Stickhandling is one of the necessary skills that needs to be mastered in order to become an elite hockey player.  Lucky for everyone, there are now some amazing stickhandling training aids out there that will help players accomplish that goal.  Take a look at a few of our favourites.


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Best Hockey Defender Trainer


Before you beat the goalie, you typically have to beat a defender or two. This hockey training aid is great at improving your skills in that department. Quality made with amazing support from HockeyShot.

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Best Hockey Deke Trainer


This deke trainer was our favourite to of the group. Quality built and does the job. The shafts can be postponed anyway you want creating endless stickhandling drills and training.

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1) HockeyShot Extreme Defender

HockeyShot Extreme Defender


You usually need to beat the defenders before you can beat the goalie and HockeyShot has come up with an ideal way to practice that. The HockeyShot Extreme Defender is a foldable hockey training aid which is shaped like a defender’s skates and the blade of a hockey stick. It may not be Bobby Orr but it’s certainly better than a pylon.

The device is durable as it’s built from high-impact aluminum and plastic. The idea is to deke around the defender or even slip the puck through its legs. In addition, you can practice takeaways and faceoffs with the aid as you can also lift its stick up.

The HockeyShot Extreme Defender, which represents a real-life opponent, can be used both on and off the ice for practice purposes as it can anchor into the ice. You’ll be able to understand passing lanes better and be able to work on your moves and saucer passes. The Defender’s stick is also retractable if you don’t want to use it for certain drills.

This is a fantastic training device for players of all ages and levels and since it’s lightweight it’s easy to transport. 

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2) HockeyShot Rush Defender

HockeyShot Rush Defender


The innovative Rush Defender training aid by HockeyShot is aimed at improving your overall game. This is an on-ice aid which is designed to help tune up your agility, hand-eye coordination, skating and stickhandling all at the same time. It can also be used in tandem with the HockeyShot Speed Deke aid.

The Rush Defender anchors into the ice and represents two defenders, each with a hockey stick. The two can be joined together with a removable, cut-resistant belt which is clamped on. The device is made of durable rubber and steel and it comes with sockets which you can attach other training aids to. 

The Defender stays in place with mooring anchors/pins and since the base is made of rubber you can’t damage it with skate blades. Each device comes with two stick blades,a belt and the mooring hardware and you can position the blades in various positions while working on different drills. 

The HockeyShot Rush Defender is challenging and versatile and is one of the most technologically-advanced training aids out there. 

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3) HockeyShot Speed Deke Trainer (3) 16” Shafts

HockeyShot Speed Deke Trainer


The Speed Deke Trainer 3 is a small device which can be used on most flat, hard dry land surfaces. It comes with three 16-inch shafts as well as four rounded bases. It’s a tremendous tool to help develop your stickhandling skills as you can customize it to your liking by adjusting the height and re-positioning it. This allows you to practice your dangles, toe drags, basic moves and other stickhandling techniques.

This aid is lightweight but durable as it’s constructed with impact-resistant aluminum. It comes with rotating pivots which enable you to position it any way you choose. The HockeyShot Speed Deke Trainer 3 doesn’t need to be assembled and it measures four 4 feet in length while weighing just four pounds. It’s foldable and easy to carry.

Each base has four holes in it so you can move the shafts around and into various exercise configurations. You can combine as many shafts as you like if you’d prefer more complex drills. The height can be set at 1-5/8 inches and 2-3/4 inches. There’s also a Pro version of the HockeyShot Speed Deke Trainer which has a wider shaft, making it better for on-ice use. 

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4) HockeyShot Speed Deke Trainer Pro (1) 36” Shaft

HockeyShot Speed Deke Pro


This is a versatile stickhandling aid by HockeyShot which is perfect for using on the ice. It’s aimed at improving your stickhandling skills from dangles to toe-drags etc. The device consists of one removable and expandable 36-inch shaft which sits on the ice atop two small rounded bases. The innovative device pivots so you can change its positioning.

The height of the shaft can be set at one of two different options which are 1-5/8 inches or and 2-3/4 inches. It’s quite simple to use as there’s no assembly needed and since it weighs just a few pounds you can easily move it around the ice. The HockeyShot Speed Deke Trainer Pro can be used in combination with more shafts if you’d like to set up tougher and more creative drills.

This stickhandling aid is quite strong as it’s made with tough and long-lasting aluminum materials. It can also be used off the ice but the Speed Deke Trainer – Off Ice version may be the best bet for that. 

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5) HockeyShot Fast Hands Pro Stickhandling Trainer

HockeyShot Fast Hands Pro Stickhandling Trainer


If you’re hoping to increase your hand speed while playing hockey the HockeyShot Fast Hands Pro Stickhandling Trainer may be right up your alley. This is a fixed-shaped device which sits on the ice or hard, flat dry land surface. The dimensions and angles are perfectly designed for working on your stickhandling technique.

The height, weight and length of the trainer are ideal for over two dozen different training drills. All of these can be viewed in the booklet and video which come included with the device. It’s built with tough, powder-coated steel tubing that measures 1 x 0.83 inches and is made to last while the dimensions of the tool are 30 x 22 inches.

The HockeyShot Fast Hands Pro Stickhandling Trainer comes in Pro and Youth versions and can be used virtually anywhere with both pucks and balls. 

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6) HockeyShot Attack Triangle Pro

HockeyShot Attack Triangle Pro


The HockeyShot Attack Triangle Pro is made to resemble an opponent’s pair of skates with an attached stick in the front of it. This interactive training aid is ideal for improving your stickhandling and dekes as you beat it or slide the puck through it. It helps develop puckhandling in tight areas and can be used with as many Triangle Pro devices as you like.

The Defender’s skates and stick creates an open passing lane so you can also work on your passing skills. This aid provides plenty more creative options than simply using cones on the ice or ground to work on your drills. When using the HockeyShot Attack Triangle Pro on the ice it can be kept in place with the included mooring pins.

In addition, it comes equipped with spikes under the stick and simulated skates to make sure they don’t slide away. The trainer is lightweight and easy to transport and re-position on the ice. 

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7) Revolution Lightweight Stickhandling Aid

Revolution Hockey Stickhandling Aid


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Hockey Revolution up with this innovative Lightweight Stickhandling Aid as a fine way to improve your puck control, reaction time, stickhandling, and coordination etc. The trainer sits on a flat surface and is joined together by five sections. The maximum length is 65 inches and it can be used with both a puck and ball. In fact, a wooden Swedish Stickhandling ball comes included.

The device can be adjusted so the sections can be positioned in different angles which allows you to work on a variety of skills and drills. The Revolution Lightweight Stickhandling Aid is known as My Enemy and it’s a dynamic way to improve your game in both an and off-ice situations. It’s a durable and portable training aid which is very compact and incredibly light in weight. 

There are three different versions of this training aid as there’s the My Enemy, My enemy Pro and the My Enemy Lit. Each one is a different size and weight with the heaviest being My Enemy Pro which is just 2.8 lbs. 

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