Being a hockey goalie is a lot of fun. It’s exciting to know you’re one of the most important players in the rink. It gets the adrenaline flowing to know that your performance could be the difference in whether your team wins or loses the game. This pressure to perform is why so many thrill chasers love playing goalie. There’s simply nothing else that can provide the same high as stopping a one-on-one breakaway against the other team’s best forward.

Unfortunately, being a goalie has some downsides as well. There’s a lot of potential injuries that can occur from having a dozen slapshots coming your way each game.

Groin, hip, and knee injuries are very common among hockey goalies. The bad news is that these injuries will never go away. The good news is that you can greatly minimize these injuries by wearing the proper protective gear. Purchasing good hockey knee pads and thigh guards can go a long way towards injury prevention.

Yet, it can be difficult for you to find a good pair of ice hockey knee pads and thigh guards. Players love talking about their new hockey stick and skates.

Every hockey player knows that, but when was the last time you heard another hockey player talk about their amazing knee thigh guards? Exactly. This is why searching for goalie protective gear can be more difficult than shopping for other hockey equipment. We recognize this, and for that reason, we’ve put together a list of the best hockey knee pads and thigh guards. Making sure you’re protected isn’t exciting, but it’s important.

That’s why we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find reliable protective equipment. We hope our list helps you do just that.

1)Warrior Ritual X Pro Knee Pad

Warrior Goalie Knee PadsSee the reviews on Goalie Monkey

Manufacturer specs and features:

  • Rigid foams
  • Additional flap added into the bottom section
  • 3-point strap system


  • Great overall protection
  • Thick foams feel pretty comfortable without cutting on durability
  • Tight fit
  • Suitable for various playing styles (control, aggressive, etc.)

Potential flaws:

  • Moderately expensive

Overall value for the price:

Simply put, Warrior’s Ritual X pro knee pads are some of the best knee & thigh guards we’ve come across. They offer massive protection without hindering mobility, and their design includes additional flaps, removing any potential gaps in protection. On top of that, they’re moderately expensive, meaning that they’re not exactly cheap, but they don’t cost a fortune. These guards are highly valuable for the price.

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2)Koho Revolution 589 Pro Swiss Goalie Knee Guard

Koho Goalie Knee Thigh GuardsCheck these out on Hockey Monkey

Manufacturer specs and features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • 4-piece construction
  • Full carbon-fiber floating plate
  • Adjustable parts
  • 4-point wraps
  • EVA foams


  • Superior protection and durability
  • High adjustability
  • Anti-slip features

Potential flaws:

  • The 4-point design means that you’ll have to invest extra time when equipping these guards

Overall value for the price:

Now, Koho might be an underdog brand, but they’ve proven that they can go toe to toe with the world-class leaders with this model. These guards feature an ergonomic design that easily molds to the knees and thighs once worn, even though you’ll need some time to get them set up properly.

On top of all, this model comes with an exquisite feature outfit, including a plethora of adjustable parts. The only bad thing is that they cost a little bit more than an average set of knee guards, but they’re supremely valuable moneywise.

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3) Bauer Supreme 1S OD1N Sr. Goalie Knee Guards

Bauer Goalie Knee Thigh GuardsCheck the reviews on Goalie Monkey

Manufacturer specs and features:

  • “Curv” composite shield
  • Poron XRD & FleXorb gels
  • 5 technology reduces the sweat buildup
  • Vent Armour


  • Remarkably comfortable
  • Superb breathability
  • High affordability
  • Decent protection

Potential flaws:

  • Mediocre durability

Overall value for the price:

Bauer’s Supreme 1S Od1N goalie knee guards feature a classic outlook, but they also come with a marvelous outfit of high-end features, including various gel softeners, vented armor, and fully breathable parts. What’s more, these knee guards are very affordable, but they’re not exactly the most durable set of guards you’ll see.

These guards bring serious improvements over the older design, allowing for a more pleasurable field experience. One of the most notable innovations is the improved 37.5 tech – it substantially decreases the overall sweat buildup, preventing slipping and sliding down players legs. Overall, Bauer’s Supreme 1S Od1N goalie knee guards hold quite a value for the cash.

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4) Brian's Pro II Goalie Knee Pads

Brians knee thigh guardsSee the reviews on Goalie Monkey

Manufacturer specs and features:

  • Sportmesh interior
  • Molded HD plastics in the thigh pad
  • 2-point Velcro straps
  • 3-Piece knee cup


  • Highly affordable
  • Decent protection
  • Comfortable to wear due to soft parts

Potential flaws:

  • No outstanding flaws

Overall value for the price:

Generally, Brian’s Pro II goalie knee pads are pretty great moneywise. They’re supremely valuable for the cash due to high affordability and decent protection they offer, and, best of all, they don’t hide any potential flaws whatsoever.

What’s more, they provide a decent level of protection, and they’re highly comfortable due to the many soft parts in the construction.

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Being an ice hockey goalie requires you to be a little crazy. Why in the world would you volunteer to have angry competitors use a large fiberglass stick to hit hard pucks at you? Yet, there’s a certain thrill many individuals get from stepping into the net.
Hockey goalies do what they do because they love it. They’re passionate about the adrenaline rush they feel when stepping into the net. They love testing themselves when the opposing striker rushes at them on a breakaway. If you play goalie you already know that knocking down shots and dishing out crisp passes in the rink can give you a feeling unlike anything else.
Yet, it’s also important to recognize the risks that come from playing this dangerous position. Injuries can’t be eliminated, but they can be greatly reduced by having good protective gear.
That’s why choosing the right ice hockey goalie knee & thigh guard is so important. They can make the difference between a shot that merely stings, and one that takes you (or your child) out of the game.
We hope our list has been helpful to you in finding hockey goalie equipment that will keep you safe. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. We love hearing from you, and we always respond as quickly as possible.

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