Even youngsters can practice one-timers like Alexander Ovechkin and poke checks like Drew Doughty if they’re using the right youth hockey stick.

The stick should definitely feel comfortable in the player’s hands when it comes to length, weight, flex, stiffness, lie and curve. Many forwards prefer to play with lighter, shorter sticks which have more flex while defencemen often more at home with longer, heavier and stiffer sticks.

However, there are no rules set in stone when it comes to hockey sticks. The most important thing is to let the youngster decide which model is the most comfortable and suitable as they’ll be the one playing with it.  

Below we have compiled a list of eight of the best youth hockey composite sticks on the market. 


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Best Overall Youth Hockey Stick


If you're looking for a youth stick that has an amazing mix of features and value, our choice for best OVERALL is the CCM JetSpeed FT4 ProYouth Stick.

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Best Upgrade Youth Stick


Looking for a youth hockey stick that doesn't break the bank but has good quality? Our choice for best budget friendly youth stick is the CCM Super Tacks Youth Stick

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1) Bauer Vapor Tyke Youth Hockey Stick 


bauer vapor tyke stick review


Designed for young players who are new to the game, the Bauer Vapor Tyke hockey stick is a 10-flex model which comes in a couple of different curve patterns. This newly-designed lightweight stick features a fused two-piece construction which is made for an easy release, maximum balance and consistency. The Vapor Tyke provides provides durability and helps with performance thanks to the low kick-point position.

The blade and shaft are made with unidirectional carbon fibre for a perfect balance of playability, durability and puck feel. The blade also incorporates the company’s highly-advanced MaxBalance technology which uses layers of strategically-placed carbon fibre for added strength. In addition, the edges of the blade are reinforced.

The Bauer Vapor Tyke Grip youth stick is designed for youngsters based on their performance and flex needs as it helps them develop their skills, power and accuracy. The stick is 42 inches long and is typically available in the mid price range.

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2) True Xcore XC9 Uflex 30 Youth Hockey Stick

TRUE XC9 youth Stick



This 2021 stick from True comes with a mid-kick point and is quickly proving to be popular with youth players. It’s 50 inches long, has a 30-flex, weighs 325 grams and features a matte blade with a gloss-grip shaft.

It’s a true one-piece stick which is built for ultimate control, unmatched feel and unparalleled accuracy. It features a laminate with 25 layers of angled carbon fibre on the inside for durability and torsion stiffness.

The softer top of the shaft enables better leverage when taking wrist shots with the shaft gradually becoming stiffer the further down it goes for added power.

The blade is made with True’s XCORE Gen 2 technology which means there’s a strong urethane insert in it to create a large sweet spot. This also helps in better passing and receiving, stick-handling, shooting accuracy and puck control.

The new True Xcore XC9 Uflex stick is aimed at intermediate to upper-level youth players and can typically be found in the mid-price range, offering superb value.  

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3) Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Youth Hockey Stick

bauer ultrasonic junior review 



The Supreme UltraSonic is one of Bauer’s newest one-piece youth sticks and it features the manufacturer’s popular Monocomp technology which is a moulding process designed to reduce excess material and eliminate any fusion point between the shaft and blade. This results in a more consistent and loading time when preparing to shoot.

This model has a taper design with a seven-sided shaft in the lower section of the stick to reduce weight and the amount of torque when shooting for maximum velocity and transfer of energy. Even though the 85-flex model weighs just 385 grams this is a very durable stick with advanced carbon layering inserted throughout it.

It has a high kick-point and the blade is made with a dampened core foam which is then surrounded with light AeroFoam. In addition, the entire stick is reinforced with a carbon fibre bridge for the ultimate in shooting accuracy for all types of shots.

The shaft has square corners with straight sidewalls as well as a tacky-substance for the best grip possible. The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Hockey Stick can typically be found in the mid to high-price range.

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4) Bauer Nexus GEO Youth Hockey Stick 


bauer nexus geo review


The popular Bauer Nexus GEO Grip youth hockey stick is designed to provide young players with the confidence needed to lift their on-ice performance to the next level. The lightweight stick promotes versatility and durability and can easily handle all game and practice scenarios.

It features Bauer’s advanced ER Spinetech system which features a five-sided shaft geometry to fit younger players’ hands as well as an efficient mid-kick point. This technology is designed to provide players with effortless shooting as well as a quicker energy transfer to the blade. The stick also comes with DuraFlex resin for more durability while the MonoComp Technology helps improve puck control and balance.

The Bauer Nexus GEO Grip youth stick is 50 inches in length and aimed at competitive youngsters. It comes in a 30-flex model with several blade patterns and is typically found in the higher price level.

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5) CCM Jetspeed Youth 20 Hockey Stick 


ccm youth 20 stick review


The top-rated CCM Jetspeed Youth 20 Flex hockey stick is aimed at helping youngsters improve their feel for the puck and developing stickhandling skills. The flex ratio is perfectly designed for quick and efficient loading while the new P2B youth blade enhances passing and shooting technique thanks to its carbon fibre design. The stick also boasts the ideal shaft geometry and grip to make sure players hold it properly when practising different skills and techniques.

The Jetspeed Youth 20 Flex comes with a blank tag holder for the child’s name and number. The stick is 43 inches in length and weighs just 302 grams. It features a mid-kick point position for maximum energy release. The tapered shaft becomes thinner towards the blade for the ultimate control.

The CCM Jetspeed Youth 20 Flex is geared towards young players who are learning the game and is a high-performance model which is typically found in the mid to high price range.

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6) Warrior Covert QRE 10 Youth Stick 


warrior qre youth 10 stick review


The QRE 10 Composite youth hockey stick by Warrior comes with a 30 flex to assist youngsters when developing their shooting, passing and stickhandling techniques. The stick is built for control and ease of use for young players of all skill levels. There’s also a tyke model which comes with a 20-flex design.

The stick is specifically designed to fit in smaller hands for maximum control at all times and is built with top-level but lightweight composite and carbon materials throughout the blade and shaft for strength and durability. It also offers youngsters the consistency and flexibility they need while working on their game.

The Warrior QRE 1.0 Composite youth stick offers great value for the money as it can usually be found in the mid price range.

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7) Bauer Prodigy Youth Stick 30 Flex

prodigy youth stick 


This is one of Bauer’s top sellers for youth players as it comes with a 30-flex and is 42 inches in length. It’s an ideal stick for players who want to learn how to shoot, pass and handle the puck properly the first time.

The stick’s flex, height, blade curve, lie stiffness and width is aimed specifically at youngsters who weigh approximately 50 to 70 lbs and are up to 4 feet-7-inches tall. 

The stick is constructed with strong, but lightweight composite materials including carbon fibre and fibreglass and comes with a PU core blade to help players learn the proper mechanics when shooting.

It’s a fused one-piece hockey stick with a mid-kick flex point and features rounded corners on the shaft with straight sidewalls. The stick is designed for comfort and feel and weighs less than 400 grams. 

This stick can also be found in 25, 35 and 40-flex models and is the perfect tool for those who are just getting started in the game.

The Bauer Prodigy Composite Youth Hockey Stick offers great value as it can be found in the lower price range.

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8) CCM Tacks 30 Youth Hockey Stick

ccm tacks 30 youth stick review



This is one of CCM’s newer youth sticks and is nice and lightweight at just 319 grams. It’s built for feel, accuracy and precision while the mid-kick point is ideal for generating power in your shot.

The geometry of the shaft is aimed at promoting better passing and stick-handling skills in youngsters while the blade offers just the right amount of stiffness for shooting control and accuracy. The stick comes with a full tacky-grip for superior and stable control and won’t turn and twist in your hands. 

This is a fused two-piece youth stick with rounded shaft corners and straight sidewalls and is built with strong fibreglass and high-tech carbon composite materials.

It’s made specifically for smaller hands and comes with a popular P29 curved blade which is designed to help you excel in all aspects of handling and shooting the puck. 

The CCM Tacks Youth Hockey Stick also comes with a 20-flex with the 20-flex model being 43 inches in length and the 30-flex coming in at 45 inches.

It’s a superb stick for young recreational-level players and can be found in the lower price level. 

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9) CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Youth Stick

ccm ft4 pro junior stick review



The new lightweight CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Grip youth stick brands itself on versatility and dependability even when the going gets tough. It features the company’s newly-developed Skeleton + Technology and the 85 flex model weighs the scales at a paltry 375 grams. The raised balance point is ideal for fending off wayward slashes and the stick features high-tech Sigmatex carbon fibre and NanoLite carbon layering for added efficiency and strength.

The feather light RR-90 foam blade comes with a Damp-Core construction for improved puck control, passing and shooting while the fully-reinforced edges are made to combat chips and nicks. The stick boasts a hybrid kick flex profile for fantastic energy transfer and durability. Meanwhile, the fused two-piece shaft comes with X-Flow resin, a tacky grip finish, rounded corners and concave sidewalls.

The CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Grip youth hockey stick is 48 inches in length and comes in different flexes and cure patterns. It’s aimed at serious youngsters and can be found in the upper level price class.

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10) CCM Super Tacks Youth Stick

super tacks youth stick


The CCM Super Tacks Youth Ice Hockey Stick is specifically designed for the smaller hands of younger players. Since the circumference is smaller, it’s easier for youngsters to properly learn how to comfortably pass, stick handle and shoot while using the stick.

The full length of the shaft comes with a grip to help players better control it while reducing the chances of it rotating and slipping in your hands while playing. It features a lightweight and stiff blade to help develop your shooting strength and accuracy with an enhanced puck feel. 

The CCM Super Tacks Youth hockey stick is a lightweight composite model and ideal for younger players who are developing their skills. It’s one of the most popular models with youngsters and can be found in the low to mid-price range. 

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Best Youth Hockey Stick Accessories

Best Overall Hockey Stick Tape


Our choice for best OVERALL hockey tape is Sports Tape. It's made with good quality materials, has great performance and the best price point for a 6 pack.

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Best Overall Hockey Stick Grip


Out of all the hockey grips on our list, the Buttendz Flux Z is out choice as the best. It has all the features you want in a grip at a great price, with great reviews.

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Wraparound - Hockey Stick Blade Wrap

Hockey Wraparound is an off-ice stick protector that allows you to play on any surface without damaging your blade.

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Best Overall Stick Bag


We found the Partage stick bag was the best overall. It combines great functionality, durability and design. Above all, the price is where you want it to be. Great stick bag!

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StoreYourBoard - Hockey Stick Rack

This hockey stick rack is a lightweight, space-efficient solution to organize all your hockey sticks on the wall. It's three levels of storage allow you to rack multiple sticks on each level for high capacity storage including your skates!

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Hockey Tape Tiger

The Tape Tiger helps you remove hockey stick tape quickly, easily, and safely. No longer will you have to mess with sticky, used-up tape. With its revolutionary cutting system, and additional tools built in, you may never need another bag-tool again.

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