best junior hockey skates

Whether you’re graduating from a pair of youth ice hockey skates or you’re just starting out, choosing a pair of junior ice hockey skates that are comfortable, at a decent price and right for your skill level can be a challenge.

More and more junior hockey brands are throwing their hat into the ring.  But don’t worry, here at, we’re here to help make it a little easier on you.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and come up with a list of the best ice hockey skates for juniors in 2023 that are out on the market right now.

Go ahead, take a look and choose your next pair of the best junior hockey skates!


SHORT ON TIME?   Here are our picks.


Best Overall Junior Hockey Skates


If you're an elite junior player and want the best OVERALL, the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Junior skates offer the most advanced performance, comfort and safety features on the market. With high price comes high reward.

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Best Mid-Range Junior Skates


The junior hockey skates with the best mix of VALUE and FEATURES are the BAUER X4 skates. You get a lot of bang for your buck with these mid-range junior skates.

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Best Budget-Friendly Junior Skates


The best BUDGET-FRIENDLY skates are the Bauer X Junior skates. These junior hockey skates have great safety and comfort features and won't break the bank.

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For full reviews on the best junior hockey skates, keep reading below…

1) CCM Tacks AS-V Junior Skates

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

ccm tacks as-v junior review



Hey there, fellow parentals! Now, as someone who grew up thinking the “Duck Walk” was some kind of poultry-inspired dance (thank you, Cha Cha Slide), I must admit – my kiddo’s obsession with ice hockey had me a bit, well, slippery-footed. And when it came to buying junior skates, I wanted nothing short of the Ferrari of foot-gliders.

Enter the CCM Tacks AS-V junior hockey skates. If Tony Hawk had an ice-dwelling twin, these would be his weapon of choice (because you know, Tony Hawk, ice, skates… No? Okay, moving on.)

First things first, these aren’t your grandma’s old leather relics. They’ve got this whole one-piece boot power tech thing going on. It’s like the iPhone of skates – sleek, seamless, and powerful. After a couple of whirls, my little one said he felt like The Flash, minus the red spandex, thank goodness.

Ah, sweaty feet? Gross! But fret not! The TotalDri Pro liner’s got your kiddo’s footsie covered, wicking away that mystery moisture faster than they can say, “Mom, I’m thirsty!”

One of my favorites is the interchangeable tongue. Because kids and their ever-changing minds, am I right? One day it’s chocolate ice cream, the next it’s vanilla. With this, they can switch out the tongue inserts like they’re swapping out LEGO pieces.

And then there’s the memory foam with seamless comfort padding. It’s like giving your child’s feet a hug, without the awkward tickling.

Now, you might be wondering, “How will my star outshine others on the rink?” Well, CCM thought about it too. With the Powerflex Tendon Guard combined with a fiberglass boost, your kiddo’s strides will be fuller and more powerful than a toddler on a sugar rush.

In short, these aren’t just skates. They’re a ticket to kiddo hall of fame, or at the very least, a few envious glances at the rink.

Features to Woo You: 🌟

  • Exclusive One Piece Boot Power: For those next-level strides.
  • TotalDri Pro Liner with Polygiene: Say goodbye to foot sauna sessions.
  • Interchangeable Tongue: Because choices matter!
  • CCM Ortholite Ultralite Footbed: For those feather-light feels.
  • Memory Foam Padding: Little feet’s best friend.
  • Powerflex Tendon Guard with Fiberglass: Power up their play.
  • Asymmetrical Tritech Tongue with D3O lite foam: Protection, but make it fashion.
  • Total Dri-Pro Liner: Your defense against the foot swamp.
  • Speedblade XS Holder: Quick blade swaps? It’s practically wizardry.

So, if you want your kid to glide, slide, and pridefully stride, the CCM Tacks AS-V is a one-way ticket to stardom. Just don’t forget to pack the hot cocoa for after!

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2) Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Junior Hockey Skates 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

bauer supreme m5 pro junior review


Okay, folks, pull up a cozy chair, grab that overpriced latte (hello inflation), and lend me those ears. Because let me tell you – if the world of junior hockey skates were a blockbuster film, the Bauer Supreme M5 Pro would be the charismatic lead, belting out power ballads and leaving the audience in awe.

When my mini-Messier first laced up these skates, I swear he went from “cute little squirt on ice” to “holy moly, is that kid auditioning for The Avengers on ice?” in a blink!

First up, that 3D Lasted Carbon Curv Composite Quarter Package (say that three times fast!). Sounds like something out of a NASA space mission, right? And frankly, it kinda acts like it, giving our budding hockey heroes the kind of support that’d make a space shuttle envious.

You know how Cinderella had that glass slipper? This skate’s asymmetrical toe cap is the hockey equivalent. It’s not just a toe cap; it’s THE toe cap. Custom fit for royalty (and by royalty, I mean our little champs).

But here’s the magic: The Reflex Classic Pro Felt tongue and Reflex Tendon Guard. Think of it as the cape in our superhero’s ensemble—enabling them to make those explosive moves with a range of motion that even a gymnast would double-take at.

The inside of this skate? Oh, it’s like a spa for the feet. A spa that locks those feet in place and keeps ’em as dry as my humor, thanks to the Aeofoam+ and Lock-Fit lining. Absolute genius!

And for the grand finale: the pièce de résistance. The choice of runner. Whether your kiddo is feeling Carbonlite, Pulse TI, or just Pulse, Bauer has given them the power of choice. It’s like choosing the theme song to their epic ice saga!

Skate-Tastic Features to Boast About: 🌟

  • 3D Lasted Carbon Curv Composite Quarter Package: The secret sauce of power!
  • Runner Choices (SR & INT): Carbonlite, Pulse TI, or Pulse – The world is your oyster.
  • Reflex Classic Pro Felt Tongue: Because tongues shouldn’t just be for tasting ice cream.
  • AMP Flex Facing for Juniors: Talk about a flexibility upgrade.
  • Reflex Tendon Guard: Defense against those sneaky pucks and slashes.
  • Asymmetrical Toe Cap: Because every foot is a beautiful unique snowflake.
  • Aeofoam+ Interior: Like a plushy for the foot.
  • Lock-Fit Lining & Footbed: The foot’s security detail.

So, if you’re pondering a skate that screams power, agility, and “move over, I’m the next hockey legend,” the Bauer Supreme M5 Pro is your golden ticket. Now, go forth and may your junior’s strides be as smooth as my dance moves (and believe me, they’re pretty smooth)! 

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3) CCM Tacks AS-580 Junior Skates

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

ccm tacks as 580 junior review



Ladies, gentlemen, and mini hockey stars, I recently embarked on a (slightly) mad science experiment! I wrangled a brave team of junior testers—let’s call them the “Skate-Scouts”—and set them loose on the ice with the CCM Tacks AS-580 hockey skates. Think of it as ‘Project Runway’ but on ice and with fewer dramatic gasps (well… sort of).

First things first, finding that perfect fit! One of our skate-scouts who insists his feet are ‘unique’ (his words, not mine), raved about the fit options. Whether your feet are slender like Cinderella’s or a tad more robust, these skates adjust like a dream! If you’re confused about the fit, imagine them as your fairy godmother – ensuring every foot feels like royalty. 👑

Another tester,  our resident “speedster”, said she felt like she was driving a sports car but on ice. The one-piece boot quarter package, engineered from an RFM composite blend, had her feeling like The Flash’s younger, cooler sister. And no, it wasn’t just the sugar rush from the candy we promised her.

Now, to the part all the scouts couldn’t stop talking about: the tongue! With its asymmetrical design and protective layers, it’s like the Swiss Army knife of hockey skate tongues. It’s customizable, protective, and comfort all rolled into one. As one kid put it, “It’s like a pillow… but for my foot!”

Powerflex Tendon Guard? Oh boy! “It’s like having rocket boosters!” I had to remind him it wasn’t an actual rocket booster, but the improvement in his stride was, frankly, out of this world!

Lastly, the Speedblade XS Holder. It’s not a new dance move, but according to another young tester., it might as well be. She was on and off the ice, swapping blades (with the help of an adult) with the ease of a professional magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Ta-da!

Here’s the Wrap-Up of the Show-Stopping Features: 🎩🐰

  • One Piece Boot Quarter Package: Unmatched energy transfer!
  • HD Microfiber Liner: Like a snuggie for your feet.
  • Interchangeable Tongue: The future is customizable!
  • Molded CCM Ortholite Footbed: Featuring eco-friendly, cloud-like comfort.
  • Memory Foam with Seamless Comfort Padding: Hugs for your ankles.
  • Powerflex Tendon Guard: Rocket booster, but make it for skates.
  • Speedblade XS Holder with CCM XS Stainless Steel Runner: Quick blade changes for our future NHL stars.

In conclusion, if you’re on a quest for a skate that packs a punch with high-end tech but doesn’t break the bank, the CCM Tacks AS-580 skates are the golden snitch you’ve been looking for. Happy skating!

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4) CCM Jetspeed FT680 Junior Skates

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

ccm ft680 junior skates



So, what do you get when you combine eager junior hockey enthusiasts, an ice rink, and the brand-spanking-new CCM JetSpeed FT680 junior hockey skates? An afternoon of icy exploits and unbridled enthusiasm, that’s what!

First things first, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill, scoot-around-the-pond skates. No sir! From the first glance, the One Piece Boot screams, “I mean business!” – especially when one of our testers confidently declared, “I bet this thing could turbocharge my dog’s sled!”

But, this isn’t about canines and sleds. It’s about that crisp glide on the ice. Our squadron of young testers seemed to almost levitate, all thanks to that HD Microfiber liner. Sweaty feet? Not today! The liner’s moisture-wicking prowess left our junior players feeling as if they were skating on clouds.

Speaking of clouds, ever had lace-bites? (Imagine mosquito bites on your foot, but angrier!) Thankfully, the 7mm Metatomic tritech tongue with molded lace-bite protection is the guardian angel we didn’t know we needed. One enthusiastic tester did a little jig, commenting, “It’s like a soft cushiony shield for my feet!”

Now, let’s talk movement. These skates aren’t just about going fast. They’re about finesse, artistry, and a sprinkling of showmanship! The Flex Tendon guard was like adding a dollop of whipped cream to a hot chocolate – it allowed for improved range of motion, letting our testers swerve, jump, and dance on ice with the grace of ballet dancers (well, most of the time).

To wrap up, it seems the CCM JetSpeed FT680 skates are the dreamboat of junior hockey footwear – offering top-notch features without emptying the piggy bank. Because let’s be real, there are only so many chores one can do to earn their allowance.

Features we’re skating mad about:

  • One Piece Boot: For that direct energy turbo boost!
  • HD Microfiber liner: Say goodbye to swampy feet.
  • 7mm Metatomic tritech tongue: Our lace-bite guardian angel.
  • Memory Foam ankle padding: Comfort that’s out of this world!
  • Speedblade XS Holder with Stainless Steel runners: For that sharp edge on performance.
  • Molded Ortholite Ultralite footbed: Like a tailored tuxedo, but for feet!
  • Flex tendon guard: Dancing on ice? Count us in!

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5) Bauer Vapor X4 Junior Skates 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

bauer vapor x4 junior skates



When I was handed the Bauer Vapor X4 junior hockey skates, I felt a rush of nostalgia and sheer curiosity. Could a pair of skates designed for our pint-sized future NHL stars really be all that?

First things first, the Digi COMP Quarter with its fancy-schmancy MotionFlex Technology caught my attention. These aren’t the rigid beasts from my younger years. They flexed forward with a graceful softness, like a ballroom dancer taking the lead. I could instantly see why budding skaters would appreciate this – it’s like training wheels, but cooler!

Now, about that LIGHTSPEED (LS) EDGE Holder – 80% of NHL players can’t be wrong, right? It’s like the Swiss Army knife of blade holders. Had a rough slide into the boards? No worries! With a quick-release trigger, you can swap out that steel faster than you can say, “penalty shot!” No more missed shifts, no more crying over scratched steel. It’s all about keeping the edge, literally and figuratively.

Speaking of edges, the LS Balance Blade had me imagining my 8-year-old self gliding on the ice like a young Wayne Gretzky. That increased steel height paired with the 13-ft profile seems like a godsend for the wee ones learning to balance their ambitious moves.

And just when I thought I’d seen it all, I noticed the Asymmetrical Toe Cap. Now, it sounds fancy and all, but its primary job? Making sure toes cozy up nice and snug without any extra wiggle room. Say goodbye to the dreaded “toe crunch” of yesteryears!

So, to all the junior hockey enthusiasts out there: The future’s looking bright and balanced with the Bauer Vapor X4. Heck, they’re so good, they almost made me wish I had tinier feet. Almost.

Features Recap:

  • Digi COMP Quarter: Soft construction with MotionFlex Technology for superior forward flex.
  • LIGHTSPEED (LS) EDGE Holder: Trusted by a whopping 80% of NHL stars; equipped with a quick-release trigger for fast steel replacement.
  • LS Balance Blade: Designed for enhanced balance in every skate motion with a 13-ft profile.
  • Asymmetrical Toe Cap: Say adios to negative space and hello to a snug fit!

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6) Bauer X Junior Hockey Skates 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

bauer x junior skates



Alright, parents, imagine this: Your junior champ is on the hunt for the perfect skates. Not the glass-slipper-fit-kind, but the “my-feet-feel-like-they’re-floating-on-clouds-while-I-dazzle-on-ice” kind. Enter stage left: The 2023 Bauer X Skate!

First off, this ain’t just any skate; it’s what you’d get if the Supreme M1 and Vapor X3.5 decided to have a little skate-baby. Picture a supermodel of the recreational skate world, strutting down the ice runway, and you’re thinking of the Bauer X.

Now, the Digi Comp construction? Sounds space-age, right? Nah, it’s not from Mars, but it surely gives the skate a sleek, cosmic edge! Plus, I’ve heard that it’s also a secret code for: “Watch out, I’m coming through, and I look GOOD!” 😉

The inside feels as dreamy as it looks, with soft interior foams and a sublimated liner. It’s like slipping your feet into a plush pair of fuzzy bunny slippers, but way cooler! And that 40oz felt tongue with Mesh Metatarsal? Well, think of it as a gentle foot hug from a very, very fluffy panda.

Now, let’s talk logistics. With the LS Pro II holder and trusty stainless steel runner, your junior’s skates won’t just look good; they’ll endure the most thrilling of ice escapades. The kind where they accidentally discover a yeti or lead a penguin army… or, you know, just play a solid game of hockey.

But folks, a little pro-tip: If you’re in doubt about sizing, make your way to Pure Hockey. They’re kind of like the wizards of skate-fitting. Wave their measuring tape wand, and voilà! Perfect fit!

Highlight Reel of Features:

  • Runner: Gleaming Stainless Steel (a knight in shining armor for your feet).
  • Holder: The mighty LS Pro II (think of it as the skate’s trusty steed).
  • Liner: Soft-as-a-dream Sublimated Microfiber.
  • Tongue: Huggable 40oz Felt with Mesh Metatarsal (the aforementioned fluffy panda hug).
  • Construction: The oh-so-stylish Digi Comp.

Roll credits and cue the applause!

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7) Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Junior Skates 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

bauer x5 pro junior skates



Has your kiddo ever grumbled about not feeling like an elite player? Sure, attitude and training matter, but let’s not downplay the shoes. Oops, I mean skates! If you’re thinking about skates that can bridge the gap between good and great, then feast your eyes on the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Junior Skates. Because let’s face it, it’s not how they shoot, it’s how they glide.

Imagine an armor. But instead of it being for knights and dragons, this one’s tailored for our young hockey warriors! The CURV Composite isn’t just a fancy name—it’s 100% thermoplastic wonder that scoffs at whatever high-speed puck or wild stick gets thrown its way. And while it’s defending your junior’s feet like a fortress, its lightweight nature whispers sweet nothings of comfort.

“Hold on tight!” is not just something you yell when they’re learning to skate. The one-piece Injected Facing design ensures that those little feet stay snug as a bug in a rug. Not only will they be firmly secure in their boots, but they’ll also be speeding around like they’ve stolen the last cookie from the cookie jar!

Now, let’s talk about the POWERFLY Holder. I imagine it’s what cheetahs would choose if they ever took up ice hockey. Built to respond to every zig, zag, and lightning-quick stop, it ensures your kid becomes the ice’s equivalent of a playground legend.

Oh, and before I forget, these skates are paired with the FLY-X runner, which is like giving your car a tire upgrade from bicycle wheels to racecar tires!

Key Features:

  • CURV Composite: World’s first self-reinforced, 100% thermoplastic composite. Think of it as the superhero cape your kid’s feet deserve.
  • Injected Facing: One piece construction with an impeccable lace lock. Like a gentle bear hug for those active feet.
  • POWERFLY Holder: Adaptable, responsive, and designed to make your little player’s moves smoother than their dance moves at a family wedding.
  • Comes equipped with the FLY-X runner because only the best will do for our future hockey champs!

So, hockey moms and dads, when you lace up those Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Skates on your junior’s feet, remember: you’re not just putting on a pair of skates; you’re strapping on a dose of confidence, a sprinkle of speed, and a whole lot of game spirit!

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8) TRUE HZRDUS 7X Junior Skates 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

true 7x junior skates



We’ve all been there. You want to give your little MVP the best without having to auction off your left kidney. Enter: the TRUE HZRDUS 7X junior hockey skates. This isn’t just any skate; it’s the Cadillac of junior hockey skates. Only, instead of a price tag that makes you gasp for air, it’s pretty wallet-friendly. Especially when you consider it’s a notch below the HZRDUS 9X.

Got a little one that’s all about the newest and the best? Well, check out the redesigned Tendon Guard. It’s newer, it’s fancier, and it screams “look at me!”

Ever heard about the “little black dress” being a staple in fashion? Think of the Black Moisture Wicking Liner as the skate’s version. It keeps things comfortable and sweat-free. Plus, black is always in style.

Speaking of fashion, this skate also boasts an Asymmetrical Tongue, because why should symmetry have all the fun? It’s not just for the looks either; this tongue is all about performance and power.

The NEUROFIT+ One-piece Carbon Fiber Construction is where science fiction meets hockey. It’s light as a feather (not that I weighed it against one) and stiff as, well, carbon fiber. Plus, it’s thermoformable, so think of it as your kid’s foot getting its very own Cinderella moment—without the fairy godmother.

Now, let’s talk about the base. The Shift Max holder isn’t just there to look pretty. With its improved durability and innovative bench change technology, this holder is the secret sauce to the HZRDUS 7X’s success. And that Stainless Steel Shift Max runner? It’s like giving your kid a sports car’s tires for their feet!

Key Features:

  • Redesigned Tendon Guard: Because upgrades are life!
  • Stainless Steel Shift Max Runner: For that extra bite and longevity.
  • Shift Max Holder: Enhanced durability with a side of genius bench change technology.
  • Black Moisture Wicking Liner: Keeping those feet drier than dad jokes.
  • Asymmetrical Tongue: A little twist to the traditional for boosted performance.
  • One-piece Carbon Fiber Material: Lightweight and custom-fit worthy.
  • NEUROFIT+ Construction: For that glove-like fit.
  • Orthotic-Grade Performance Foam: Ankle love is real!
  • Memory Foam Clarino Heel Liner: Because your heels deserve some memory-making too.
  • Multi-Density Foam Padding: Wrapping your foot like grandma’s warm hug.

If your junior is hitting the ice 3-4 times a week and is hunting for top-tier skates that won’t empty your bank account, the HZRDUS 7X is your answer. Don’t just take my word for it though; there’s a whole blog post about it! So gear up and let your young one skate into the future, today!

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9) CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro Junior Skates 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

ccm ft6 pro junior



Buckle up (or should I say lace up?) as we dive into the realm of the CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro junior hockey skates. These aren’t just any skates. No siree! They’re like the sports car of junior hockey skates: sleek, advanced, and made for pure speed. If you’ve got a mini-McDavid at home, you’ll know the struggle of keeping them satisfied with their gear. With the FT6 Pro, the struggle might just be over!

First off, these skates rock an All-New Advanced One-Piece Boot Speed Technology. Sounds fancy, right? Think of this as the turbo-charger in our sports car analogy, boosting your kid’s performance and energy transfer.

Worried about durability? The RFM Composite is tougher than my grandma’s overcooked meatloaf (and that says something). Your junior’s explosive maneuvers on the rink won’t wear these bad boys out anytime soon.

Say goodbye to sweaty and smelly feet with the TotalDri Pro+ Liner with Polygiene. Not only does it keep their little feet dry, but it’s also the ultimate shield against those sneaky abrasions.

Ah, the dreaded lace-bite. But fear not! With the ADPT Comfort Tongue with Flexmotion, those pesky lace bites will become tales of the past, letting your champ focus on the game.

Below the foot, they’ve got the Molded Ortholite Ultra with ADPT memory foam footbed—because who wouldn’t want to skate on a cloud of comfort?

And the tech keeps coming. The Flex tendon guard with carbon is like a springboard. Think of it as your kiddo getting a bionic upgrade for a better range of motion without sacrificing protection.

Enough jibber-jabber. Let’s get to the cool stuff:


  • One-Piece Boot Speed with Game Ready Fit: For that turbo-charged performance.
  • RFM Composite: Because durability is king.
  • TotalDri Pro+ Liner with Polygiene: Dry feet are happy feet.
  • ADPT Comfort Tongue with Flexmotion: No more lace-bite nightmares.
  • Molded Ortholite Ultra with ADPT Memory Foam Footbed: Ultimate comfort and support.
  • Speedblade XS Holder with Enhanced Dial: Quick change magic!
  • Flex Tendon Guard with Carbon: More motion, more speed, more fun!
  • STEP Blacksteel/STEP Steel Runners: Superior edge and confidence on ice, giving you the extra oomph!

In conclusion, if you’re gunning for a top-tier skate for your hockey prodigy that screams performance, look no further than the CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro. It’s not just a skate; it’s a statement. Vroom, vroom!

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10) Bauer Supreme M1 Junior Skates

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

bauer supreme m1 junior review


Hello, dear hockey parents, friends of future Gretzkys, and fans of frozen pond shenanigans! If you’re reading this, it means one thing: your junior puck chaser needs some icy footwear. Enter the Bauer Supreme M1 junior hockey skates – the epitome of comfort, akin to stepping into a pair of fluffy slippers (if slippers were made for gliding gracefully on ice).

New to the game? Occasionally find yourself skating in search of a puck, or maybe just a hot chocolate at the rink-side café? Fear not! These skates won’t judge. With the Microfiber Liner, they’ll gently cradle your little one’s feet, whispering sweet nothings about optimum comfort.

Bauer must’ve hired a team of foot-hugging elves, because the Memory Foam Ankle Padding ensures zero rubbing. It’s like a gentle, reassuring ankle hug every time they lace up. Let’s not forget the 30oz Felt Tongue with Mesh Metatarsal Guard. Sounds complex? Simply put, it’s like having a shield and a soft pillow combined – protection and comfort all rolled into one!

For support, the Die Cut EVA Foam Footbed acts like the trusty sidekick – ensuring feet are pampered and positioned perfectly. And the outside? Bauer brings out the big guns with the 3D Poly Carbon Boot. This ensures a snug fit like that last puzzle piece, while the TPR Outsole makes the skates feel like they’re doing a nimble salsa dance on the ice.

And of course, there’s the shining knight in all of this: the S Stainless Steel Runner – sturdy, reliable, and raring to glide.

Here’s the lowdown on this frozen wonder:

  • Microfiber Liner: It’s like slipping into a cloud.
  • Memory Foam Ankle Padding: Zero rubs, all love!
  • 30oz Felt Tongue with Mesh Metatarsal Guard: Defense! Defense!
  • Die Cut EVA Foam Footbed: Maximum support and comfort.
  • 3D Poly Carbon Boot & TPR Outsole: Flexibility meets the perfect fit.
  • S Stainless Steel Runner: Shine on, you icy diamond.

In a rink filled with choices, you could opt for the jet-fueled, turbocharged skates out there. But if you want a trusty steed that offers value without skimping on comfort, Bauer’s Supreme M1 laces up just right. It’s the cozy recliner you didn’t know your feet needed, ready to carry your junior hockey star from timid steps to confident strides!

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FAQs About Youth Hockey Skates

How do I find out the right shoe size of youth hockey skates at home?

It can be very easy to find out which size you wear just with a simple home method. This way you will also know which model would fit you better so you can avoid making a mistake if this is your first time shopping for youth ice hockey skates.

To make this “experiment” you will need to wear your hockey socks and place a white paper on the ground and step on it. Trace your feet with a pencil and then measure.

How do I find the right model for me according to the width of my feet?

After carefully measuring your width, basically you have three options to choose from:

  • Deep Heel/ Wide Forefoot – If the width ratio is less than 2.0
  • Standard Heel/ Standard Forefoot – If the ratio is between 2.5 – 3.0
  • Shallow Heel/ Narrow Forefoot – If the ratio is greater than 3.0

Can I customize my Bauer hockey skates?

Yes. You can customize your Bauer hockey skates, even though there are not a lot of options available. You can change some things in the design, except for the pattern of the skates no matter how expensive skates are. Bauer only makes their skates in red, yellow and blue, which might be a bit disappointing for players.

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