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If you’re looking for the most up to date info on the latest gear, you are in the right spot. We try to drill down to every subcategory so you know you are getting the best gear for where you are in your hockey career.

Not only that, but we leave nothing off the table – Check out our review of the best jocks for hockey players 😉

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Let’s get into to our constantly growing lists of the best hockey gear in 2018!

Up to Date List of Hockey Gear Reviews for 2018

Bauer Vapor X800Hockey Skates

What you wear on your feet when playing hockey is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. You need shoes that fit extremely well, will hold up for a long time and are within your budget.

We take all of this into our consideration when evaluating skates. Anything you want to know about the best hockey skates, we’ve collected for you here.

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Miken AccuFlex 2.0 Junior Hockey StickHockey Sticks

Your stick is your main piece of gear. You should take the time to carefully select it. We put together our list so you can find the exact stick you need in less time.

With so many brands and different kinds of sticks online, we want to make it easy for you. The less time you spend on the computer looking for your stick, the more time you have to become a better player 😉

We have different subcategories for sticks in our collection of reviews. Let us know if you don’t see what you need.

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Bauer IMS 11.0 ComboProtective Gear

When it comes to playing hockey, you need to make sure you are staying safe. We put together the best list of helmets, gloves, chest protectors and much more.

Make sure you get the best gear to keep you or your loved ones safe while taking and laying hits on the rink.

We have goalie protective gear on this list, but also have a goalie specific section you can check out below.

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Bauer Black Team Carry BagHockey Bags

We have all these great articles on what the best gear is for you, but you need some way to get that gear to and from the rink! So we put together the best list of Hockey Bags.

We have bags dedicated to just carrying sticks or bigger duffel bags you can use to carry everything. Check out the list below to find your bag.

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AR sports puckAccessories

We don’t want to leave any rock unturned when it comes to reviewing gear for you. This means that the small things, like hockey skate laces, get reviews or the really big things, like at home hockey skate sharpeners.

The little things add up to big things. When we review tape and wax, we do so knowing that if you get the right one, then your stick is more likely to last longer, you’ll have better control over the puck, and overall you’ll be a better player. Make sure you take care of the small things.

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EZ folding outdoor hockey goalTraining Gear

Want to become the best player on your team? Then you need to be practicing at home.

We put together a bunch of reviews on the training gear you should have to be practicing outside of your regular practices.

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Vaughn-1100-Velocity-6-Goalie-Blocker-SENIORGoalie Specific Gear

Goalies have different gear than regular players, so we gave them their own section!

Get the best goalie gear to support you and your clean sheets! So much relies on goalies. You can’t be worried about your gear while trying to block shots flying at you. Make sure that you are strapped up and ready to protect the net!

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A-R-Sports-Hockey-Ball-Pack-of-12Inline / Street Hockey Gear

Is the street more of the spot you like to dominate? Great! We’ve got reviews for inline and street hockey gear so we don’t leave you hanging.

I actually started playing hockey with street hockey. We had a neighborhood full of kids all within 4 years of each other, so we could always get games going in the local cul de sac.

Check out the list below to make sure you’re getting the best value inline and street hockey gear.

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