Hockey gloves protect your hands and wrists from sticks and pucks. Obviously, protection should be your first priority, but nothing is more frustrating than a pair of hockey gloves that are working against you as you try to perform the fundamentals of passing, shooting, and puck-handling.

Players tend to have different preferences—and also tend to be extremely picky. This is why we picked the best gloves on the market for 2018 to narrow down your search for the ultimate set of mitts!

1. Warrior Covert QRE PRO Gloves

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The Warrior Covert QRE PRO Glove is a stripped down version of the top of the line Warrior QRE glove, with changes to the palm, gussets, and padding that reflect what many of the pros prefer. This creates a lighter weight, no-nonsense, protective glove that will last.

The QRE PRO offers elite-level protection and mobility due to the Exo Protect foams and AxyFlex cuff construction. Unlike traditional gloves, the cuff moves independently from the glove's body, resulting in wrist mobility while keeping slash protection where it needs to be at all times, and the Cover Taper Fit which contours to the natural shape of your hand. Just like gloves in the NHL, the QRE PRO uses a classic cream clarino Pro Smartpalm and embroidered cuff logo.

No matter if you are a pro player or just getting started in hockey, the Warrior Covert QRE PRO Hockey Gloves offer unmatched mobility with a classic feel.

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2. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Pro Hockey Gloves

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This glove is an excellent glove that players would love to use, it is made out of a quality material known as Pro nylon mesh. For backhand protection, this glove offers a Dual density foam with poly insert made for the ultimate protection. This glove also features excellent finger protection, utilizing a 3-piece dual density foam and also keeps the thumbs from hyperextension with their patented 3-piece Flex-Lock thumb. A Pro preferred ivory nash palm with reinforced overlay make the palms last and last. An excellent liner with XRD® Foam technology and Sanitized® odor-resistant treatment ensures the gloves will stay fresh throughout use.

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3. CCM Jetspeed FT390 Hockey Gloves

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The outer part of this glove is made special polyester with a clarino base palm with high abrasion reinforcements that make for a very durable glove. The inside of the glove is made with high level D/PE foams and inserts making for a lightweight glove still with the added protection.

This glove is a tapered fit glove that has some of the same features as the FT1 with a little less protection and materials creating a glove that has excellent maneuverability. The tapered fit is designed with a Pro FlexThumb for gripping and tight fitting fingers and backhand that grace players with excellent wrist maneuverability for handling hockey sticks. The Jetspeed FT390 is also lined with polygiene treated laminated liner with PU cushioning for unmatched comfort and anti-microbial treatment for cleanliness.

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4. Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Hockey Gloves

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The Bauer Vapor X900 lite is in the middle of the Bauer Vapor line offering a great value by keeping some top level features.  The fingers and backhand are made with dual density foam and poly inserts for excellent protection. The thumb has extra protection preventing backward movement with the use of the patented 2 piece FLEX LOCK technology.

The outer layer of the glove is made from pro nylon mesh and cable mesh in high wear areas. The palm is a QUATTRO grip palm designed with AX SUEDE. The gusset for the fingers is made of poly knit making for a great feel. The liner the famous THERMO MAX with sanitized technology ensuring this glove will last and resist odor.

Overall, this is a high-quality glove that will last, and at a great price point.

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5. Warrior Alpha QX Hockey Gloves

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This glove has a great traditional fit with a modern twist called the HYBRID TAPER FIT that provides the 4 roll glove to morph to the natural shape of players hands while still have excellent maneuverability and protection. The HYBRID FLEX CUFF provides even more maneuverability for puck handling while still protecting players wrists. The fingers have responsive lycra gussets and AXI Flex Thumb for protection from hyperextension.

The inside of the glove contains PHANTOM FOAM which is a high-quality foam containing shield inserts to protect players hands. The palm is SMARTPALM+ that offers a great feel for the puck. Inside, the WARTECH FNC liner made with polygiene to stay dry and without an odor. Using a lot of new technology this glove is sure to impress players still looking for a traditional glove.

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6. Bauer NSX Hockey Gloves

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The NSX glove is for the new player looking to get into the sport or those on a tight budget. The outer layer of the Bauer NSX is made from polyester mesh for a great looking glove and is finished with a liner made from hydrophobic mesh. The fit is tapered in the backhand and 2 piece fingers made with MD foam and poly inserts ensure protection for your hands. The thumb is made with an Ergo flex thumb that offers excellent grip and protection.

The Bauer NSX has a molded cuff that allows for excellent maneuverability while still protecting wrists. Lastly, the palm is made of nash leather, great for the ultimate feel of the stick and puck. This is a well put together glove that makes a great entry into the sport.

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7. CCM Tacks 7092 Hockey Gloves

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The CCM Tacks N2900 is made with a high-quality polyester that is very lightweight with excellent durability. The fingers and backhand both contain Pro Level PE foam and inserts with D30® LITE, that makes for a light glove with professional protection. The thumb is made with a 2 piece flexible thumb for an excellent grip and with added protection.

The palm of this glove is a clarino palm with reinforced kevlar making for a great feel and unmatched abrasion protection. The cuff is a 3 piece cuff that provides excellent maneuverability without sacrificing protection. Overall this is an excellent all-around glove at a great value.

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8. Bauer Nexus N2900 Hockey Gloves

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The Bauer Nexus N2900 is a 4-roll style glove that has a full volume fit and upgrades making for an excellent traditional glove. The outer layer is made from pro nylon making for an excellent look and exceptional durability. The fingers with poly mesh gussets for breathability and the backhand are made with a dual density foam and poly inserts for professional protection.

The thumb is a 2 piece FLEX-LOCK made for great protection from hyperextension. The palm is a Quattro Grip palm with AX Suede and the liner is Thermo-Max liner that has sanitized technology to keep the gloves dry and reduce odor.

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We hope our list of the best hockey gloves was useful to you. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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Priorities in selecting gloves

So when understanding that gloves are first and foremost supposed to protect you, we can understand that this is the #1 priority when looking at what gloves to purchase. We'll cover more below the different ways that gloves can protect your hands.

Next is we want to make sure the gloves fit well. It doesn't matter how light or high quality your gloves are if you are adjusting them and messing with them all game long. After that, we want to focus on how lightweight and how much mobility you have.

The lighter the weight and the more you can move your wrist and fingers, the closer we get to the ideal glove, which is a glove so good that you don't even notice that you have it on. Thinking about your glove or noticing your glove means that its not as good as it could be.

So now that we know the priorities, lets dive into the different options that you can get to fulfill each one.

Different features to take into consideration

hockey-glove-constructionNylon vs. Synthetic Leather Shells

So gloves actually used to be made of leather. Like real leather, which is kind of weird to picture now a days with how far gloves have come.

When it comes to higher quality gloves now a days, it seems less that its either nylon or synthetic leather, but rather manufacturers are using each within one glove to put them both to use to take advantage of each one's strengths.

Synthetic leather is typically more durable than nylon shells. However, nylon shells are usually lighter and more breathable than synthetic leather. Knowing that, I'm glad manufacturers are starting to use both.

What Fit to Choose

There are three different types of fits when it comes to hockey gloves. There is anatomical, tapered, and classic. In that order, they move from closer fit to looser fit. So anatomical is the closest, classic is the loosest, and tapered is in the middle.

There is quiet a difference in the fits, so you'll want to go with whatever you think is best, since it's a matter of preference. So the goal for you is to decide what is “too tight” and what is “too loose”. Since the goal is to get a glove that fits so well you don't notice it, it may be best to go on the tighter side. It does seem that tapered fit is the most popular construction type and is probably the best place to start out if you are unsure of what to choose.

Thumb Locks

Most good gloves have these. Thumb locks protect your thumb by having a solid piece of plastic on the back side of your thumb that can only flex inwards. So it doesn't inhibit your thumb movement, but just makes sure that if your thumb gets caught while getting hit that it can't bend farther back than what is natural.

Padding Shapes and Divisions

The traditioal way to pad a glove is to have three or four horizontal pads that can flex on the backside of your had. Then your fingers have their own padding, with two pieces each that don't inhibit your finger movement.

A few gloves do it a little differently, with serveral pieces of foam padding that have different shapes and sizes on the  top of the hand and on the fingers. We'll discuss any below in the list that have this different setup.

Hockey Glove Palms

So the glove palms are going to be one of the spots on the glove where you'll notice the biggest difference between cheap gloves and high-quality gloves.

All gloves had 1 to 2 layers of material that are a little padded while also allowing for a good grip to hold onto the stick. Most gloves have what is called a nash palm.

Some of the features we want to look for when looking for a quality gloves are for reinforced palms to increase durability, grip texture so the stick doesn't go flying out of our hands, shock absorbing pads, and mech gussets, which allow for better ventilation on the sides of your fingers.

Long Cuff vs Short Cuff

So this seems to become less of something to consider when looking at gloves because the major trend seems to be going with short cuffs while grabbing a good pair of slash guards and / or wrist guards.

This is because short cuffs allow for much more wrist mobility than long cuffs. However, since long cuffs typically cover your wrist and forearms, they were always a more protective glove. With the advances in slash guards and wrist guards, more players seem to be going with short cuffs at this point.

How to Size Hockey Gloves

So this is the last section before we get into our top 10 list. When it comes to sizing gloves, it may confuse your a bit on how they come up with the inch sizing, since a glove being an 11″ glove isn't 11″ from the bottom to the top. What this actually is the length from the base of your middle finger on the palm side of your hand up into the crease of your elbow.


Thanks to Our Hockey Diary for the image

That's generally a pretty accurate way to measure yourself for a glove. Now if you know you have long or short fingers, you may want to go up or down an inch.

Here's a table that shows you where you should be looking at (senior, junior, youth) depending on the size of your arm.

CategoryHockey Glove SizeFinger Base to Elbow Size