Want to know what to buy your kid? Now it's easy! Find the best gear to fit your budget in the lists below. Getting a full hockey setup may be overwhelming, so we wanted to help by whittling down all the options into the best of the best.

Youth Hockey Sticks

Bauer-Vapor-1X-Composite-Stick-YOUTHYour child's stick maybe their best friend, so they better have on of the highest value ones! We say highest value because we know that buying the latest and greatest may get expensive, when a lower priced one may work just as well!

So check out the list below to see which stick is write for your child.

7 Best Youth Hockey Sticks

Youth Hockey Skates

Want your kid to have the best skates for the best dollar value? Check out our list below to see our reviews of the best skates on the market.

There's no need for you to have to do all the work of finding the right skates when we can do it for you!

Click here to see the best youth skates available!

Youth Street Hockey Goalie Sets

Franklin-Street Hockey-NHL-Goalie-Set-Youth-MediumIs your son or daughter playing goalie on the street? Make sure they have the proper gear to keep them safe and to stop goals!

Check out the list below to see what we thought was the highest value goalie sets for your kid.

The Best Youth Street Hockey Goalie Sets Reviewed