Hockey pucks are a lot like referees. A good one goes almost unnoticed. A bad one, however, can ruin both the game and your day. That’s why we’ve gathered the best roller and street hockey pucks for you.

You play hockey because you want to have fun, not because you want another source of stress. Getting one of the recommended hockey pucks off of our list can help you meet your goals.

1) NHL Pro Commander Street Hockey Puck

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Manufacturer Specs:

  • Made by Franklin
  • National Hockey League License
  • Ultimate speed and consistency on smooth surfaces
  • Durable high-density low-friction glide pins
  • Patented high-performance design
  • Specially blended shock-absorbing core material
  • Official 3.9 oz weight for professional play
  • Knurled edge for enhanced control
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Pros: There’s a number of reasons the Franklin NHL Pro Commander could be the best street hockey puck. The first is that it’s specially designed for consistency. You’ll almost never have to worry about unexpected bounces with this puck. In addition, this puck has a knurled edge. This gives you increased control and allows you to not only look like a pro, but play like one too.

Potential Drawbacks: Some players have reported this puck doesn’t offer the smoothest play. Parents in particular feel bad because they notice this puck seems to often roll on its side rather than laying flat.

Overall Value: The NHL Pro Commander puck has potential, but there are some improvements that need to be made before it’s one of the top street hockey pucks on the market. Even so, it’s an ok purchase at its current price of $11.39.


2) Franklin Sports NHL Street Hockey Roll-A-Puck (Colors May Vary)

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Manufacturer Specs:

  • Made by Franklin
  • Patented ROLL-A-PUCK design for indoor / outdoor play
  • Engineered with integrated multi-directional rolling balls for fast gliding action
  • Abrasive-resistant ball material for long lasting play
  • High-impact plastic for durability
  • Colors may vary
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Pros: This is one of the best roller hockey pucks we’ve seen as far as versatility is concerned. This puck is designed to be effectively used on a wide range of both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This puck is also made with high-impact plastic that allows it to take more abuse than most pucks.

Potential Drawbacks: This hockey puck comes in varying colors. This means your child could be disappointed if they don’t receive the color they’d wanted. You also may not want your child to use this street hockey puck inside because it’s hard enough to potentially damage the walls or other objects in your house.

Overall Value: This is one of the best street hockey pucks we’ve seen this year. Unfortunately, it has somewhat scarce availability and as a result its price fluctuates as well. It’s currently on sale for $24.99, but we wouldn’t purchase it at that price. If you want the best value, we’d recommend only purchasing this puck if you can get it for less than $15.00.


3) A&R Sports Inline Street Hockey Puck

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Manufacturer Specs:

  • Made by A&R
  • Street/Roller Hockey Puck
  • Six-Button PVC Street Puck for Outdoor Use
  • Includes one puck
  • Lightweight, high density composite for speed
  • Available in two colors: Red and Black
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Pros: Players say this puck works extremely well on smooth surfaces. If you’re using this on concrete you’ll likely have nothing but good things to say about this puck.

Potential Drawbacks: This puck doesn’t perform as well as others on surfaces that aren’t smooth. Other players recommend that you purchase a Green Biscuit puck instead if you’re going to be playing on rougher surfaces.

Overall Value: Cheaper doesn’t always mean lower-quality. The A&R Sports puck is one of the cheapest street hockey pucks at $9.34, but it still offers good performance. This puck will be a great value purchase for you if you intend to play roller hockey on smooth surfaces.


4) Green Biscuit Shooting and Stick Handling Training Pucks

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Manufacturer Specs:

  • Made by Green Biscuit
  • 2-piece design absorbs vibrations, causing the puck to run flat across rough surfaces
  • Two varieties available: ORIGINAL for stickhandling and passing, and SNIPE for shooting
  • Can be used on concrete and other rough surfaces
  • Designed by a former NHL Hockey player
  • Color coded ORIGINAL and SNIPE for easy identification
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Pros: This puck performs much better than other on rough surfaces. It also comes in two varieties to allow you to focus on what you most need to practice.

Potential Drawbacks: There’s been mixed feedback on the durability of these pucks.

Overall Value: The Green Biscuit pucks are some of the best street hockey pucks for developing your skills. They allow you to focus on what is most important for your continued development as a hockey player. They’re also reasonably priced at $24.00, for a pack of two.

5) Franklin Sports NHL High Density Street Hockey Ball, 3-Pack

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Manufacturer Specs:

  • Made by Franklin
  • PVC
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Official size: 2 5/8″
  • 3 balls per package
  • High Density warm weather balls for use above 32° Fahrenheit
  • Has official NHL licensing
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Pros: These balls are sturdy and are great for practicing your skills. They also work well in almost any temperatures above the freezing point.

Potential Drawbacks: These can’t be the best roller hockey pucks because they’re not actually pucks. If you’d prefer to use a puck over a ball this isn’t the product for you. In addition, these balls soar when hit, and thus may not be the best for competitive purposes.

Overall Value: These are some of the cheapest street hockey balls we’ve seen. They’re only $6.39 for a pack of three. That’s an excellent value for you as you’re getting fairly decent pieces of equipment.


6) TRON S10 Roller Hockey Puck

TRON S10 Roller Hockey PuckManufacturer Specs:

  • Made by Tron
  • Performs like an ice hockey puck on most non-ice surfaces
  • Anti-roll edge helps keep puck flat
  • Made of PVC
  • Weighs 3.6 ounces
  • Colored black

Pros: This puck is inexpensive and is also delivered quickly. It also performs well because its anti-roll edge keeps the puck from rolling on its side.

Potential Drawbacks: Some players say this puck is fragile in cold weather. They recommend putting this puck away for the winter because they broke theirs playing when it was too cold outside.

Overall Value: This is one of your best options for roller hockey pucks on a budget. In fact, we’ve seen these pucks sell for as little as $3.99 each. Prices vary, but you’re getting a good deal if you can get one for less than $10.00.

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7) A&R Sports Inline Street Hockey Puck (Pack of 12)

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Manufacturer Specs:

  • Made by A&R Sports
  • Inline Street Puck 12-Pack
  • Black Street Hockey Pucks
  • Convenient, Resealable Mesh Bag
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Pros: Buying this large package of street hockey pucks results in a cheap price per/puck. These pucks also work great for practicing your shooting.

Potential Drawbacks: These pucks don’t work well on rough surfaces. The grip bumps on the bottom of the puck wear out somewhat quickly so these aren’t the best street hockey pucks to practice your handling.

Overall Value: This is a decent package to purchase if you’ve got an entire family or team that enjoys playing roller hockey. These pucks are great for large groups on a budget because you can purchase a pack of 12 pucks for just $55.95.


8) IDS Pro Shot Inline Hockey Puck

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Manufacturer Specs:

  • Made by Ideal Design Sports
  • Center molded for strict uniformity
  • PVC body
  • Center-weighted for flat play
  • Color: Red
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Pros: Players say this puck is ideal for playing indoors.

Potential Drawbacks: Reviewers say that this isn’t the best street hockey puck. The puck performs well outside, but players say it wears down quickly and can’t be used outside for more than a game or two.

Overall Value: If you’re going to be playing roller hockey indoors this may be among the best roller hockey pucks. However, do understand that this puck has poor durability if used outside. With that being said, this puck is a good deal at $9.95.


9) Franklin NHL X3 Roll-A-Puck, Green, Orange, Yellow

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Manufacturer Specs:

  • Made by Franklin
  • Available in several colors including: Green, Orange, and Yellow
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Pros: These could be the best roller hockey pucks in regards to style. They also can work well playing with young kids on smooth surfaces.

Potential Drawbacks: Unfortunately, the durability of these pucks is worse than any others we’ve seen. It’s likely these pucks will break on the first hard shot from a teenage or adult player.

Overall Value: These pucks are alright if you’re playing only with toddlers, but they’re almost guaranteed to break as soon as the big kids start playing with them. Because of that, we can’t recommend these pucks to you even if they’re reasonably priced at $10.99.



We hope you’ve found our list useful. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below. We’ll answer your questions and add clarifications as quickly as possible.

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