Roller hockey players are always on the lookout for lightweight inline skates which can provide them with the best in agility, speed, grip and stopping power. They also need to offer excellent protection and support in areas such as the ankles and tops of the feet.

Most inline skates can be heat moldable to the unique shape of your feet and are designed to keep them cool and dry while playing by wicking away sweat and moisture. Be sure the skates feel comfortable and fit your feet properly with no pinching and rubbing while skating.


SHORT ON TIME?  Here are our picks.


Best Overall Inline Hockey Skates


These blades are our pick for best overall inline skates. Top of the line features and comfort for top of the line players. Proven and Tested.

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Best Mid-Range Inline Hockey Skates


Mission knows inline skates and the FZ-1 have the best combination of VALUE and FEATURES. Many of the features of the top of the line blades but at a more attractive price point.

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Best Budget Friendly Inline Skates


These Inline Skates are the best BUDGET-FRIENDLY and provide players with a great level of comfort and performance that won't break the bank.

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1) Bauer Vapor 1XR Inline Skates

Bauer Vapor 1XR Inline Skates


Bauer’s Vapor 1XR Inline hockey skates are aimed at providing power and acceleration. They come with a tapered, low-volume fit with a narrow V-fit in the ankles and heels for an ideal heel lock and also feature slim toe boxes.

The quarter packages are constructed with Bauer’s famous Curv Composite material and provide supreme ankle support while the X-Rib design offers excellent heel stability and support. The asymmetrical design and anatomical fit provide superb mobility, energy transfer and range of motion.

This pair of skates feature FlexLock Pro tongues with thermo-formable inserts which mould to the shape of your feet and wick away moisture. They have one-piece lacing with tacky grip-liners on the inside to make sure your feet don’t move.

They’re equipped with Revision Flex Wheels which have two stiffness profiles for grip and speed. This allows you to alter the wheel configurations to suit your preference and personal skating style.

The Bauer Vapor 1XR hockey Inline skates are built for speed and geared towards elite players due to the high price tag. They offer full value and are lightweight with the 9D size skate weighing 1,150 grams.

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2) Mission Inhaler FZ-1 Inline Skates

Mission Inhaler FZ1 Inline Skates


These medium-volume skates by Mission feature a high-tech design for top-level player and come at an affordable price. They come with lightweight Curv Composite boots which are heat-mouldable for a custom fit and comfort.

They have memory-foam ankle support pads with interchangeable tendon guards. The Hi-Lo aluminum frame feature Labeda Addictions Wheels with Swiss 608 bearings for amazing speed and glide. 

The quarter-package vents and toe caps are ventilated to keep your feet dry and cool while the 52-ounce, two-piece felt tongues supply comfort and protection with foams and plastic.

Your feet are locked in place with comfort-grip liners while the footbeds come with medium-density foams. The skates are constructed with abrasion guards to help prevent wear and tear and come with white un-waxed laces.   

The Mission Inhaler FZ-1 roller blades are ideal for intermediate to higher level men’s hockey players and offer a great deal of value in the mid to upper-price range. The size 9D skate weighs in at 1,200 grams. 

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3) Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Inline SkatesMission Inhaler FZ-0 Inline Skates


These top-selling inline skates by Mission boast elite comfort, protection and performance by incorporating the company’s state-of-the-art technology and materials. The Curv composite boots provide players with excellent agility and explosive power with every stride and turn.

The boots come with integrated side vents, comfort pads, and low-profile reinforcements to fight off abrasions. The tongues are consist of a unique two-colour, five-piece construction for the best in ventilation, comfort and protection.  

The ankle pads are made of Poron XRD form-fitting smart foam for even more comfort and protection while the Grip-Fit Pro dual-zone liners help keep your feet securely locked in the skates. The Inhaler FZ-0 skates are excellent at managing moisture and keeping your feet cool and dry at all times.

When it comes to the lower skate and the wheels they have one of the lightest frames on the market while the Labeda Addictions wheels offer superb speed and grip. The Hi-Lo Swiss 608 Bearings offer a top-of-the-line glide and the Kryptonium chassis features extra-strong aluminum.

The skates come with a medium volume / standard-heel insteps, forefoot and pockets. In addition, they feature pro-level stiffness, anatomically-correct feet, ventilated side vents and toe caps, moisture-wicking liners, abrasion guards and two-piece 6 mm axles. They can also be heat-moulded to fit the shape of your feet.

The Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Inline Skates are top-notch in every way and that’s why they’re in the higher price range. 

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4) Tour Code 1 Inline Skates


Tour Code 1 Inline Skates


The Code 1 Inline Skates by Tour are a high-volume design with with a deep heel pocket, wide forefoot and high instep. These performance skates are made for players looking for maximum comfort and longevity and are well known for their adjustable ARC felt tongues, and Velcro tabs and Knetic tendon guards.

The inside liners are made to eliminate moisture for added comfort and dryness while the cooling technology promotes magnificent breathability and airflow.

The carbon composite skates come with padding strategically placed around the ankles of the boots to to make sure there’s no uncomfortable rubbing. They’re equipped with the famous Labeda Addictions Wheels with Bevo Swiss bearings for the best in durability, speed, stability and grip.

The wheels are larger on the front for optimum power and speed. The skates are heat-mouldable for fit and comfort and come with white un-waxed laces.

Tour’s Code 1 Inline Skates are a popular choice with intermediate level players because of everything they have to offer in the mid to high-price range. 

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5. Mission Inhaler FZ-3 Inline Skates

Mission Inhaler FZ3 Inline Skates


Mission’s FZ-3 Inline skates come with a medium-volume design with a standard heel pocket, forefoot and instep. They’re built for high-end performance, durability and comfort and have reinforced boots which provide extra stiffness for explosive skating stride.

The thick-foamed ankles are made for comfort and protection as are the 48-ounce, three-piece tongues which also feature plastic inserts. There’s plenty of air flow to keep your feet dry and cool due to the ventilated toe caps and boot vents while the tendon guards come with interchangeable chips allowing you to pick from six different  colours.

The skates have soft, gripped-liners to keep your feet from slipping as well as eliminating sweat and moisture. They feature Hi-Lo aluminum frames with Labeda Union Wheels and Abec9 608 bearings for the ultimate in stopping power, speed and grip.

They’re ideal for use on smooth concrete and wood surfaces and come with two-piece 6mm axles. The skates are heat-mouldable, are equipped with abrasion guards and an anatomical feel and fit.

The FZ-3 Inline Skates by Mission are an excellent choice for performance-oriented players who are looking for great value. They can be found in the mid price range with the size 9E skate weighing 1,293 grams.

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 6) CCM Tacks 9060R Inline Skates

CCM 9060 Inline Skates


CCM’s got a hit on their hands with the top-selling medium volume Tacks 9060R Inline Skates. They feature stiff synthetic-composite boots for a great anatomical fit and longevity. They have one-piece aluminum frames with Labeda Gripper Wheels and Abec 7 bearings for wonderful agility, grip and speed.

The embossed outsoles are injected for added stability by lowering your centre of gravity. The skates come with two-piece 7mm-thick felt tongues to protect the tops of your your feet from lace-bite and game-related impacts.

The inside liners feature high-density brushed microfibre to make sure your feet are kept cool, secure and dry by wicking away unwanted moisture. The skates are thermo-formable to provide a custom fit for your feet and are equipped with concave-shaped outsoles with injected plastic for superior energy transfer while skating.

CCM uses soft Labeda Gripper Wheels with 6mm axles and Abec 7 608 bearings for the best in mobility, speed and grip.

The CCM Tacks 9060R Inline skates are a popular choice with higher-level players as they offer top value for the money. The 9D skate size weighs 1,275 grams and they can be found in the mid price range. 

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7) Tour Code 2.One Inline Skates

tour review


Tour has improved many of the features that players asked for.  The code 3 skates are made for the best possible performance without breaking the bank.

Core-Flex material is at the heart of the quarter package of the boot.  This material is lightweight and durable.  It provides players with a feeling of comfort and stability without break-in time.   Added bonus , these inline skates are heat moldable.

Inside the boot you’ll find a moisture-wicking liner to help keep feet dry during play.

Thanks to Tours kinetic tendon guard, the Code 2.One skates provide best range of motion on the market and enhance full stride extension while skating.  More power and no interference.

These inline skates come with Kemistry Grippium wheels and Bevo 5 bearings.

The Code 2.One Inline skates are provide amazing comfort and performance for the recreational player.

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8) Bauer Vapor XR300 Inline skates

Bauer XR300 Inline Skates


These low volume inline skates by Bauer feature one-piece composite-weave boots with 40-ounce, two-piece felt tongues and comfortable microfibre liners to keep your feet cool and dry.

The outsoles have a composite weave while the chassis comes with a two-piece steel ventilator design. They come equipped with Hi-Lo Street 82A hard wheels with Abec5 608 bearings making them also ideal for playing on asphalt and concrete. 

The thermo-adjustable internal foams enable them to mould to your feet when heated or baked for a custom fit and fast break-in period. The size 9R skate weighs 1,260 grams and provides a wealth of protection, stability and support for casual players of all ages and those who may be new to roller hockey. 

The Vapor XR300 Inline skates are geared toward recreational players and offer all they need when it comes to speed and agility. They’re a great deal and can be found in the lower price range. Bauer also makes this model in youth sizes. 

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9) CCM Tacks 9040R Inline SkatesCCM 9040 Inline Skates


In a nutshell, the 9040R Inline Skates by CCM feature synthetic boots, two-piece 5mm felt tongues, brushed nylon liners, and injected-plastic outsoles.

The medium volume skates also have an extruded two-piece aluminum Hi-Lo chassis with hard Labeda Outdoor 82A Wheels and Abec5 608 bearings. This combination makes them comfortable and protective while offering players top-notch speed, agility and grip on several types of surfaces including concrete and asphalt.

The lightweight skates come with un-waxed laces along with two-piece 8mm axles. They’re designed to provide players with explosive skating power, an excellent range of motion and the utmost in comfort. They wick away moisture and sweat for dryness and don’t weigh you down as the size 9D skate weighs just 1,163 grams.

The CCM Tacks 9040R Inline Skates are great for recreational and new players who are looking for elite-level skates at a lower price. These fit the bill perfectly as they provide everything you need in a skate making them fantastic value for the money. 

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10) Tour Code 9 Inline Skates

Tour Code 9 Inline Skates



The Code 9 Inline Skates are one of Tour’s best sellers as they’re ideal for use on a variety of indoor and outdoor playing surfaces. They come with a high-volume fit with a deep heel pocket, wide forefoot and high instep. The quarter-packages are made of lightweight, composite-reinforced nylon with integrated abrasion-pads for durability.

The thick ankle foams offer fantastic heel lock and comfort while the soft liners are made of brush nylon to wick away moisture. The two-piece thick felt tongues come with injected foams for protection and to eliminate lace bite.

The outsole are injected with plastic allowing the first two skate wheels to recess into them. Tour places two bigger wheels on the front for maximum power and speed and for lower centre of gravity and stability.

The skates are vented to enable a cool airflow and the one-size wheels, 6mm axles and Bevo Silver-5 bearings offer better grip and speed. The skates are lightweight with the 9D size weighing 1,475 grams.

Tour Code 9 Inline skates can be found in junior and youth models. There’s also an adjustable version which allows you to alter the toe cap for four different size options. These skates provide exceptional value for beginners and recreational players and are in the lower price range.  

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Best Inline Skate Accessories

SUPERFEET - Carbon Hockey Insoles

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The DryGuy DX Forced Air Dryer can a variety of garments and sports equipment. From soaked hockey skates and gloves to sweaty ski or hunting boots. Dries garments in 1 to 2 hours.

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GEARHALO Sports Deodorizer Pods

Stop the stink! GearHalo pods are a dry solution that combat the root causes of Sport Stink in all your gear. Non -toxic and used by the pros.

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Best Hockey Laces - Unwaxed


Elite Hockey® unwaxed wide cotton hockey skate laces. Includes one pair in box. Molded plastic tips make lacing easier, Lightweight. Assorted Colors and Lengths to choose from. Traditional feel, constructed with durability in mind.

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StoreYourBoard - Hockey Stick Rack

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are inline skates the same size as shoe size?

Most of the inline skates will fit the same as your shoe size because that’s what manufacturers are going for, making sizes same as popular brands so it’s easier for people.

Is inline skating harder than ice skating?

Definitely not. Ice skating is hard to master. Learning to skate on inline skates is much easier than on ice skates and for a reason. The ice skate blades are much thinner than inline skates to avoid scraping ice so it’s really hard to maintain balance, whereas inline skates offer wheels which are much easier to balance.

What inline skates are best for beginners?

The Tour Code 9 Inline Skates are a budget-friendly option and are especially good for beginners and recreational players not only for indoors, but also for outdoor surfaces.

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