Ice hockey is one of the coolest sports for a variety of reasons. The first is that it’s played on a giant sheet of ice, while almost every other sport in the world is played on solid ground. Another reason is the speed of the sport. From the players racing down the side of the rink to the lightning slap shots; hockey is one of the fastest-paced games on Earth.

There’s many other reasons hockey is the greatest sport, but as a hockey parent you probably don’t need any more convincing. Yet, there’s also a problem with hockey. Hockey is only the greatest sport in the world, until the game is over.

Once the game finishes, being a hockey player can be a pain because your child has so much equipment. Gathering up all their gear and cleaning it isn’t too much of a hassle. The problem is getting your kids to store their equipment.

Not only do the kids make a mess in the garage, but they can also be careless when rummaging through the expensive equipment you’ve purchased for them. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

You can get your child a hockey stick rack. Not only will this get rid of the mess your child’s equipment creates, but it’ll also help keep their gear in good shape.

Unfortunately, people are too busy talking about purchasing skates and sticks to ever discuss how they store their equipment. This can make it difficult for you to find a quality hockey stick rack.

That’s why the team at Honest Hockey has put together a list of the best hockey stick racks. We wanted your job of finding a good hockey stick rack to be as easy as possible. We hope our list below saves you both time and money searching for the best hockey stick rack for you and your kids.

1) Evolution – Multi-Sport Stick Rack & Organizer     

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This particular hockey stick rack is the second generation of Evolution Performance racks. When compared to the 1st generation, this rack comes outfitted with improved features, it boasts superior durability, and it's more versatile overall.  

Apart from a lot of benefits this amazing rack offers, the brand went a step further with the issue of affordability. As you can see, the Evolution Sports 24″ Multi-Sport Stick Rack belongs to the same price point range, making it a bargain, literally.  

Manufacturer specs and details   

Basically, the Evolution Performance multi-sport rack features an innovative design which was meant to suit various needs. You can shelter up to six hockey/lacrosse sticks or baseball bats as long as the diameter of the handle is 16″ or less. 

Furthermore, there are exquisite concave pockets that were added for balls, pucks, and wax storage. Additionally, you can even use the Evolution Performance multi-sport rack to store away your jerseys and other sports gear.  

There are four reinforced holes for screws that provide stability to the construction. As for the dimensions, this stick rack is 4.25 inches high, 24 inches long, and 3.125 inches deep. All in all, the Evolution Performance multi-sport rack comes supplied with a set of premium-quality features.  

Installing your Evolution Performance Sports Stick Rack 

A long, bothersome installation process is what usually dissuades people from using racks. Be it as it may, this won't be a problem if you've opted for EPS rack. First of all, this exquisite product is extremely easy to install.  

Generally, all you have to do is simply install it directly using 16OC studs or anchors and you're all set. Apart from that, you can always consult the features manual on the EPS official site. 

Durability of Evolution Performance multi-sport rack 

Most products made by this brand were built to last, but EPS simply outdid themselves with this one. Namely, this exquisite multi-sport stick rack features a highly durable construction that's capable of withstanding quite a punishment.  

The overall construction features high-impact ABS materials, a combination of plastic and nylon parts. Furthermore, this stick rack can hold up to a hundred pounds without sacrificing any stability. You should be careful if you overdo it, though.  

Versatility – fields of application  

Essentially, Evolution Performance Sport rack is incredibly versatile. Actually, it's not a hockey-exclusive stick rack, as it can be used for hanging other items.  

This stick rack is often used for: 

  • Hockey – organize your sticks fast and easy; 
  • Baseball – your baseball bats, baseball caps, and baseball jerseys can fit in one place; 
  • Lacrosse – Lacrosse sticks and gear, balls, pucks, wax. Everything can be easily organized with Evolution Performance Sports multi-sport rack; 

Who is Evolution Performance multi-sport rack ideal for 

The best part about this stick rack is that it's practically ideal for everyone. Namely, you can install this stick rack at any height point, it's extremely easy to use due to its practical design, and it comes outfitted with plain features which everyone can use.  

Furthermore, this stick rack is an awesome solution for homes, as it can be easily installed anywhere. All you need is a couple of screws (anchors), and voila. Additionally, this rack can be installed at a gym, if the owner permits it.  


  • A set of exquisite features – Evolution Performance multi-sport rack comes outfitted with top-shelf features; 
  • Second generation organizer – The first generation of EPS organizers was a huge success, and this one took the “performance” onto a whole new level; 
  • Multi-sport rack – this sports rack is ideal for a number of sports, including baseball, hockey, lacrosse, and more; 
  • Pretty affordable – Evolution Performance multi-sport rack belongs to the “affordable” price point category; 
  • Ideal for homes – The installation process is short and easy, so it's safe to say that Evolution Performance multi-sport rack is practically ideal for homes;  
  • Highly durable – high-impact ABS materials make this multi-sport organizer quite sturdy; 


  • Larger sticks or bats might not fit (over 6″ in diameter of the handle) 
  • No major flaws apart from that.
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Overall Value
In summary, an affordable, versatile, and durable multi-sport organizer should be pretty valuable for the cash. Not to mention that it's easy to install and that it will save you a lot of space and time. 

2) Hockey Stick Rack – StoreYourBoard

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Manufacturer Specs:
*Can hold up to 15 sticks
*Durable and built to last
*Can hang skates from the rack as well
*Eliminates hockey equipment clutter from accumulating in your house or garage
*Multipurpose rack – store lacrosse sticks, skateboards, skis, snowboards, garden tools, etc

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Pros: The StoreYourBoard rack is a simple piece of equipment. This doesn’t mean it’s not useful. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The StoreYourBoard hockey rack is easy to install and is very effective in storing your hockey equipment. It also comes with sturdy wall anchors for keeping itself in place.

Potential Drawbacks: There aren’t any major flaws in the StoreYourBoard product. This hockey rack is made of very durable plastic. However, a few hockey reviewers have said that they would have preferred for this rack to have been made from a different material.

Overall Value: The StoreYourBoard hockey stick rack is a great value at just $19.99. This product has no major flaws and is inexpensive. This makes it the perfect piece of equipment for you if you like to get the best bang for your buck.


3) Rack-It-Up Ice Hockey Stick Rack

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Manufacturer Specs:
*Holds 3 full sized sticks and supports up to 40 pounds
*Perfect way to organize and display your sticks
*Helps eliminate clutter
*Made from very sturdy glass-infused nylon resin
*Includes all hardware and instruction

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Pros: The Rack-It-Up ice hockey stick rack is great for storing and showing off your equipment. The rack is also versatile in that it can be mounted to any wall material, drywall, stucco-plaster, tile, wood, brick, or concrete. This gives you flexibility in storing your hockey sticks wherever is most convenient to you.
Potential Drawbacks: The bad news is that the Rack-It-Up hockey rack doesn’t have much going for it in regards to storage volume. This rack can only hold three sticks. If you need more storage you’re out of luck.
Overall Value: At $21.95, the Rack-It-Up hockey stick rack could be a good purchase for you. It’s not a hockey stick rack for everyone, but it could be great if you have autographed or expensive sticks you’re proud of and want to show off.
Unfortunately, this rack has a limited holding capacity of just three sticks. You’ll have to evaluate your needs, but if you have just a few sticks this could be a good value hockey stick rack for you.

4) Neatfreak Garage/Sport Utility Storage Rack

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Manufacturer Specs:

  • Wire grid compartments
  • Made of Polyester materials
  • No tools necessary for assembly
  • Remarkably easy to use
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Pros: This hockey rack is great for those with limited space. It was constructed specifically to fit in tight quarters because not everyone has lots of room to store their equipment. It's very affordable, it's easy to use, simple in nature, and made for people who have little room for their gear.

Potential Drawbacks: This is a budget hockey stick rack that is neither beautiful or durable. You should consider it if you don't mind the plain appearance and flimsy construction.

Overall Value: As we've already mentioned, Neatfreak's Garage/Sport storage rack is cheap rack, and that's pretty much all there is to it. It lacks durability, but it boasts high affordability and versatility. Overall, it does a good bang for the back, and you can always cut your losses if you don't like it as it's extremely cheap.




5) Evolution Aluminum Rink Series – 30″

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One of the most important reasons why 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack is so special is because it's the representative of the latest high-end technology in this field. Namely, their models that could compare to this multi-sport rack are scarce, as this one comes outfitted with the latest up-to-date features.  

Manufacturer specs and details   

The 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack features a double-decker design. Basically, this kind of construction is supposed to keep your sticks and bats straight. The precise manufacturing made no room for error, so you can expect zero swinging.  

Furthermore, there's space for up to ten sticks or bats. The precise dimensions are four inches of height, three inches of depth, and thirty inches of width.  

Lastly, the 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack was built from lightweight industrial-grade aluminum metal.  

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Installing your Evolution Performance 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack  

Essentially, this sports rack is exceptionally easy to install. All you have to do is simply attach it with a pair of anchors or studs into the wall. The hardware is included as a complimentary feature. 

Durability of Evolution Performance 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack  

Durability is one of the most important factors you should take into consideration while deciding if something's good for you. In essence, you don't have to worry about this issue if you're considering 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack, as it's one sturdy rack.  

This marvelous sports gear organizer was made of special lightweight industrial-grade aluminum, coated with a smooth powder finish. It's equally elegant, beautiful and sturdy. 

Who is Evolution Performance 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack ideal for 

Essentially, any sports fan will find 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack to be quite useful. This rack can hold up to 10 sticks (Lacrosse, Hockey, even baseball bats), without restrictions. Junior, intermediate, and adult shafts can neatly be organized, as this rack utilizes the double-decker design. 

The good and bad about Evolution Performance 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack 


  • Very easy to install – 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack is very easy to install by nature, but you'll also get a complimentary set of hardware with the package; 
  • Durable and lightweight – This sports rack was built from special lightweight industrial-grade Aluminum materials; 
  • Quite big – You can store up to ten sticks or bats within 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack; 
  • Double-decker design – this type of construction keeps your sticks straight while eliminating any form of swinging; 


  • Not exactly cheap – Even though 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack isn't exactly cheap, it doesn't cost too much, and it holds a huge value for the cash; 

Overall Value

Even so, the EPS came to change that – a reliable brand that offers the best high-end sports rack organizers. You can rest assured that the 30″ Rink Edition Powder Coated Aluminum Rack is good for the buck. 


Thanks so much for reading our list of the best hockey stick racks. We hope you found our list useful and found a hockey stick rack that meets your needs.
If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. We love hearing from you and we always try to respond as quickly as possible.

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