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Playing hockey is fun. Carrying hockey bags that weigh 1,000,000 pounds isn’t. There are two things you can do to make carrying your bag less painful. The first option is carrying fewer things in your bag. This isn’t always possible, however, and that’s why we recommend you go with the second option — use a hockey bag with wheels.

These bags come with several storage compartments, save time and energy and are an ideal way to transport your equipment from rink to rink. Be sure the bag is large enough to hold all of your gear, is rugged, durable and lightweight and most importantly is easy to roll. But finding the best hockey bag isn’t an easy job to do.

Helping you find the equipment that’ll best meet your needs is why we built Honest Hockey. It’s also the reason we put together a list of the best wheeled hockey bags of 2021 for you below.


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Best Overall Wheeled Hockey Bag


This is an AMAZING wheeled hockey bag! It provides top of the line durability, features and storage for all your hockey gear. You see this bag in rinks all across the world because players LOVE it.

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Best Budget Friendly Wheeled Hockey Bag


This bag has tons of room for all your hockey equipment and is very durable. A great choice for a wheeled hockey bag that doesn't break the bank.

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1) BSN Sports Deluxe Wheeled Equipment Bag 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Best Wheeled Hockey Bags


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This roomy equipment bag from BSN has a shell that’s made from strong, heavy duty 600-denier polyester material and is designed to handle a heavy workload day in and day out without weakening. The side-loading bag comes with a large main storage space area with top-closing zippers which provides quick and easy access to your hockey gear. It also features oversized pockets on each end for additional equipment-storage and can also be used to keep your smaller items and valuables in.

The lightweight bag is outfitted with an in-line wheels kit and also comes with a padded shoulder strap if you do decide to carry it and Velcro straps on the inside. There’s also a concealed pull-handle similar to a suitcase with the bag’s dimensions being 38 x 16.6 x 17 inches. This durable material bag is made to easily fit adult hockey equipment with plenty of room to spare. 

The BSN Sports Deluxe Wheeled Equipment Bag is ideal for senior players of all skill levels as it makes it much easier to transport your hockey gear. It can be found for approximately $85 and offers fantastic value. 

Wheeled Hockey Bags

2) Fila 7-Pocket Large Rolling Duffle Bag

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Fila Wheeled Hockey Bag


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Fila has come up with a winner here as this large wheeled-bag features a sizeable main compartment with several smaller, zippered side-pockets which are spread out around the bag. It comes with an extendable internal handle system along with a smooth-gliding in-line skate wheel design for easy transportation. The bag is constructed with strong but lightweight polyester and is a generous size with the dimensions being 30 x 17 x 17 inches. 

The bag boasts seven storage compartments in total which enables you to store different articles of equipment in separate areas, making your gear, small items and valuables much easier to find. The bag weighs 6.6 lbs, is sturdy and resistant and very easy to roll. It also comes with a shoulder strap if you should need to carry it. 

This rugged bag is certainly reliable and spacious and is an ideal way to transport your hockey gear to and from the rink for practices and games. The Fila 7-Pocket Large Rolling Duffle Bag is suitable for senior players and very affordable at approximately $55.

Wheeled Hockey Bags

3) Adidas XL Team Wheeled Bag

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Addidas Wheeled Hockey Bag 


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This extra-large bag from Adidas is 35 inches long by 16 inches wide and 15 inches high and is ideal for storing and transporting your hockey equipment. The wheeled-bag is equipped with a webbing-haul handle on the end which is padded for extra comfort. The duffel bag comes with nine-inch removable shoulder carrying straps if needed and is constricted of lightweight but durable 100 percent polyester which is designed to handle an endless amount of wear and tear. 

The main compartment is very spacious, has a strong synthetic lining and comes with a convenient three-sided zipper closure while the side features the famous Adidas logo. The bag weighs just over 6 lbs and even though it has a rigid bottom it’s foldable when not in use. It’s solidly built and made to last for several seasons. 

The Adidas XL Team Wheeled Duffel Bag is quite a durable product that will fit your hockey gear without any issues. It’s not as easy to pull as some other models but still offers plenty of value at about $55.

Wheeled Hockey Bags

4) AmazonBasics RipStop 35inch Wheeled Bag

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Amazon Best Wheeled Bag


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This multipurpose, wheeled duffle bag from Amazon Basics is ideal for hauling your hockey equipment around in from rink to rink and back home again. It features an attractive and comfortable design and is effortless to pull. The bag is outfitted with a 100 percent polyester top while the base and sides are made of strong 210 lining and durable 1680D ripstop. The front of the bag features several exterior zippered compartments for smaller items as well as a spacious main section for the ultimate in organization. There’s also a zippered bottom compartment for additional storage. 

The bag is quite easy to pull with its upright, telescopic handle while a smooth ride is guaranteed with the well-designed inline wheels. The bag is 35 inches in length and weighs 11.9 lbs. Removable shoulder straps are provided if you’d prefer to carry the bag for any reason. 

This is a well-designed and thought-out bag and could be used for plenty of reasons. However, the AmazonBasics Ripstop Rolling Travel Wheeled Luggage Duffle Bag is also ideal for hockey equipment even though it may be a little heavier than other bags. The bag is mid-range in price as it’s approximately $90.

Wheeled Hockey Bags

5) Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag – Senior 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Best Wheeled Hockey Bags - GRIT


The HTFX Hockey Tower Bag from Grit is durable and lightweight and comes with a side strap if you need to carry it in the snow. The bag features a strong composite-frame design and is 36 inches in length. The bag has been tested to handle 7,500 lbs and won’t lose its shape when stored in tight areas or your car trunk etc. The Grit Hockey Bags external and internal areas of the bag utilize mesh to good effect and it enables the air to flow through it and help the equipment dry as quickly as possible. 

There is a mesh shelf and panel as well as a removable mesh bag and a removable skate/foot carpet. 

The bag is equipped with a stick strap and blade port which is made to carry two sticks. There are two wheels to easily transport the bag and separate internal pockets for your skates. There’s also an ID holder to identify the owner as well as multiple storage areas for easy organizing. 

The Grit Hockey Tower Bag is also available in junior and youth sizes and comes in a variety of NHL styles and colours. It’s simply one of the best-wheeled hockey duffel bags/towers on the market and even though it costs just under $200 it offers plenty of value. 

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6) CCM 370 Wheeled Hockey Bag

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Best ccm wheeled hockey bags


The CCM 370 Wheeled Hockey Bag is a good size at 37 x 19 x 16.5 inches and is extremely lightweight. It can be rolled via the two all-terrain wheels which means you don’t need to carry it in snowy conditions. However, there are two carry handles on the top just in case you’d prefer to throw it over your shoulders. It comes with a large mesh compartment for toiletry items as well as a huge main compartment for your hockey gear. 

The bag is reinforced for added strength with strong ripstop polyesters while the webbed side is also reinforced. There’s an ID pocket for your name and team name as well as reinforced, extendable carry bag handles at the end and a mesh laundry pocket with a zippered closing. 

The lightweight and durable CCM 370 Wheeled Hockey Bag comes in at approximately $100 and offers good value for hockey players of any age and skill level. However, there is also a junior size available for smaller children. 

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Best Hockey Bag Accessories

GEARHALO Sports Deodorizer Pods

Stop the stink! GearHalo pods are a dry solution that combat the root causes of Sport Stink in all your gear. Non -toxic and used by the pros.

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Classic Gatorade Hockey Water Bottle

You see these bottles behind many NHL benches. Holds 28 ounces of fluid. High flow valve. Hydro-view strip lets you keep an eye in fill level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are hockey wheeled bags made of?

Hockey bags are an essential piece of equipment for every player because it can store all of the essential equipment a player will need. Usually wheeled hockey bags, and regular bags are made of durable nylon, leather or polyester that is waterproof and quality enough to carry all those essentials in one place.

Should I choose a wheel bag or backpack for my hockey equipment?

This is up to personal preference, and of course, up to the equipment you are taking with you. If your gear is heavy, then a wheeled bag would be the best choice as the rollers will make it easier to take it around.

Carry bags are a great choice if you know you are going to encounter stairs, for example, because wheeled bags are heavier because of their frames. You can also wear them on your back like a backpack so the weight will be evenly distributed between your shoulders.

Are all hockey wheel bags coming with 2 wheels?

Not all hockey wheeled bags are coming with 2 wheels, but this type of model is easier to carry around as the weight falls on the wheels, in opposition to 3 wheeled bags that are a bit more difficult to roll around.


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