It doesn’t take 20/20 vision to see that choosing a good hockey visor is an important decision. In addition to protecting one of the most important parts of your body, hockey visors will also impact how you see the game.

It’s hard to believe hockey players used to take to the ice years ago without protecting their heads and faces. Helmets were shunned by most NHL players in bygone eras while wearing a visor had yet to be invented.

These days however it’s absolutely crucial to use a face mask /wear a helmet visor to protect your upper face, cheekbones, and eyes. Tinted visors can be found in several styles, designs, and tints while providing you with the utmost in protection and not interfering with your vision.

Most models are lightweight and come with anti-abrasion and anti-fogging technology as well as allowing the right amount of airflow.

That’s why choosing the right hockey visor is critical and why we’ve put together a list of the best hockey visors.


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Best Overall Hockey Visor


Our choice for the best OVERALL hockey visor is the Bauer Pro Clip. This is a popular elite visor that has supreme protection, anti-scratch, anti-fog and the Bauer quick clip system.

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Best Budget Friendly Hockey Visor


The best BUDGET FRIENDLY visor in our opinion is the Ronin R5. It has many of the great features of the Visor above (anti-scratch, anti-fog), but won't break the bank. A great visor with great reviews.

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1) Ronin R5 Visor 

Ronin R9 Hockey Visor


The R5 Visor by Ronin provides first-rate protection for the face and eyes while always offering crystal clear vision while playing. The visor features anti scratch and anti fog coating along with high-definition optics for uninhibited eyesight. The visor is distortion-free and is made for the best in air flow with its Aviator-Cut design. 

The Ronin R5 Visor is easy to install on all types of hockey helmets and comes with all of the mounting hardware needed.

It’s made with Lexan/polycarbonate materials for a very solid and sturdy build and provides excellent protection and vision for players of all skill levels in the low to mid-price range.

best hockey visors,best hockey visor

2) Oakley Pro Straight Hockey Visor 

Oakley Straight Cut Pro Visor


The Pro Straight Visor by Oakley is another top-notch visor which incorporates high-definition optics to provide players with clear vision. It’s constructed with anti scratch and impact-resistant Plutonite and is also treated with permanent F3 anti-fogging technology.

The mounting hardware and spacers are all included and the visor is designed to fit just about any brand of certified hockey helmet.

Optimal visibility and protection comes from the straight cut design with the visor being 3.5 inches at its tallest point. The Oakley Pro Straight Visor offers players of all ages and skill levels with top-of-the-line durability and protection and doesn’t magnify or shift objects in the line of vision.

It’s a premium visor which provides great value in the upper price range.

best hockey visors,best hockey visor

3) Bauer Pro-Clip Straight Visor

Bauer Pro Clip Visor


This popular, certified visor from Bauer is three inches at its tallest point and is made to fit with numerous models of Bauer helmets as well as several other brands.

It’s designed to provide clear vision while the polycarbonate construction is made to resist the hardest of impacts. Bauer’s innovative Quick Clip technology enables players to quickly and easily replace the visor without the need for any tools.

The visor’s mechanically-polished  lens comes with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings to make sure your vision isn’t compromised at any time while playing. The mounting plates attach to the sides of the helmet with all hardware and spacers being included.

The Bauer Pro-Clip Straight Visor is one of the most trusted on the market when it comes to protection and vision and can be found in the upper price range.   

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best hockey visors,best hockey visor

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4) Oakley Pro Aviator Half Shield Oakley Pro Aviator Hockey Visor



This straight-cut half hockey shield visor by Oakley provides the ultimate in protection and vision due to its impact resistance and clear F3 anti-fog, anti-scratch lens. It comes with a classic aviator design and allows optimum air flow at all times.

The visor provides plenty of upper face protection for the eyes and cheekbones while the high-definition optic technology allows for uninhibited sight lines. 

The lightweight visor is made with Plutonite for added protection and can easily be installed on a variety of helmet brands. It’s 3.75 inches at the tallest point and three inches in the middle.

All the necessary mounting hardware and spacers are included for the visor to be easily and quickly attached.

The Oakley Pro Aviator Half Face Shield is ideal for players and on-ice officials of all ages and skill levels and offers top value in the higher price range.  

best hockey visors,best hockey visor

5) CCM Revision VR24 VisorCCM Revision VR24 VisorOverview

The CCM Revision VR 24 Visor is built with durable and strong polycarbonate materials for supreme protection. The visor was designed by Revision Military, which is a world leader in high-tech facial protection and military helmets/visors. This well-known model provides distortion-free vision due to its elite anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. 

A two-point mounting system is in place to attach the visor to numerous brands of hockey helmets and all the necessary spacers and hardware are included. The certified visor is 3.5 inches at the tallest point and it comes in small, medium and large sizes.

It’s designed to withstand all types of impacts and is made for players and officials of all levels and ages. The CCM Revision VR24 Visor offers excellent value in the mid to-high-price range.  

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6) Bauer Pro Straight Visor

Bauer Pro Straight Visor



This lightweight and certified visor is a clean and classy model which features Bauer’s famous X2 enhanced anti-scratch and anti-fogging technology for premium vision and protection.

It comes with the company’s True Optics design and is built with military-grade polycarbonate material to resist all levels of impact. The lens provides excellent clarity of vision and the visor is compatible with most brands of hockey helmets.

The Bauer Pro Straight Visor is three inches in the centre at the tallest point and is fog free on both the interior and exterior. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and spaces and can be attached quickly and easily.

The visor can be found in the mid-price range and is made for all hockey players regardless of their age and level of skill.

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FAQs About helmet Visors

Do all hockey players wear mirrored visors in the NHL league?

No. Not all hockey players wear a mirrored visor, even though it’s recommended by the NHL league for all players to wear this kind of protection to avoid eye injury.

Mirrored visors vs. full cage – What should I be wearing?

No matter if you are a professional ice hockey player or not, it’s always better to wear a full cage helmet which protects the whole face, and decreases the chances of getting a concussion.

The cage is made with several metal bars that do not interfere with the player’s vision, so if you have worries that you will not be able to play at your best, don’t!

Can NHL players wear cages?

Only new National Hockey League players can wear cages as protective equipment. This has been an NHL rule since 2013, even though high school leagues all opt for cages, as it has a soft memory foam and other breathable materials that allow full protection and fewer injuries on players.

It’s strange that the NHL league does not require hockey cage helmets for all players, and instead, players wear mirrored visors.


We hope our list of the best hockey visors has helped provide you with an excellent optical view of what the best hockey visor may be for you. If you have any questions or comments on our list feel free to leave them below. We love hearing from you and will reply to your comments as quickly as possible.

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