CCM vs Bauer Skate Comparison

Every hockey player knows that the single most important piece of equipment belonging to him or her is their pair of skates. As such, it is critical that every player has a pair that fulfills their specific needs, fits their feet properly, and is in line with their overall style of play.

Two of the biggest manufacturers of skates are CCM and Bauer and their products are tailored to different players and audiences.

In 2018, CCM has released new members of their Tacks, JetSpeed, and Ribcor lines and Bauer has come out with new iterations of their Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus lines. For the purposes of comparing them, it is best to consider the Vapor vs Ribcor, the Supreme vs Jetspeed, and the Nexus vs Tacks models, as they have similar fits and make for similar styles of players.


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Bauer Vapor vs. CCM Ribcor

The Bauer Vapor and CCM Ribcor are both designed for players that focus on the speed of their game and are designed to enable rapid acceleration and deceleration to get around slow defenders in a flash. From a fit standpoint, the CCM Ribcor has a flexible boot and is designed to maximize ankle bend and delivery of power to the stride. It also features a more narrow, tapered cut, for players that prefer minimal excess space within the boot. The Bauer Vapor is similar in that it is also highly flexible for a skate and it features a low cut, ideal for low profile feet, and its overall boot height is lower than the other Bauer skates and the CCM competitors. The Vapor is designed to give a very snug, glove-like feel to minimize the distinction between foot and skate. Both skates are designed for an aggressive, high-speed style of play.

Bauer Supreme vs. CCM Jetspeed

The Bauer Supreme and CCM Jetspeed models are designed for players that emphasize strong, powerful play. In terms of fit, the Jetspeed is characterized by a slightly narrow boot, with a stiff and secure heel lock to ensure maximum power and stability. The similar Bauer Supreme is also designed for the power player, but it is larger overall than the Jetspeed and so might be ideal for defensemen and power forwards that have larger feet. The Jetspeed and Supreme both have higher toe boxes, again giving those with larger feet a little more room than the Vapor/Ribcor models, while also providing an extra degree of protection for shot blockers and players that are frequently in the corners.

Bauer Nexus vs CCM Tacks

The Bauer Nexus and CCM Tacks are designed for traditional two way, offensive, and defensive players, and are designed especially for players looking for the optimal combination of responsiveness and support. The CCM Tacks have the greatest overall boot volume and stiffness of the CCM skates listed here and should accommodate players with high profile feet and those that prefer a stiff anatomical fit. In a similar fashion, the Bauer Nexus has the largest overall boot volume of the Bauer skates mentioned here and has the stiffest boot profile of the Bauer skates. The Nexus also features a classic fit, so it is wide all the way through the boot and should appeal to players with wider feet and who want a little extra comfort.