Hockey is a fast-paced sport where the players move fast and the puck moves even faster. In the blink of an eye, the puck can move from one side of the rink to the other. Add just a few seconds more, and everyone in the rink has enough time to aggressively follow.
With competitive players and lots of speed, it’s easy to see that playing hockey has the potential for injuries. That’s why it’s important to wear protective gear. You’ve surely seen your favorite hockey players wear helmets, mouth guards, and shoulder pads.

These pieces of equipment are helpful in preventing the majority of injuries in the rink. Protective gear in hockey extends beyond what you can see, however. Although you can’t see your favorite hockey players wear it, a hockey jock is one of the most important pieces of protective equipment.
The groin area is one of the most painful places to get hit. Buying a hockey jock cup can save you from suffering a lot of pain. Of course, people don’t like talking about purchasing new jock cups like they do with new skates.
For that reason, it can be difficult to find quality information on the best jock cup for you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best hockey jocks. We hope you find our list useful, and that you take action to prevent yourself from suffering a painful injury in the future.

1) Shock Doctor Bioflex Cup

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Manufacture Specs:
*Made by a leading sports manufacturer
*Worn by collegiate and professional athletes worldwide
*Made with K-Resin, Thermal Plastic Urethane
*Can sustain 70-80mph impacts before deformation
*Designed with performance and protection in mind

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One of the nice attributes of Shock Doctor’s bioflex cup was that it was designed to provide you with good mobility. Its design is made to maintain its fit even if your legs cross during the flow of the game. The cup also features a vented body for air flow.
Potential Drawbacks:
The Shock Doctor hockey jock may not be designed for you. Its unique design has had some men complain that it’s just too small. Even the XL size may just be too skinny for you.
Player Feedback:
Some parents have said that the cup looks too noticeable on their children. Children wearing the cup have sometimes said that it makes them self-conscious. Adults, however, have said that the cup is mostly good and does what it’s supposed to do.
Overall Value:
There have been scattered reports about the Shock Doctor hockey jock not fitting well, or looking a bit strange on children. Yet, most players have also said that the hockey jock strap offers good protection. It may not be the best ice hockey jock, but at $9.99 we feel comfortable recommending it.

2) Shock Doctor Men's Ultra Supporter with Ultra Carbon Flex Cup

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Manufacture Specs:
*Unique X-FIT™ system offer superior comfort and protection
*Fully vented front panel allows for maximum airflow
*Made with supportive 4-way stretch material and a comfort waistband
*Conform to the body for best possible fit

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One nice feature of Shock Doctor’s ultra carbon hockey jock is that it is designed to conform to your body. This prevents painful chafing from occurring.
The great ventilation and X-static lining also prevents bad odors from building. The cup also features a multi-stage protection that effectively disperses impact away from your most vital area.
Potential Drawbacks:
The jock strap itself may not be sufficiently durable. Although this varies from player to player, some have reported the jockstrap is not built as well as the cup itself. Others have said that they’re both made of good quality.
Unfortunately, if you have difficulty with the jockstrap you’re in a bad position. Shock Doctor doesn’t sell jock straps separately. If yours breaks you’ll have to buy an entirely new product.
Player Feedback:
Players have said that this hockey jock is a very good fit. It’s been commonly reported that it stays in place, and that many players forget that it’s there. The cup has also been said to run a bit small. You’re recommended to order one size up.
Overall Value:
The Shock Doctor ultra supporter with ultra carbon flex cup product isn’t perfect. It’s a good product that could be made even better with a higher quality jockstrap. Yet, it’s still a good value at $18.49. There’s a reason almost every player that has bought this cup has been happy about their purchase.

3) XO Athletic Teen Pro Cup with Supporter

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Manufacture Specs:
*Made by leading sports protection manufacturer
*Designed with protection and performance in mind
*Used by collegiate and professional athletes worldwide
*Features XO”s patented “XO Zone” technology
*Hydrawick plus helps wick away moisture

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Pros: One plus this ice hockey jock features is Hydrawick Plus material. This helps the cup wick away moisture and reduce smelly odors. It also provides solid protection.

Potential Drawbacks: The cup comes in only two sizes. If you (or your teen) is very large or small, it’s possible they may not have a size available for them.
Player Feedback: This jock hockey players have reported as being a solid purchase. They’ve also said that it fits a bit tight, but that it’ll definitely provide you with protection for your family jewels.
Overall Value: At $15.99 the XO athletic cup isn’t the best ice hockey jock cup, but it’s a good value. You’re receiving a piece of equipment that will give you solid protection at a very inexpensive price.

4) SHOCK DOCTOR Ultra Carbon Flex Cup

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Manufacture Specs:
*Made with Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Thermal Plastic Urethane
*Can Sustains 70-80 mph impacts before deformation
*Multi-stage protection designed to transfer impact away from vital areas
*Flex curve design which is designed to comfortably fit the athlete’s body
*Orbital gel pad to prevent chafing
*Strategically placed vents for cooling and airflow

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Pros: The Shock Doctor ultra carbon flex cup is designed with multi-stage protection technology. This means it disperses impact away from the areas that need the most protection. The Shock Doctor hockey jock is also designed to easily fit your body.
Potential Drawbacks: This hockey jock cup may not provide enough protection from the sides.
Player Feedback: Players have said that the cup is a tight fit, but that it does offer flexibility. They’ve commented positively on the cup’s lightweight, as well as its ability to keep you cool.
Overall Value: The Shock Doctor hockey jock carbon flex cup is a cheap purchase at $9.99. It isn’t a bad product, and for this price we have to recommend it.
With that being said, be wary that you may not have as much protection as you’d like from side shots. If playing in a competitive league, you may want to purchase a more expensive piece of protection.

5) Bike Adult Athletic Cup

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Manufacture Specs:
*Soft edges for increased mobility
*Air holes for ventilation
*Anti-microbial finish to fight odor
*Fits all Russell Athletic® and Bike® garments requiring a cup

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Pros: Although it lacks style, this hockey jock from Bike was designed to protect you from high impacts. It’s also convenient if you have already purchased Russel Athletic or Bike garments in the past. The anti-microbial finish is also a nice touch to keep you from suffering the bittersweet smell of victory while undressing after the game.
Potential Drawbacks: The cup appears cheap. It’s unclear if Bike’s product will provide you the level of protection you need during competitive hockey matches.
Player Feedback: Players have inconsistently reported the cup’s comfort. Some say it’s a good fit, while others think they would have been better off with another hockey jock.
Overall Value: At $7.69 the Bike athletic hockey jock is dead cheap. If every dollar counts this cup will get you in the rink at minimal cost. If you’re able to spend just a little bit more, however, we’d recommend you do. There’s better places to save money than on such an important piece of protection.

6) YOUTH Athletic Supporter (Jock Strap + Cup)

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Manufacture Specs:
*All-star sports contoured hard cup and supporter
*Jock-strap supporter for better flexibility
*Hard cup for extra protection
*All sports: Hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, softball, etc

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Pros: The youth athletic hockey cup and jock strap offers your child great flexibility in two ways. The first, is your child’s mobility in the rink. The second, is that your child can use it for multiple sports.
Potential Drawbacks: The cup isn’t designed specifically for hockey players. It merely provides general protection. Therefore, if your child is in a highly competitive league he may benefit from having a hockey jock that was designed for his specific needs.
Player Feedback: Parents have reported that their children say the cup fits great and does the job. Parents have also said that it’s an affordable cup that offers enough protection for the casual youth athlete.
Overall Value: At only $9.99 the youth athletic jockstrap and cup is a good value. It’s not made specifically for hockey players, but will likely be sufficient for your child if he is only playing recreational hockey. Therefore, we recommend this cup to you unless your child plays competitive hockey and has greater protection needs.


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Manufacture Specs:
*Made with aerospace materials including: kevlar, carbon fiber, uhmwpe, urethane, and high strength laminating and structural epoxies.
*Bullet resistant strength
*Ultimate comfort along with unique design that disperses impacts over large area
*Provides the user with superior comfort and protection that boosts mental confidence
*Strongest groin cup in the world

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Pros: The pros of the Nutshellz level 2 men’s protective cup are obvious. No matter what happens, you’re going to be protected. This cup was designed to protect police officers that risk getting shot in the groin. As a mere hockey player you have little to worry about.
Potential Drawbacks: The cup is pricey and may be overkill for your needs. Not everyone needs a cup that’s literally bulletproof.
Player Feedback: Some users have said that it’s excessive for your needs as a hockey player. Others have said the protection it offers are perfect for the hockey goalie desiring peace of mind.
Overall Value: The Nutshellz level 2 isn’t priced like your average hockey jock cup. Then again, it’s not your average hockey jock cup. The ultimate protection for yourself will cost $140.00. This is a lot of money for a cup, but this piece of protection is also a fair deal at this price.

8) XO Athletic Adult ProCS-2 Compression/Slider with Cup

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Manufacture Specs:
*Unique “All-sport” compression/sliding shorts with cup
*Perfect for hockey, baseball/softball, football, soccer, and lacrosse
*Poly/lycra blend that offers superior support, yet stills breathes like cotton
*4-way compression with durable lightweight sliding panels

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Pros: The XO athletic ProCS-2 product comes with a quality compression/slider and cup. They fit well together, offer decent protection, and are quite comfortable. In addition, this set of protective equipment is versatile in that it can be used for multiple sports.
Potential Drawbacks: One problem with the compression shorts is that they’re a bit short on the compression.
Player Feedback: The XO ProCs-2 has gotten mostly positive reviews. Those that have used it have said that it does its job. Others have commented that the shorts could benefit from more compression.
Overall Value:
At $34.57 you’re getting a pair of compression shorts that fit well with your cup. They weren’t intended specifically for use as a hockey jock, but they seem effective in getting the job done. If comfort is important to you, this could be a great purchase.


We hope our list has helped you find the best hockey jock and jock strap for you. Helmets, shoulder pads, and a mouth guard are the obvious pieces of protective gear that every hockey player needs. Yet, it’s possible for things to be important even if they aren’t obvious.

The hockey jock is a great example of this. Without it, you’re unnecessarily putting yourself at risk for an injury along with lots of pain. You’re also increasing your likelihood of hesitating in the rink, and not having the confidence solid protective gear brings.

For all these reasons we recommend you purchase a high quality ice hockey jock and jock strap as soon as possible.
If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below. We love hearing from you, and always try to respond as quickly as possible.

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