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Bauer Hockey is the best known and longest standing hockey outfitter. Over the years, Bauer has developed three distinct lines of products to suit the needs of different hockey players.


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Properly fitting skates are essential to performance on the ice. Since players have different foot shapes, choosing the optimal skate for their type is important. The Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus lines sold by Bauer Hockey give options to find the best skates for you. Let’s examine the differences in these three types skates.

Bauer Vapor Skates

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The Bauer Vapor line has been the most popular in the lineup since being introduced back in 2004. Its compact heel and classic toe box will fit most with flat, low volume feet. The snug fitting heel eliminates space in the boot around the ankle, boosting speed and improving performance.  Bauer Vapor skates are built for speed, and an excellent choice for quick and shifty forwards and agile offensive defencemen.


Bauer Supreme Skates

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Some players need a bit more ankle support and volume. In this situation, Bauer Supreme is the better fit. The Bauer Supreme skates provide explosive and efficient power through each and every stride. This line of skates offers a standard volume fit with a very anatomical design; providing a natural, close-to-the-foot fit throughout the boot.

Supreme skates take special consideration around the ankle bones to lock them in place for better ankle stability. This makes sure the player can extend to reach the longest stride each time to increase energy transfer efficiency for ultimate power. The Bauer Supreme skates are built for strong power forwards and strong defencemen.

Bauer Nexus Skates

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Players with high-volume and broad feet should consider the Bauer Nexus line of skates.

The Nexus skates are wide from toe box to heel and provide comfort and a good fit for those needing a more “traditional” fitting skate. The Nexus line has the highest boot height for excellent ankle stability. These skates are built for the all-around playmaker that can adapt to any situation.



Bauer Hockey makes gear for all sizes and shapes of players. If your goal is to play better hockey, then get your foot fitted and find your specific type of Bauer skates that fit you.

When you train and play hard, you shouldn’t have to worry about how your skates fit. Selecting the best lets you keep your mind on the game, right where it should be.

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