elite-level comfort and protection.

The lightweight pants feature an adjustable inner belt design for a secure anatomical fit around the waist. They come with an excellent moisture-wicking liner on the inside to keep you cool, comfortable and dry during the heavy going around the crease.

The hip areas are protected with mid-density foams and there is a vent hole in the pelvic area for chest protector integration. The moulded spine offers fine protection and the pants are ideal for controlling rebounds.

They are strong enough for the hardest of shots and stick contact while still providing you with the utmost freedom when it comes to range of motion.

The Bauer Supreme S27 Goalie pants are in the lower-price range and are among the least-expensive on the market. They come in several sizes and a  popular junior model is also available.

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6) Vaughn Velocity V9 Goalie Pants – Seniorgoalie pants


The lightweight Vaughn Velocity V9 Pants offer everything an elite-level goalie everything they could want in a pair of pants when it comes to coverage and comfort. The nylon exterior covers a multitude of high-density foam padding and comes with reinforced Pure Pro Carbon in the key areas for tremendous impact resistance. The pants boast a comfortable mesh lining with top-level ventilation and a flared waist which gives you the option of tucking or untucking your chest protector.

The thighs have a tapered, anatomical fit for superior mobility with the moulded hips featuring additional cushion padding and the groin areas having large segmented flexible pads. They’re outfitted with internal and external belts for a loose or snug fit with the tailbone and spine areas also being well taken care of protection-wise with moulded protectors and soft, cushioned foams. 

Your pants stay dry and cool at all times thanks to the soft liner which is designed to eliminate odours, moisture and sweat and suspender buttons are also included. The Vaughn Velocity V9 Goalie Pants are the real deal for competitive netminders and can usually be found in the mid to upper-level price scale.

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7) Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goalie Pants – Senior

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Goalie Pants


The Supreme 2S Pro Senior Pants by Bauer serve up pro level protection and comfort while taking nothing away from your flexibility and quickness.

The NHL-legal sized pants feature the company’s popular POWERLITE technology to guarantee these are the perfect goalie pants for top-level seniors.

The pants can be easily and quickly adjusted to fit anatomically in the waist via the inner belt and there’s an extension system to give you an additional inch in length if needed.

They come with a pelvic vent hole to they can smoothly integrate with your chest protector as well. 

Bauer uses PORON hip floaters to provide even more protection while the liner is kept cool, clean and odour-free with the sanitized materials.

Your spine is covered with comfortable Vent Armor foam and Bauer hasn’t forgotten about your thighs either. You’ll also find integrated knee-guard loops inside of the thigh areas. 

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Goalie Pants come in several sizes and are excellent at absorbing the hardest of impacts. They’re ideal for all style of netminders and provide elite performance for those who play the game at the top level.

These pants are generally found in the higher price range.

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8) CCM AXIS Goalie Pants – Seniorccm axis goalie pants


The CCM Axis Goalie Pants are new this season and are designed to provide premium mobility, comfort and coverage to competitive netminders. They come with external and internal adjustable nylon belts for an excellent fit while the one-inch zipper extension can quickly provide more length for additional coverage and goalies who are still growing. The waist and tailbone areas are equipped with moulded foams and suspender buttons have been added for convenience. 

There’s plenty of high-density foam and moulded plastic in these pants with D30 Smart Foam being inserted to the key high-impact areas such as the hips, spine, thighs and groins. The D30 foam is highly protective and designed to harden quickly upon impact for top-level protection. The exterior is made with durable polyester and 420D nylon with mesh back panels for breathability and a stretch crotch-gusset for mobility.

The new CCM Axis Goalie Pants are designed to fight off odours and bacteria by wicking away sweat and are exceptional when it comes to range of motion and protection. They come in various sizes and are available in the upper-level price range. 

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9) Bauer Pro Goalie Pants – Senior

bauer pro goalie pants

Bauer’s new Pro Goalie Pants are designed for competitive goaltenders who are looking for the complete package when it comes to mobility comfort and of course protection. The hips feature Poron XRD foam to help absorb impacts while Curv Composite and Shock Lite foam technology also make an appearance to help reduce weight without sacrificing any protection. The three-piece thigh guards provide exceptional leg coverage and come with adjustable pillows for additional protection and comfort.

Your knee guards can be attached to the pants via the internal loops and the  Dynamic 2 Flex design means the hip and thigh protection can overlap each other to provide full range of motion without any gaps showing up in the protection. The soft Thermo Max liner controls odours, sweat and moisture to keep you cool and dry throughout the game.

The anatomical Bauer Pro Goalie Pants are made with tough polyester and synthetic leather with plenty of high-grade protection in the hips, thighs, spine and tailbone and come with a one-inch extension. The senior, medium pants weigh 4.2 lbs and can be found in the higher-price range.

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10) Brians OPTIK 2 Goalie Pants – SeniorBrians optik 2 goalie pants

Brian’s lightweight Optik 2 Goalie Pants have been recently released to fine reviews with the exterior being made with tough and durable 420 Denier Nylon. They feature a squared design for maximum coverage with the thigh pads helping you tightly seal the five-hole. The hip flexor areas come with squared frontal fins to help with your rebound control and offer greater protection.

The interior of the pants are equipped with Brian’s popular lightweight air knit design while the internal belt provides you with a custom fit. There are removable cushion pads in the thighs for protection and if you’d prefer to take them out you’ll be offered greater mobility. The thighs are protected with high-density foam as are all the other key areas including the spine and tailbone. 

There’s no need to worry about getting weighed down from by wet ice as the pants are designed to wick away moisture as well as sweat and control odours. The Optik 2 Goalie Pants by Brian’s can be found in several sizes and are found in the higher-price range. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are hockey pants made for every style of hockey?

In general, hockey equipment and goalie equipment like goalie gloves, goalie mask, or goalie stick (besides some differences like rollers vs skates ) can be used in different styles of hockey game.

So, whether you are a field hockey goalie, a roller hockey goalie, or street hockey goalie, the hockey pants are designed for comfort and protection for all goalies.

What is the difference between goalie pants and regular ice hockey pants?

Like most goalie equipment, the goalie pants are also designed to provide maximum protection from pucks and impacts. The main difference would be that they have thicker padding in the front, side and inner thigh, whereas regular hockey pants are not so tight because players need to shift directions and make quick reactions with high speed.

What size goalie pants do I need?

To select the perfect size fit for you, begin with adding 8 to 10 inches to your waist size. This will help you determine your goalie pant size. However, there are different factors to consider as well, like your height, body build, and even skill level, whether you want your chest and arms inside, or outside, etc.

Here is a sizing chart that will help you determine your goalie pants size.

SizeWaist SizeGoalie Pants Size
XS24- 2632-34
Small28 - 3036 - 38
Medium32 - 3440 - 42
Large36 - 3844 - 46
XL40 - 4248 - 50
XXL44 - 4652 - 54
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