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We here at Honest Hockey love hockey gear, so it was only a matter at time until we did an in-depth Marsblade review for 2021.

One of the hottest manufacturers in the hockey market right now is Marsblade. The company has come up with their patented Flow Motion Technology for all of their training and game-related inline and ice-skating products.  

This technology features a unique rocking motion in their inline skates which enables players to maximize their natural maneuverability and performance. The new technology could soon revolutionize the industry much like the carbon fibre hockey stick did several years ago.

Flow Motion Technology

It’s well known that the human body is made to be as energy-efficient, powerful and fast as possible with smooth movements. However, traditional inline and ice skates are rigid and often inhibit the ability to move in a flowing and natural pattern. The Marsblade Flow Motion Technology helps players regain that natural maneuverability which in turn greatly improves their skating technique.

The Marsblade story began in 2011 when the company was founded. Their goal and vision is to design and create top-grade, innovative products which will help improve your game while making hockey all the more accessible and fun to play at the same time.

The company was started by a former pro player named Per Mars when he came up with the idea of developing a new type of training tool to help in his off-ice workout routine. This eventually turned into the patented Flow Motion Technology which became the staple and backbone of the company. The first Marsblade product manufactured was then introduced in 2013 which was the Marsblade Roller Frame. 

Per Mars


Since then, the Marsblade has been making products for hockey players of all ages and skill levels across the world.

The roller frames are basically inline skates which have been designed to replicate the feel of skating on real ice due to the unique rocker. This helps to challenge players as well as stabilize their core and muscles and help improve their balance and agility. Of course, you can also tune up your stick skills such as passing, puckhandling and shooting while simultaneously working on your skating.

All skating movements can be mastered with the skates as they help stabilize the specific joints and muscles which are being used. While these inline skates are ideal for off-ice training, they also make game skates to be used by competitive inline hockey players. They help promote speed, quicker turns, and offer the ultimate in grip, control and stopping. 


The frames are interchangeable with the boots which are also available separately and are made of various durable materials such as aluminum/magnesium chassis as well as glass-fibre reinforced Polyamid chassis. 

The frames can be customized to suit the player’s individual skating style by switching between the four inserts it comes with. Grip, control, speed and power are all achieved as the the four wheels are in contact with the surface at all times. Also, they’re designed to handle heel pushes and weight-transfer to ensure the tightest turns possible without having to reduce your speed. 

The same goes for the Marsblade ice rocker and holder as the blade is always in contact with the ice which helps result in a more powerful and longer skating stride as well as optimum balance.

The company ran extensive performance tests on both the inline and ice holders compared to more rigid versions and they consistently showed a noticeable increase in all of the key skating aspects.

Marsblade Ice Rocker

The studies were completed with half a dozen elite hockey players with the test protocol, data collection and timing being done in association with the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre and the Mid Sweden University.

Replacement parts are available for both the inline and ice versions of the frames as you can find screws, wheel axles, bearing spacers, bearings, wheels, extra steel ice runners and the upper and lower frames etc. 

The boots are available in a variety of sizes and are built for comfort. However, the best thing about Marsblade is that the inline skate chassis and ice skate holders can be fitted to just about every brand of inline and ice skate manufacturer. This means you can simply purchase the chassis or holder frames if you happen to have your own boots with removable blades or wheels. 

However, the best way to attach your own blades or wheels is to have somebody at your local sports store help you out as the existing blades or wheels will need to be properly removed and the Marsblade product attached correctly. 


The boots come with a built-in anatomical comfort-system with foam-padded performance memory and heel-locking foam stabilizers for the ultimate in fit, comfort, support, protection and performance. 

In addition, they’re outfitted with two different tongues. One is a white felt pro-stiff model with plastic reinforcement and high-density foam. The other one is a lightweight, black Lycra foam version. Both of them can easily and quickly be adjusted into two different positions.   

If you decide to buy the boots and wheel/blades from Marsblade you’ll be glad to know they can be baked to mould to the shape of your feet before using them for the first time.

You don’t need to remove the wheels when it’s time to bake the skates but make sure you’re careful when handling them when they’re hot, especially the eyelets. 

Marsblade parts

It’s recommended that the skates be baked for five minutes at 90 degrees Celsius (195 degrees Fahrenheit). When the skates are warm you should place your feet in them and tighten the laces with your feet flat on the ground and the centre of your kneecaps over the center of the skates’ toecaps.

You should wear the skates for about 15 minutes or until they completely cool down. Be sure not to walk in them at this point as this could misshape the boots and frames and/or strain the eyelets. You should then wait 24 hours before using the skates. 

Marsblade inline, off-ice and ice hockey skate chassis and frames are quickly becoming a smash hit across the world and are used by dozens of elite players. However, you don’t need to be a top-level hockey player to use them. These are an ideal way to improve your game both on and off the ice as you aspire to reach the next level.

The company ships its products across the globe from its headquarters in Sweden and many of these go to recreational players as well as the pros. 

Two of the most popular Marsblade products are the R1 and O1 inline frames with wheels and bearings  The R1 frames are designed for in-game roller hockey contests as they have been made to handle all of the stress and rigours of the sport while helping maximize every aspect of your performance.

The O1 frames are geared towards hockey players who are looking for ways to develop their skills through off-ice methods. These are designed to provide a real ice-like feel which will allow for smooth transition once you do hit the ice again.

When using the O1 frames you’ll basically be forced to use the correct skating techniques while strengthening your balance points, core and stabilizer muscles.

The inline frames come with two Marsblade chassis as well as eight wheel axles, 10 all-purpose Labeda Wheels, eight bearing spacers and 16 Sonic ABEC 7 Bearings. The mounting instructions are included as is a Marsblade Multitool. You can also purchase the full kit or just the standalone chassis.

The small chassis comes with 8 x 68mm and 2x 64mm wheels while the Medium Chassis features 8x 72mm and 2x 68mm wheels. The large Chassis includes 8x 76mm and 2x 72mm wheels.


Marsblade appears to have everything covered when it comes to hockey since they offer inline, ice and off-ice options. You’ll feel like you’re skating on ice even though you’re not with the dry land products because the patented rocking motion actually simulates the rounded edge of an ice skate.

The inline models are ideal for both indoor and outdoor surface. This allows you to practice your skating just about anywhere you choose and whenever you like as there’s no need for trying to book the ice at your local rink. 

By practising your skating stride away from the rink you’ll quickly develop and improve your skills. Not only will this boost your confidence level when playing hockey it will also help reduce injuries since you’re now a much-improved skater. 

There are plenty of testimonials to the quality of the products on the internet as numerous hockey players swear by them. They’re impressed by the way your weight is transferred for more efficient and tighter turns with the off-ice model and how the balance points recreate the feel of skating on ice.  

The Marsblade company has earned its reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality inline and ice skating aids, skates and boots as the products are very well made with top-level, durable materials. They’re comfortable and long-lasting and have been made with the latest state-of-the-art technology. 


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