Looking to get off the ice and dominate some street hockey? We’ve got the best gear for you to do so below. I actually started playing hockey by playing on the street. We had a cul de sac by my house filled with kids all within four years of age. I’m not sure if our parents planned that or what, but we were always able to put together full teams to play in the cul de sac.

Get ready to get concrete scrapes (or maybe you’re fortunate to play in a gym), because we’ve got the gear reviews for you to grab the best stuff on the market and get out on the street.

Bauer-Vapor-RH-X50R-Inline-SkatesInline hockey skates

Get the best inline hockey skates to make sure you have an edge on your competition. You don’t want to buy something crappy and then have them fall apart on you.

Like always, we take budgets into account, so we put together not only the best, but highest value skates for you to check out.

Street Hockey Goalie Sets

I started as a goalie when playing in the street. Mostly because I was the youngest and couldn’t keep up with the older guys on skates, but it was a good experience!

If you are gonna play keeper and want the most bang for your buck, it’s probably best to get a full set. Check out the list below to see which one is right for you.

5 Best Street Hockey Goalie Sets

Franklin-Sports-NHL-SX-Comp-100-Goalie-Set-JuniorYouth Goalie Sets

Just getting started playing goalie like I did on the street? Good! Get yourself a full set that’ll support you when they start launching shots at you!

See the list below to find the best set for your game.

5 Best Youth Street Hockey Goalie Set

Street Hockey Chest Protectors

We need to make sure we’re protecting our whole bodies, so we put together a list of the best chest protectors for street hockey. See the list below to find the right one to purchase.

6 Best Street Hockey Chest Protectors

Best Roller Hockey Pucks

Need a new puck to play with? We’ve reviewed a bunch of them to bring you a whole list of them. Like we say here, leave no rock unturned when it comes to finding the best gear!

The Best Roller Hockey Pucks List

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