Purchasing the best pair of youth hockey skates is an easy way to help support your child’s success in the rink. The quality of your child’s equipment can make the difference between a season that ends in a heartbreaking loss, and one that ends in your child wanting more for many years to come.

Purchasing new hockey skates is never easy, especially purchasing a new pair of good pair of youth hockey skates.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best youth ice hockey skates for you, that will keep your wallet and kid happy this season.

1)Bauer Youth Vapor X300 Skate

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Manufacturer Specs:
-Sublimated tech nylon quarter package

-OD1N thermoformed pattern

-Microfiber Lining material

-Integrated heel support

-Flexible Tendon Guard

-Anatomical 1-piece felt tongue

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Pros: These hockey skates are extremely comfortable and flexible. They allow for increased mobility on the field without cutting back on the cozy feel. Overall, they're pretty nice.

Potential Drawbacks: Require some kicking in before you get the right feel. The size chart is spot-on, though, so don't think you've got the wrong number – you just have to get accustomed to them.

Overall Value: Bauer's Youth Vapor X300 belongs to the “medium” price point category. These skates look great, feel awesome, and offer outstanding performance for a fair amount of cash. As we've already mentioned, you just need to get a feeling for them before they show you what they really are.

2)CCM RibCor 50K Ice Hockey Skates

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Manufacturer Specs:
-RibCor Elite Quarter Package

-Skate Lock

-Dual-Zone Liner

-Ankle Padding

-Griptonite Footbed

-Carbon Outsole & Exhaust vents

-Speedblade 4.0

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Pros: Generally speaking, CCM RibCor 50K skates come outfitted with a set of outstanding features. You can expect quite a lot from them in terms of durability and performance.

Potential Drawbacks: There are no major flaws whatsoever. These are affordable, well-balanced skates that won't fail you, even though there are superior models from the same brand.

Overall Value: CCM's RibCor 50K skates hold a massive value for the cash. They're as reliable as they are durable, they excel in multiple fields of performance, and they don't cost too much.

3) CCM Jetspeed FT340 Ice Hockey Skates [YOUTH]

Manufacturer Specs:

-Injected Quarter package with mesh form skin

-Brushed microfiber liner

-Felt tongue

-Injected outsole

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Pros: These skates are decently affordable, and they come supplied with a set of marvelous features. On top of that, they're pretty good concerning performance, even though they're not exactly perfect.

Potential Drawbacks: Basically, CCM's Jetspeed FT340 Ice hockey skates are budget youth skates. They're pretty good for the buck, but they're not too reliable, and they don't excel in any particular field of performance.

Overall Value: Generally, these skates come at a fair price, they're good for beginners, and they're practically ideal for youth players. Even though they're lacking the performance of high-end skates, you'll be more than happy to dominate the field with them.

4) Bauer Supreme One.4 Youth Hockey Skates

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Manufacturer Specs:
-Lightweight nylon quarter package
-Comfortable, sweat-wicking microfiber liner
-Anatomical heel and ankle padding
-Anatomical felt tongue
-Injected TPR outsole
-Tuuk Lightspeed Pro holder with Tuuk stainless steel runner

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Pros: These inexpensive skates are great for beginners learning to become comfortable on the ice.

Potential Drawbacks: Some parents have advised that your child may benefit if you sharpen these skates after receiving them. These skates are also only available in sizes 9 and 10.

Overall Value: You may be better off getting a different pair of beginner skates. These skates offer decent performance, but at $74.99 plus shipping, there are better deals out there.

5) CCM Jet Speed 250 Youth Ice Hockey Skates

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Manufacturer Specs:
-Synthetic embossed shell quarter package
-Heavy duty microfiber liner
-Low profile injected outsole
-CCM footbed
-Non-replaceable stainless steel runner

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Pros: The CCM Jet Speed 250s are some of the best hockey skates for kids. This is because they are durable, designed for comfort, and also maximize energy transfer to ensure your child gets everything they can out of them.

Potential Drawbacks: The 250s’ stainless steel runner is non-replaceable. These shoes are also only available in two sizes.

Overall Value: If they fit your child, the CCM Jet Speed 250s are some of the best junior ice hockey skates out there. The skates are inexpensive at $59.99, yet still, they offer your child great performance.

6)Tour Hockey TR-700 Youth Ice Hockey Skates

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Manufacturer Specs:
-Reinforced quarter panels

-EVA foam pads

-Quick-drying tricot lining

-Ankle stabilizers

-Edge-hardened steel blade

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Pros: Tour Hockey's TR-700 youth hockey skates are very affordable and quite versatile. They're made for players who search for improved comfort and mobility, above all else.

Potential Drawbacks: Even though these skates come outfitted with top-shelf features, they somewhat lack in durability.

Overall Value: Tour Hockey's TR-700 Youth ice Hockey skates are a true representative of what quality looks like in the budget price point category. They're more than worth the money, and they should be at least considered.



Watching your child smile after making a great play on the ice can be one of your proudest moments as a parent. You can make those moments more frequent by purchasing a pair of youth hockey skates that won’t slow your child down.

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